How To Make Submerged Centerpieces


Creating your own centerpieces is a great way to save money when organizing an event.DIY centerpieces are fun and easy to make. The following will explain how to make your own submerged centerpieces. Whether you’re looking to make wedding centerpieces, wedding table centerpieces or just basic flower centerpieces – here’s how. It’s easy to do, and makes a beautiful piece for decorating your event.


Step 1:
Buy/choose a clear glass vase and flowers. You can also include floating candles, rocks, sand, seashells, fruit, or whatever other creative idea you may have. Pull from your personal interests, unique wedding centerpieces make a statement.


Step 2:
Weigh down the flowers so they stay submerged and don’t float. If you are using aquarium glue, place a drop or two onto your flower and place it into position holding it in place until the glue dries enough to hold. Know your arrangement before applying glue because once it dries it will be difficult to change.

Step 3:
Add any extras to the bottom of your centerpiece (rocks, shells, marbles, etc.) These do not have to be glued in place as long as they are reasonably heavy. Tip: You can often find extras for your centerpieces at discount stores for those creating wedding centerpieces on a budget.

Step 4:
Slowly fill your vase with distilled water. Filling slowly will prevent bubbles from forming around your flowers. Do NOT use tap water as there can be sediment and added chemicals, which will create a foggy look. Another option is to only partially fill the vase with water – this will give a different, less magnified look. Submerged flowers may be left in distilled water for a few days.



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