Wedding Decor Trends for 2012

The Budget BrideIn reading various wedding and bridal websites and blogs, you may have noticed a few trends pop up. Weddings are traditionally influenced by the fashion world but more and more we are seeing home decor and graphic design inlfuences creep into traditional weddings.

Couples are taking advantge of the theme aspect of their celebration and are going all out to carry out an artistic vision for their day.

In the past year, we’ve noticed the following trends:

Flowers: potted plants and succulents are creeping their way into places that were traditionally held for cut flowers. Brides are using garden clippings, potted plants and small seedlings to decoarte their tables and are even incorporating these elements into their bouquets.

We are also seeing a trend towards more branded events. From the save the date to the wedding programs, couples are taking the opportunity to create a personal brand for their event, being very specific with color choices, fonts, and decor for their events. These couples are either very hands-on in creating the vision and style for their event or have hired a wedding coordinator that has shown them the value of branding an entire event to create a cohesive package.

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