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The words “something new”, “something old”, “something borrowed” and “something blue” are not just mere words when it comes to bridal traditions.

If traced back, according to County Weddings, they have their origins in a Victorian-era British poem. Something old portrays the bride’s connection to her family history, something new represents her feeling of excitement towards her new future, something borrowed speaks about the faith that the bride has in support of her friends and family while something blue shows the bride’s clarity and faithfulness towards her groom. It is still a tradition that the bride has all these 4 elements as a part of her wedding attire. Listed below hence are somethings which can be a part of the wedding ensemble to keep up with the bridal traditions.


The Veil
Many brides like to use their mother’s or grandmother’s bridal veil as ’something old’. In many families, passing down the bridal veil from one generation to the next is a part of the family tradition continued for many years.

The Wedding Ring
While the engagement ring signifies the love between the bride and the groom, the wedding ring can be used to describe the bride’s commitment to maintain the wedding traditions which have been passed down in her family by the previous generations. If the wedding ring is passed down from mother to daughter it can be used to symbolize something old.

Picture Locket
A silver locket, which can be the bride’s excitement towards a long life and future together with her groom, can be used as something new. The locket can have a picture of the bride on one side and groom on the other. The bride can wear it on the wedding day and store it later or continue wearing it forever.

Hand Bracelet
One of the many things a bride can borrow from her friend or relative can be a bracelet. If it’s in the tradition, a bride can wear a bracelet which her mother has worn over the years. Or maybe she can borrow a bracelet from her best friend and wear it on her special day.

Another thing which a bride can borrow could be earrings. These can be borrowed from any member of the family or friend circle who owns a special pair of earrings which the bride can complement with her wedding outfit. Just take proper care of the earrings and make sure to keep them safe.

Blue Necklace
As a part of the bridal tradition, something new which can be worn could be a blue necklace. The necklace can have blue gemstones such as sapphires or can also be a simple blue necklace with blue beads.

To add to the ‘something blue’ tradition the bride can add some blue color to the bridal gown by carrying a blue purse. It will not literally add color to her gown but complement her whole attire. Moreover if she doesn’t want it to be a part of the ensemble, she can always put her blue purse down while the pictures are getting clicked?

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