Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

The use of flowers throughout a wedding is a common occurrence. Though fresh is always best, there are other types you can use for your wedding cake.

The type of flowers you choose as well as how you decorate with them will set your wedding apart from the rest. Wedding cake decorations are one of many ways to use flowers on your special day.

Brides can choose from fresh flowers, fake flowers or edible flowers for her wedding cake decorations. Edible flowers can be sugar flowers or gumpaste flowers and if done properly can look like the real thing.

Here are some pictures of wedding cakes with edible flowers:

Fresh flowers are as common as edible flowers for cake decorations. A cake decorated and displayed with fresh flowers is always beautiful. Your florist will have no trouble continuing your floral theme from the bridal flowers into your desert. Below are some wedding cakes with fresh flowers:

Lastly fake flowers is another option, and though not the most popular choice it is one that makes sense to some budget cautious brides. In many cases the cake is more of a decoration and isn’t even eaten as its made only to display. In this case fake flowers can be a suitable choice. Here is an example of a cake with fake flowers:

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas…I didn’t realize that edible flowers could look so gorgeous on a wedding cake!