DIY Wedding Flowers – The New Trend

The budget conscience bride can save alot of money by purchasing bulk flowers online and my taking A DIY wedding flower approach.

It is becoming more popular for brides to do their own arrangements because so much money can be saved. You can get fresh flowers mailed to your door, to just about anywhere in North America. Its a secret your local florist will not want to share with you!

Wedding Flower prices can be intimidating, but so can making your own wedding flower arrangments. Seeing gorgeous pictures of complex bridal bouquets could certainly put you off the idea, but there’s no need to get scared by the complexity. You can get almost any look you want, and you can do it with your own two hands! You just need to plan ahead and once you do you will realize that it wasn’t so complicated after all.

Making your own wedding flowers is a much cheaper alternative to a florist, and even if you’re unsure of your bouquet making skills, things like centrepieces and boutonnieres are simple enough to do on your own as well. With an infinite amount of online resources available, and limited budgets, many modern brides are turning to the DIY wedding flower alternative. And you can get professional results that your guests will rave about.


Benefits of DIY wedding flowers:

1. Wow-factor. Imagine the look on their faces when after endless compliments of your gorgeous arrangements you say “Thanks, I made them all”. You will be a Super-girl!

2. Reliability. There are a few florist horror-stories which you can avoid by ordering bulk flowers with a online bulk flower provider like BunchesDirect and making your own flowers. You can definitely rely on a flower wholesaler like BunchesDirect to provide you with fresh flowers at great prices.

3. The Look. You alone know best! You know exactly what wedding flower look you’re aiming for. If you’re making your own wedding flowers, you know what flowers and colors you like and will include all of the small details you want. You are your own designer and designing wedding flowers can be very rewarding… and for the crafty person it can also be fun!

4. The Savings. Economical times are tough and creating your own wedding flowers can save you up to 70% on your wedding flowers when compared to pricing from your local florist. It is completely worth the extra effort, and it is always great to have some helping hands to make it easier. The money you save can now go towards your honeymoon, new home or you can just feel at ease knowing you didn’t have to break the bank! Weddings are stressful enough.

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