Fall Weddings – Wedding Decorations

A quick look outside will let you know it’s not summer anymore. The leaves are falling off the trees and snow will soon be coming. Mother Nature isn’t going to help out your wedding decor, so here are some tips on how to brighten your special day. Of course you should include the obvious (centerpieces, bouquets, etc.) but here are some more creative ways to incorporate flowers into your fall wedding.



The cake

Wedding cake decorations are fairly common and make a statement. In addition to any ribbon or patterns in the icing, your wedding flowers can be added to the top, bottom, or each layer of the cake for a bigger ‘wow factor’. If you’re getting your cake professionally done, check with your baker for any suggestions or restrictions on flowers. It’s up to you whether you want to use the same flowers from your centerpieces/bouquets or pick something that compliments them. For brides on a tighter budget, petals can be used for decoration instead of entire flowers.


Your hair

Whether you’re wearing your hair down, half up or in a full up-do, flowers can be used to enhance your look. Subtlety is key, you want to incorporate a few small blooms only. When choosing your flowers make sure they will last all day, some good choices include: carnations, daisies, spray roses or greenery. For a more fairytale look, uses baby’s breath and add rhinestones or gems.  Using flowers in your hair is one of the most affordable ways to brighten up your look. Consider choosing flowers for your bridesmaids’ hair as well.


Centerpieces aren’t the only way to decorate your tables – there are many different wedding table decorations. Adding an array of petals to each table, or a gathered bunch of flowers at each place setting is a good way to spice up your big day.


Other decorations

The possibilities are endless! Some ideas: decorate chair backs, your shoes or the aisle. How much or how little you do depends on your preferences/style and your budget. Don’t let a smaller budget concern you, wholesale or bulk flower specialists can provide you with an abundance of flowers at a much lower cost.



Try making DIY wedding decorations to save even more!



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