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Whether you are getting married by the hidden cove at the lakeside or you are having a destination wedding at an exotic location thousands of miles away there are a number of floral options for the bridal bouquets, table centerpieces as well as many unique decor ideas you can use for inspiration.

Part of the fun of having a beach wedding theme is being able to easily incorporate bright colors, the water and warm sunshine along with highlighting nature’s beachside treasures like seashells into your decor. This wedding theme always sets the tone for a happy yet unforgettable day.

The beach provides a stunning backdrop for your wedding, and your flower choices can highlight that natural beauty. There are many flowers to choose from.  Here are a few to consider when planning your beach themed wedding.

Orchids: Most commonly the Cymbidium and Dendrobium orchid, offer a traditional, elegant feel. Their waxy petals are heat- and wilt-resistant making them an excellent choice for bridal bouquets and boutonnières. They come in a variety of colors including yellow, white, pink, purple and pale green.

Birds of Paradise is a beautiful architectural plant. It can be arranged into striking designs for wedding ceremony rooms and receptions. The yellow and red colours will brighten any room and make colorful centerpieces that your guests will remember.

Anthurium flowers are very popular tropical flower commonly used for hot destination weddings. Also known as the Flamingo flower, Little Boys Flower, Painted Tongue, because of the shape of its bloom, or Painter’s Palette, the anthurium is a memorable flower choice. So very exotic, it will make any special day more exceptional!

Roses though not a tropical flower they are a great option for the budget conscious bride. These robust flowers come in so many colors and also look great when paired with tropical greens and orchids. Don’t rule out this flower for your beach wedding as it is a cost effective, readily available option for any destination wedding. You can always fancy it up by adding some tropical greens.

What says beach wedding more than lush green foliage? Because many tropical beach flowers pack such a punch of color sometimes the best accent is a cluster of rich greenery. Palm leaves and Aspidistra leaves are great accent to bouquets, centerpieces as well as backdrops.

Calla Lilies are stylish, elegant and look stunning in destination wedding bouquets. Mango and yellow mini calla lilies are a great beach theme fit and can be paired with other tropical flowers. The lily’s slender, shapely form is attractive in a handheld bouquet, whether there are two or ten in the bouquet –and it always flatters the girl who holds it.

Beach Wedding Decoration Tip: Incorporating the treasures found alongside the beach is a great cost effective way to enhance your beachside wedding. Using seashells in your table decor, incorporating sand and stones with your candles, adding the element of water to create submerged centerpieces or using pieces of driftwood as place card holders can all help to tie the theme together. You can also use seashells as accents in your bridal bouquet to enhance your beach wedding theme.



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