Wedding Bouquet Inspiration

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When selecting wedding bouquets and centerpieces for a wedding a bride must think about all of the elements involve in her wedding. The most important determining factor for most brides is their based on their color theme. Sometimes brides pick their colors and then chose their flower, but in many cases it is the flowers that determine the color scheme, especially if a bride has a particular flower that she already likes. Bridal bouquets come in an assortment of colors with various textures and often can reflect the brides personality.

Today we will highlight some popular bridal bouquets and describe how the wedding bouquets have been incorperated into various wedding themes.

This first bouquet is full of classic charm. It is country-inspired wedding bouquet that features delicate limonium among light blue hydrangea, white roses and mini callas. The slight blue in the bouquet also makes reference to tradition that the bride should have something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

This secound wedding bouquet is a beautiful yet simple alstroemeria bridal bouquet that stands out with its semi heart-shaped blooms. It is perfect for denoting love, this precious bouquet is great for pink themed weddings. It also suits brides who want to have a unique, memorable and simple wedding. By having only one type of flower in the bouquet, the beauty and casual flow of the alstromeria petals are accentuated.

Known as the Everlasting Joy Bouquet, everything about this colorful bouquet (to the left) announces happiness and joy.
Gerberas are a special variety of Daisies that represent cheerfulness.  The Chrysanthemum is known to symbolize optimism, joy, long life, and fidelity; everything you want your wedding day to represent. The bouquet  also has hints of Alstroemeria blooms and elegant greens.  This bouquet is perfect for the modern bride who is looking for a fun bouquet full of texture and colors.

This bouquet is a modern variation of the popular and traditional red Rose bouquet perfect for Winter Weddings, but work beautifully as well for vintage themed weddings. Bear grass is wrapped and woven throughout the Roses creating a dynamic arrangement sure to catch anyone’s eye. With the Aspidistra base, and satin wrapped stems, this bouquet looks refined and luxurious.

The beauty of wedding bouquets and bridal bouquets on your wedding day, is that they can set the tone for your wedding theme based on the types of flowers that you use. The various textures of flowers you combine and the floral colors that are selected in your wedding bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, toss bouquet, flowergirl bouquets and centerpieces are also very important in setting the mood for your wedding so make sure to talk to your partner to decide what you both hope the mood of the event ends up being.

Wedding Flowers for George and Amal


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As we all know, George Clooney, formerly one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, finally found the right girl and decided that the altar was not such a bad place to visit. At age 53, Clooney is set to marry the lovely and intelligent Amal Alamuddin, a 37-year-old lawyer, activist and author. All signs suggest that their wedding is imminent and that the countdown has begun.

According to sources at US weekly, Amal’s parents, Ramiz and Baria Alamuddin, are paying for most of the wedding. I immediately wondered what the couple did for a living:  Ramiz is editor at a Lebanese newspaper. Based on Clooney’s own comments, signs point to a September 27 date, with the wedding to take place at the 7-star Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice, Italy. (Clooney fans and stalkers may be deterred by the prices to stay here: rooms start at $1800 per night).

Reportedly the wedding will have about 60 guests, including friends Matt Damon and his wife, and Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber (who is also George’s pal and business partner). Andrea Bocelli is expected to perform. It’s also expected that Amal’s younger sister Tala will be maid of honour, and Gerber will be best man.

The details of Amal’s dress are a closely guarded secret, but she was spotted recently at the offices of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (the same designer who created Kate Middleton’s iconic wedding dress.) It’s been confirmed as of yesterday that Georgio Armani will be dressing George for the special day. The designer spoke out at his Emperio Armani show during fashion week in Milan, and had already dispatched a team to George’s home on Lake Como.

Now, given all these clues, what can we expect for the couple’s wedding flowers? Both George and Amal seem to favour simple, well-tailored, elegant lines for their fashion choices. Neither is especially flashy, and both lean toward classy sophistication. Their likely venue is the epitome of old world, Italian grandeur.

Our picks for their wedding flowers (and gorgeous looks, at thousands less than they will likely spend) are shown below. Given Amal’s dark hair and exotic beauty, some colour in the bride’s bouquet would be very striking so long as the selections are not too fussy. She might enjoy lilies, roses, and orchids, since all are popular in Lebanon. I might also include some small sprigs of cedar in Amal’s bouquet (if she didn’t mind a bit of scent) as a tribute to the national tree and symbol of Lebanon. (And the Pink Triumph wedding bouquet is aptly named, since it was s triumph for Amal to land Mr. Clooney.)

What do you think?

Graceful Blooms Bridal Bouquet

Pink Triumph Bridal Bouquet






Secret Happiness Bridal Bouquet

Reality Wedding Insider: Samantha & Nathaniel


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Well, ladies, we are fortunate enough to have another of our beautiful Bunches Brides share her special day with us. The details were provided courtesy of the maid of honor, and the one who created the flowers for the wedding: the bride’s best friend Ashley! This is a prime example of the amazing results you can achieve for DIY wedding flowers, so get ready to be inspired!

The wedding was between Samantha and Nathaniel and took place in July 2014, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. The ceremony and reception took place at the scenic Maple Downs Golf & Country Club. Guest assembled for the outdoor ceremony on a second story deck with a lovely view of the grounds. The wedding included seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen, a ring bearer, and three flower girls (including their daughter).

The blush pink dresses were a superb choice– the elegant lines and the pale pastel tone suited all the ladies well. And the shoes—love, love, these delicate silver heels with the intersecting straps!

Looks like some fun was had! Good job, ladies

Love the choice of using pomanders (sometimes called kissing balls) instead of all bouquets! The two older flower girls carried the pomanders (also made by Ashley), which were made with pink carnations; the youngest flower girl followed and scattered rose petals. Carnations are a great choice for pomanders as they fill up the ball well and hold up nicely over time.

Now, for the flowers! The couple opted to purchase fresh flowers in bulk from BunchesDirect, and do their own arrangements, which were made by the couple’s maid of honor, with some help from the bridesmaids! For those of you who are considering DIY for your wedding, read on: Ashley was kind enough to provide us a recap of the experience!

When my best friend came to me and asked me to do her wedding flowers, I was all up for the challenge. She knew I was very crafty so therefore seemed like the best person for the job. Myself and all of the bridesmaids were wearing light blush pink dresses and her colors would be a mix of the light pink, white and touches of hot pink. I thought having this blend of colours would work perfectly together so then I just had to work on flowers she liked and disliked.

This was easy enough because she did not have any flower preference other than wanting a few peonies in her bouquet. The rest was pretty much left to me. She knew she wanted the white hydrangeas for the centerpieces and then just a nice mix of flowers for the bouquets. For the bouquets I had a mix of lots of different flowers including white roses, bi-colored roses (pink/cream), white mini calla lilies, pink lisianthus, a few white carnations (to keep costs down) and then a few hot pink spray roses for the accent color. I calculated how many flowers I needed for each bouquet and figured out my quantities, and added some extras just to have some leftovers.

The flowers arrived to me 3 days before the wedding and I immediately cut them all and put them into buckets of water. I luckily had a walk-in cooler which helped to keep them cool. Two days before the wedding I started working on the smaller more tedious items such as the corsages, boutonnieres, flower girl bouquets, etc. Then the next day I worked on all of the 7 bridesmaid bouquets, bridal bouquet and 4 candelabra centerpieces.They came together pretty quickly once I got in the groove.

That night once I had finished all the bouquets we brought all of the bulk loose hydrangeas over to the bride’s house and got all the bridesmaids over to help make the centerpieces. With a bit of wine involved we got a lot accomplished. We chose to go with square cube vases for the centerpieces and she wanted to use the white hydrangeas and accents of baby’s breath. We used about 3 white hydrangeas in each cube vase and some baby’s breath scattered throughout the hydrangeas. They looked so perfect and were so easy to make!

All in all we got the flowers at the appropriate time, and that way I could play with the openness of the blooms. The flowers were fresh and beautiful once they were all properly “groomed”. I wanted them to be more open so getting them a few days before allowed me to monitor this and have them open up nicely before the wedding. Getting the flowers in bulk and arranging them ourselves was a great way to save money in the end and we all had a blast making them!”

All I can say is: AMAZING JOB, ASHLEY!! All of your arrangements are absolutely stunning. And I hope Samantha gave you a big, big, big thank you for all your hard work! Only a bestie would go above-and-beyond like this.

What do YOU think of the flowers?




Angie & Brad’s Wedding Flowers!


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Well, as we have all heard, there was very exciting wedding news this week! It was confirmed that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are officially husband and wife.The famous Hollywood power couple married in a private ceremony in France last Saturday, attended only by family and friends.

According to the Associated Press, the nondenominational ceremony was conducted by a California judge who also provided their marriage licence. The couple’s six children, Maddox, Shiloh, Pax, Zahara, Vivienne and Knox had key roles in the proceedings. The ceremony took place in the chapel at Chateau Miraval, the couple’s home near Nice.

The public received confirmation after Brad was photographed wearing a wedding ring while at a museum in Bovington, Dorset, a few days after the ceremony.

Brad and Angelina are soon to begin filming in Malta for their new movie By The Sea. They will star together in the love story, following up on the success of their first venture together. With their marriage official, it’s finally a case of life imitating art: the pair met while playing husband and wife in the 2004 movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The photo below is from the movie, and gives us an idea of what the pair look like in wedding mode.

There are no official wedding photos released as yet, but I thought it would be fun to speculate on what her wedding flowers might have looked like! Early in her career, Angelina was a bit of a fashion mess, often wearing goth outfits or mismatched ensembles. But as she matured, so did her fashion sense, and of late she has been praised for the many stunning gowns she wears to award ceremonies and other A-list events. Her gowns are usually simple and classic, and I imagine her wedding decor would be in a similar vein. Given the location, I also think that a touch of French Old World glamour would suit the couple well. Here are my Bunches Direct picks. What do you think?

Dreamy Cloud Bridal Bouquet

Pearly White Bridal Bouquet


Bygone Glamor Centerpiece


Wild at Heart Centerpiece



Ugly Bridesmaid Dress CONTEST!


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Always a Bridesmaid, but now a BRIDE! You had your turn at being bridesmaid at assorted weddings of friends and families. Finally, you are the bride! You get to be in charge. And you get to learn from the challenges of the past…like wearing a truly heinous bridesmaid dress down the aisle.

"It was the 70s" is Still No Excuse

Okay, so we’ve all been there. We are asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, and it’s an honor and it’s supposed to be fun. We go dress shopping. Things get decidedly less fun. The bride has distinctive tastes and you end up with a disaster of a dress that makes you look like a reject from a bad 80s musical.

It’s not that uncommon. Even Hollywood has played off this theme, in movies such as 27 Dresses, Bridesmaids, and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Many of us have one, or maybe like, five, such offensive garments lurking somewhere in the back of our closets. Maybe we keep them so we don’t feel like the money we just spent on this ugly dress (not the mention on the ugly matching shoes) was completely wasted, we don’t want to insult the bride, or we feel we are going to re-purpose the thing somehow.  Maybe re-design it so that it is actually wearable in sane society, or use it for other occasions (Hallowe’en costume, painting the house, scaring off a bad date, need for curtains, etc.)

Let's Save Money and Sew Curtains...Oh Yes, and Bridesmaid Dresses

So why does this happen so much? You might even suspect closet sabotage so that the bride will look even better, or perhaps she really doesn’t like you. (Is she getting you back for that time you borrowed her best heels to wear to a club, danced for five hours, walked home in the rain, then tried to sneak them back into her closet?)

And why do we wear these less-than-flattering creations? Realistically, there isn’t a lot of choice. A bridesmaid can try to voice her concerns to the bride (with extreme tact and diplomacy), but if the bride gets upset? Suck it up, and wear the bridesmaid dress.  It’s the bride’s day, and it’s the job of the bridesmaid to support her before and during. If that means flaming orange satin with royal blue trim, then so be it. And also, chances are you truly care about the bride and want her to be happy, so what’s a little gold satin between friends?

Disco is Dead...Please Bury these Dresses

Of course, now that it’s YOUR turn to be the bride, you will select dresses for your bridesmaids with kindness and the very best taste…and you can have your fun showing off the bad bridesmaid dresses you endured from the past!

The Ever Popular "Disney Princess on Crack" Look

Yes, ladies, it’s the Bunches Direct UGLY BRIDESMAID DRESS CONTEST!  We are looking for photos or videos of the ugliest bridesmaid dresses of all time. Send your photos to me, Sue, at [email protected], along with a short description of the event. Be aware that photos or videos will be posted on our Bunches Direct Facebook page, the blog, and our other sites. BEST PHOTO OR VIDEO (i.e. Ugliest Dress) WINS A $500 SHOPPING SPREE AT BUNCHES DIRECT!! Yippee! Free flowers for your wedding!

Contest opens TODAY, and contest closes on SEPTEMBER 17, 2014. Good luck!

(And see, you were right: there really was another use for that ugly dress!)

Terms & Conditions

1. By submitting your story and/or photos, you agree that they become, as submitted, property of BunchesDirect, and allow BunchesDirect to post your submitted materials publicly on Bunches Direct media sites.

2. Please include “Ugliest Bridesmaid Dress” in your subject header.

3. The ugliest dress will be determined by a panel of BunchesDirect employees, who will take the Facebook likes and responses into account.

4. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES is Wednesday September 17, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

5. The winner receives a $500 gift card to use at or for the purchase of any flowers of their choice. One entry per bride please. Winner may not combine their gift card with any other discount/promotional offer.

6. Contest open to residents of the United States/Canada.

The Wedding Trend Roundup – Week of August 11 – 17


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A quick review of some trends, either wonderful, wistful or just plain weird, that we’ve gathered from around the web:

TATTOOED BRIDES (via Philly Mag)
THE IDEA: According to The Inq, whereas tattoos were once covered up on the big day, “a growing number not only are selecting gowns that showcase their body art, they’re also augmenting their ink with new wedding tattoos that serve as modern, elegant (and, yes, permanent) symbols of their relationships.”
THE VERDICT: Whatever makes you happy! Though, if you’re looking to add a splash of flair to your wedding dress, a corsage is a much less permanent and cost-efficient method. Just our opinion though.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue is 'in.' Check out some Blue Hydrangea from BunchesDirect.

MUCH ADO ABOUT BLUE (via Wedding Magazine UK)
THE IDEA: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Blue is ‘in’ this season, so get in on the trend before black becomes the new blue. Or blue becomes the new orange. Or orange becomes the new black. Alright, now we’re just confused.
THE VERDICT: Thumbs up. And there’s a little retailer here that has you covered if you’re looking….

THE IDEA: Apparently spurred on by Hillary Duff’s wedding cake in 2010, unadorned, simple cakes are gaining in popularity.
THE VERDICT: Meh. We think any cake can use a cake topper from BunchesDirect.

THE IDEA: According to, “Every year sees a different type of flower take

According to, Peonies are 'in' this year.

center stage in bridal bouquets and décor. This year, that flower is without a doubt the peony.”
THE VERDICT:  Long popular in the American deep south, they’re apparently making their way north. We say, it’s about time the peony got its due! They come in a variety of colors and are a nice compliment or alternative to roses.

THE IDEA: Everyone’s looking for a unique look for their wedding photos, especially for the wedding party pictures. The wedding party is photographed in dramatic poses and then through the magic of Photoshop, the pictures make it look like they’re fighting off zombies, or UFOs, or uh, reverse vampires.
THE VERDICT: Kind of fun for the right couple, and this would be one way to stand out (you know, if a bunch of people weren’t doing it already, that is.)

THE IDEA: Bride orders unusual wedding cake. Cake arrives, looking far worse than she envisioned. Bride puts the cake on eBay, shaming the baker in the process — and the listing goes viral, garnering a whole lot of attention online.
THE VERDICT: It was a weird cake design to begin with.

Wedding Cake gone wrong

A bride got less than she bargained for with this wedding cake.

What do you think of these trends? Are any of them here to stay? Let us know in the comments below, and check back next Friday for another edition of the Wedding Trend Roundup.

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The Budget BrideThis week on the Budget Bride series we’re talking about how DIY can help you save money on your wedding. We know that DIY can often mean trading your time for cash, but we feel the trade off is well worth it.

Guests will appreciate handmade favours from the bride and groom more than a personalized shot class or a photo frame with your wedding date engraved on it. You are essentially thanking your guests for attending and supporting you and your partner as you make the transition to husband and wife, and what better way to thank them than with something made with the care and attention only you can give?

There are many options to explore when making handmade favours. You will want to pick a project that you can complete well before the wedding for little cost. Some brides make jam, cookies or other edibles for a fraction of the cost of buying these items in stores. The benefit to these types of items is that they will be enjoyed well after your wedding and will not sit on a shelf collecting dust.

Another option is to create items that your guests will use either at your wedding celebration or past the date are functional items such as golf balls, magnets, or keychains. These type of items are best when they reflect your wedding theme and do not have your wedding date or name plastered all over them. There are many ways to DIY these items such as borrowing a button maker, looking up your local office supply store to buy some sheets of adhesive magnets, or hand-painting onto pre-exisiting items bought in bulk.

Many brides still wish to give traditional favours at a lower cost so we suggest giving small items like bags of confetti or vials of bubbles for the send-off as a favour which can be customized and personalized for your guests. The level of personalization all depends on how crafty you wish to be.

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The Budget BrideToday we’re talking about craeting your own invitations on the Budget Bride series. Choosing to make your own invitiations can be quite simple and cost effective for many brides. You may choose to design your own template from scratch using a photo editing or word processing software on your computer, or you may use an exisiting template purchased for a small cost and print the items yourself.

Whne choosing to make your own invitiations you have the choice of shopping around for a printer to get the best cost or best options you feel will display your invitations in the way that you imagined. Many brides are happy to print their own invitations on their home priter but if you are printing a large number of invitations and reply cards you may find the cost of ink for a home printer outweighs the cost of having them done by your local staples or kinkos.

Some Brides who are havily into DIY decide to hand-print their own invitations with basic practices such as hand carved rubber stamp or potato stamp as a small coloured accent on simple black and white paper. Hand painting or hand embellishing invitations can be time consuming, but can also be a huge cost savings comparing black and white print to colour.

Another route to take alltoghether would be to forgo traditional invitations and do online RSVPs and invitations via email or various event invitiation software. We’re not suggesting you treat your wedding invitation as though it’s a party invitation on facebook, but it doens’t have to be a gilded letterpressed cardstock package either. Finding the balance and what is right for you is what makes these Budget bridge and DIY suggestions right for every Bride.

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How to ensure your winter wedding doesn’t turn into a festive flop

Winter weddings can be a stunning alternative to a more traditional summer celebration. Instead of drinks on the terrace, photos on the lawns of a large country house and guests in their best summery outfits, you can go for full on icy glamour with a fabulous winter ceremony.

The stage is already set for a dramatic event, particularly if snow has fallen, the skies are the kind of bright blue you get on frosty winter mornings and guests are wrapped up warm in stunning faux-fur jackets to bring a touch of glamour to the occasion.

But the fact a winter wedding will be taking place around the same time as Christmas cannot be ignored. Whether it is held before or after December 25th, there will still be a feeling of festiveness in the air and it is all too easy for your special day to become overshadowed by the time of year.

So, if you want to hold a winter wedding without it turning into a festive celebration that’s more about Christmas trees and tinsel than it is confetti and tear-jerking speeches, then keep reading to find out how.

Choose your colours wisely

The first thing to remember is not to fall into the trap of choosing festive colours when Something-Blue-Bridal-Bouquetyou’re decorating the venue and selecting flowers. Yes, red and green look beautiful during the colder months but as soon as you team them with gold or white you’ll instantly make people think of their tree at home. Instead, why not opt for silver complemented by blue or purple? These colours are wintery but glamorous and add a regal touch.

Holly is an unusual and seasonal addition to your bouquet and flower arrangements, so by all means use some to celebrate the time of year. But don’t go overboard and choose the rest of your bouquet wisely – it shouldn’t look like a Christmas wreath.

Think about transport

Give some thought to your transport and the venue itself. Although a quaint country church may be ideal in summer, it’ll be no use if you can’t get to it during the winter because it’s surrounded by snow. Also, remember that a horse and cart is going to be very difficult to control when the roads are icy. You need to think practically in case the weather is bad on your big day. Although a modern car will have heating and all the usual mod cons, a vintage wedding car will probably be a bit more basic and brides will need a coat to ensure they’re warm enough during their journey.


When it comes to decorating the venue you want to try and create a warm, cosy atmosphere. The venue will inevitably have Christmas decorations in place, but you need to put your own spin on the place and ensure you make it your own, rather than accepting the generic decorations.

I’d recommend getting some scented candles for the centre of the tables, as these will not only give off light and warmth, but ensure there is a gentle, pleasant scent in the room. Avoid Christmas scents though – you don’t want to go overboard.

Another idea for winter table decorations is to purchase a vase encrusted with squares of glass (these are not as expensive as they sound – or look) and fill them with branches that you have sprayed silver. String these with glittering beads or fake sparkly snowflakes. Alternatively, purchase some of those round foam oases, cover them in white carnations and stud them with cranberries.

You winter wedding needs to sparkle – but without resembling a Christmas tree. Follow these tips to get the right balance and arrange a day to remember.

This guest blog was provided by Jane Wooley a freelance writer who blogs extensively about many different subjects, including where best to get your personalised wedding invitations.

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Although there have been few successful relationships from the Bachelor/Bachelorette, we enjoy celebrating the few which have lead to marriage. Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum, tied the knot last night, at a beautiful ceremony in California. Ashley’s wedding dress was a custom made mermaid style dress with beaded shoulder straps accenting an elegant exposed back. JP and Ashley where absolutely cute in planning their wedding, splurging on wedding cake tasting and enjoying the beauty that their wedding flowers brought to their reception and ceremony.

© 2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

JP and Ashley had a stunning huppah (a traditional Jewish wedding canopy) over flowering with white and light pink roses, white hydrangea and dark greenery. It seems the couple was on exactly the same page when it came to the color theme. Ashley wanted accents subtle of light pink through-out the wedding and the wedding planner incorporated this beautifully in the wedding flower arrangements including the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets. JP’s tux was accented with a very simple white boutonniere. Their backdrop of their wedding included an evergreen wall spotted with roses hydrangeas and other soft flowers that blended perfectly with the rest of their wedding flowers.

The elegant floral arrangements continued into the reception. The couple had tall centerpieces decorated with light pink roses, white hydrangeas, white roses, some white orchids and beautiful green-jade flowers as accent. These beautiful centerpieces are sure to be a trend in many weddings, this upcoming spring.

For more flower trend ideas visit for additional inspiration on bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres and much more.

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Poinsettias bloom in the winter and can last until April.  During this time, poinsettias require a lot of water. About a glass of water a day and should be placed in areas with plenty of sunlight.  Once the plant starts to fall, you should cut the stems four to six inches from the ground and re pot the plant in a pot two the three times the plant size with a good potting mix. At this time, the poinsettia should be watered weekly and placed in a dark cool place, such as in the basement or garage.

In the summer, you can put the plant outdoors or you can keep it indoor, if you enjoy its foliage. Poinsettias can get very large, so by taking tips of the mother plant and dipping the cut end in root-growth hormones you can report smaller plants for the upcoming fall-winter seasons. In the fall, the plant should be brought back indoors to avoid freezing. Once again, the plant should be in a bright location that resembles outdoor lighting. The poinsettia plant will not tolerate rapid temperature changes, so keep the temperature of the room between 68-72 degrees F. Once December rolls around again your poinsettia should begin flowering again and should be watered regularly.

If you are preparing for a wedding, poinsettias are perfect wedding centerpieces.  They add a punch of color and come in red and white for contrast.  Poinsettias can also be added to bouquets as gifts or wedding bouquets for a bride and the bridesmaid bouquets for a festive touch during winter weddings.

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It is the festive season and Christmas colrs are all around us, Christmas lights reflect on the freshly fallen snow.  At BunchesDirect, we are busy decorating our office with festive colors and flowers.  Below are traditional and untraditional flowers to us as Christmas decorations with the traditional red and green colors.

Green Hydrangea: Green Hydrangea is a beautiful flower with a large bloom. The bloom is made up of little clusters of flowers and offers a mix of bright and soft tones, which allow the flower to stand out. Fresh cut Hydrangea will enhance the beauty of your wedding bouquets or floral arrangements.
Red Roses: A fresh Red Rose offers a large bloom. Its numerous petals open harmoniously to create an elegant bloom. Our peach colored roses can be used to decorate your centerpieces or bridal bouquets.
Red Hypericum Berries: Hypercium Berries are exceptionally beautiful filler flowers, as each stem bears 12-14 exotic berries. Our Red Hypercium Berries are of excellent quality and will surely boost the beauty of your flower arrangements, such as Wreaths during the holiday season or winter themed wedding bouquets.
Red Carnations: The romantic red Carnation is a classic flower. When it blossoms it reveals bold red waves of petals circling to create a beautiful bloom. This flower makes a strong yet beautiful statement when placed in your wedding bouquets and flower decorations.
Tiki Tree Fern: Tiki Tree Ferns are green decorative fillers. It has a bushy green, hair like, foliage of premium quality. It can be introduced to any flower decorations like a wedding bouquet to act as a filler. The bright green color of Tiki makes your flower decorations look vibrant.
Red Spray Roses: Our fresh cut spray roses are available in a range of colors, and can compliment any wedding bouquet, flower centerpiece, boutonniere or special event arrangement.
  Green Hypericum Berries: Green Hypercium Berries are exceptionally beautiful filler flowers, as each stem bears 12-14 exotic berries. Our Green Hypercium Berries are of excellent quality and will surely boost the beauty of your wedding bouquets and flower arrangements.
  Red Mini Calla Lilies: Red Mini Calla Lilies are an extravagant beauty. The bloom is supported by a long slender stem and opens exotically to form a trumpet shape. Mini Calla’s can stand on their own or be added to your wedding bouquets or floral arrangements.
  Green Cymbidium Orchids: This Orchid has a lovely bloom which is smaller than the original Cymbidium Orchid. A typical small Cymbidium orchid will display 8 to 14 blooms on each stem. When placed in your bouquet or centerpiece this graceful beauty will make your flower decorations stand out.
  Red Gerbera Daisies: Red Gerbera Daisies are a classic flower that display a beautiful large bloom on a long wavy stem. These Daisies come in a vibrant red and are sure to heat up any event. The California grown Gerbera Daisy is known to be of premium quality.
  Bells of Ireland: Bells of Ireland, also known as Molucella, is a very enchanting product from the line of our fresh bulk greens. Each stem of the bell is long and clustered with approximately 15 to 25 lovely bell shaped blooms. Bells of Ireland will give the needed height to any wedding bouquets or flower arrangements.
  Red Asiatic Lilies: Rightly referred to as queen of flowers, the red Asiatic Lily has a regal presence. The deep red coloured Lily exhibits shades of mauve with burgundy freckles giving the bloom its outstanding looks. This marvelous red Lily will surely add glamor to your special flower arrangements, like your wedding bouquets.
  Green Button Mums: The Daisy has held its importance in wedding ceremonies since ancient times, symbolizing loyal and everlasting love. This traditional flower holds multiple blooms per stem. The bloom of the Daisy looks spectacular; its petals evenly blossom outwards from its button like center.
  Red Mini Carnations: Red Mini Carnations are a classic flower with elegant circular blooms that blossom ruffled layered petals. They offer multiple blooms per stem, making our miniature Carnations look fuller. These beauties will make your wedding bouquets and arrangements stand out.
  Red Alstroemeria: Red Alstroemeria, or red Peruvian Lily, is a romantic flower that unfolds semi heart-shaped blooms. The blossoms reveal twin colour shading and freckles of red and yellow on its petals. This flower is sure to add richness to any floral arrangement. It would certainly add glory to your wedding bouquet.