Bridal Bouquets for an Empire-waist Dress

The empire-waist dress became extremely popular for brides around 2006.  The silhouette is perfect for tall slim brides, or brides who want to show off their pregnant belly.  Brides looking for a Greek or Roman goddess look tend to be swayed towards the empire waist.

Empire Waist DressIn our previous blog we discussed the type of flowers that would suit an A-line dress the best.  In this blog we will highlight some of the top flowers that accompany the empire-waist wedding dress the best.  Like picking out the right dress that suits your body type, certain wedding flowers complement dresses better than others.

Hand tied bouquets can complement the simplicity and elegance of this type of dress. Hand Tied Bouquets are the more casual type of wedding bouquet.  Their exposed stems at the bottom of Calla Lily Bridal Bouqetthe wedding bouquet add a natural and simple look to this bouquet.  Almost any type of flower can easily be incorporated in hand tied wedding bouquets.  Hydrangeas and roses are perfect flowers to use in hand tied wedding bouquets for brides wearing an empire-waist wedding dress.  Calla lilies also can be used in a hand tied wedding bouquet.  Calla Lilies are beautiful, simple and elegant and their Champaign flute-like shape help draw one’s eyes towards the bride’s face.  Brides can use many or just a few calla lilies in their wedding bouquet to create this elegant effect.

Rounded Rose Bridal BouquetRounded Rose bridal bouquets are very classic wedding bouquet that goes well with almost any type of dress silhouette.  Since this wedding bouquet is slightly more traditional we suggest brides to make their statement with this bouquet by choosing a colour that suits their wedding the best.  Greenery is also usually added in rounded rose bridal bouquets to accent the beautiful rose arrangement.

Cascade wedding bouquets can also complement empire-waist wedding dresses.  We suggest to our brides to try to keep these wedding bouquets rather small.  If the bouquet is too large it can overpower the dress and compete with its simple lines and natural beauty. Roses, Orchids and Lilies are among some of the most popular flowers used in cascade bouquets.  Bulk Delphinium, hypericum berries, snapdragon, limonium , statice, solidago are other flowers that can be used as fillers because they have multiple blooms per stem.  These flowers also add colour and length to a cascade bouquet.  Greenery such as, Tiki Tree Fern, Ruscus, Lily Grass, Leather leaf, Bells of Ireland, and Bear Grass are also very important in providing the shape of wedding bouquets, including cascade wedding bouquets.

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