Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for Spring

Today we’ve got some great inspiration for spring wedding centerpieces. For those of you planning a spring wedding, there are a number of great options and ideas to celebrate spring with your centerpieces.

Spring is the time a number of seasonal flowers come back into stock for us including Tulips, Hydrangea, Roses, Daffodils, Marigolds and more!

This display could be changed into a cute centerpiece – spring boots filled with seasonal flowers. The bright colour combinations would make this an excellent choice for a rustic daytime wedding.

Another trend we are seeing is incorporating non-floral elements in your centerpieces such as greens and herbs. What a way to include all the best of spring into your celebrations!

How about including some spring onions or mint into your decor?

Spring Onoins dress up the purple and white CentrepeiceMint as accent in Table centerpeicesIncorporating the season in non-traditional ways can really dress up your decor. what unexpected items will you be blending with your floral decorations?

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  1. Spring wedding flowers are flowers used for weddings that occur during the spring time. Usually they are light and fluffy. Spring wedding flowers evoke beautiful and happy memories of much awaited spring weddings, chiming church bells and beaming faces. Spring wedding flowers come with delicate petals and simple designs, and are used for decorations, in bouquets and as centerpieces. These flowers have the finest color choices, which include pale yellows, baby blues, tender lavenders, and soft greens.