Wedding Decorations: Inspiration

Whether you have a specific theme or if you just want to set a certain ambience at your wedding, there are a few key areas you will want to focus your decoration efforts on. We’ve included some ideas for your ceremony, table setting, bridal bouquet and venue lighting, to make your day a special and memorable day for you and all of your guests.

Aisle Wedding Flowers

Aisle Wedding Flowers

Aisle Wedding FlowersTo start off, the first things guests usually see when they arrive to a wedding is the aisle. You can decorate your aisle with various colour runners accented with ribbons and wedding flowers on chairs next to the runway. At the end of the aisle, think about decorations for the front stage. An elegant touch at outdoor weddings are gondolas or archways that are decorated with greenery, white lights and typical wedding flowers such as Roses, Calla Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, that complement the bridal bouquet. Indoor weddings should also have a ceremony decorated with some wedding flowers. The bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets and flowers along the aisles will frame the bride and groom from the wedding party. Sunflowers are a great wedding flower for providing height to tall bouquets in indoor and outdoor ceremonies during the fall season. Alternatively the use of tall vases with clusters of flowers found in the bridal bouquet, such as Hydrangeas and Baby’s Breath, with the occasional Rose, Orchid, or Daisy adds a unique punch of colour. This type of vase is especially popular for centrepieces.

Tall Floral Weddin Centerpiece

Tall Centerpiece

The conscious bride will know that there is such a thing as a bad centrepiece. The most important thing to guests is the height of the centrepiece. You ultimately have two options: keep your centrepieces low to the table, or have them in slender vases high above eye level. Avoid medium height centrepieces as they obstruct the view of guests around the table. Hydrangeas make elegant low centrepieces and fill up the empty space in the centre of a table quite well. The wedding flowers that are used in the centrepieces do not have to make the flowers in the bridal bouquet but should go with the overall theme of the wedding, using similar colours as the colours in the bridal bouquet. A bride can also re-use her own wedding bouquets such as the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets as low centrepieces by placing them in low vases with a simple ribbon.If you are looking for a more minimalistic approach to your decor, rose petals scattered across a simple tablecloth adds a whimsical look to an empty table. If you have white tablecloths consider red, yellow, pink, or red petals, this will add a punch of colour to the table. Candles can also add a personal touch to the style of a table arrangement. Keep in mind, that many venues require candles, to be contained in containers for safety concerns, so you many have some limitations. Candle lit lanterns provide a safe option that are perfect for whimsical, rustic weddings. Floating small candles are also very popular, and look sleek and unique with the contrast of fire and water. Submerged flowers add a surprising and dramatic effect to this special centrepiece. When creating your centrepiece make sure to add a variety of heights to add visual interest to your centrepiece. Similarly a bridal bouquet should also use a variety of colours, textures and flower sizes to provide visual interest.

When it comes to decorating with lighting, if your venue does not provide ceiling lights, you may want to add small white string lights to add an ambience of a starry night. This look is beautiful and takes away from the harsh lights sometimes provided by venues. For a more oriental look, adding paper Japanese lanterns on the ceiling of almost any venue is a great lighting solution. Having Orchids in the bridal bouquet or throughout the wedding flowers truly complements this oriental look very nicely. This is great for dressing up the inside of tent, or loft-style ceilings.

Rose Petals

Rose Petals

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