Kate Middleton – Bridal Bouquet for Less

Kate Middleton and Prince William were married at Westminster Abbey April 29 2011. Kate wanted the wedding theme to be
 unpretentious, simple and natural”- naturally her wedding bouquet followed this theme





Kate’s bouquet was made up of: Lily of the valley, Sweet William, Hyacinth, Ivy and Myrtle all of which have some symbolic significance.
Lily of the valley signifies the return of happiness, Sweet William represents gallantry, Hyacinth the constancy of love, Ivy – fidelity, marriage, wedded love and affection and Myrtle, the emblem of marriage and love. The princess’s bouquet was shield-shaped and wired. The Royal wedding flowers were all seasonal, almost as if they had been taken from the royal gardens on the way to the ceremony.




What can you do to imitate the Kate Middleton bouquet?
First highly seasonal flowers (Lily of the valley and Sweet William) should be avoided and replaced with year round blooms. Don’t worry your bouquet will still look similar, just keep to the same color(s) and over-all shape.

This bouquet was created by our floral expert Bunches Bob and was inspired by Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet. Sweetheart roses, baby’s breath, freesia and tiki were used to get the look for a lot less!


Want to learn how to make this bouquet yourself? Check out our video by Bunches Bob for step-by-step instructions.


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