Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk Orchid Wedding BouquetSilk Wedding Flowers can provide a great alternative to Fresh Wedding Flowers. While some brides or event planners may choose to include silk flowers during the spring and summer season, Silk Flowers definitely have their advantages during winter.
Temperature is a huge factor in shipping flowers as flowers, which usually come from tropical regions, are more acclimated to consistently warm and humid temperatures. When shipping flowers to cold regions, harsh cold climates can freeze and wilt the flowers because of these extreme external conditions.
Aside from temperature alone; silk flowers are perfect for destination weddings. Brides who are thinking about having a destination wedding in Hawaii or any of the Caribbean islands will find that having flowers for your wedding can be very expensive. Since fresh flowers cannot be brought through airport customs many brides find that they are trapped to pay high premiums on flowers for their destination wedding. Unlike fresh flower Silk Flowers are not a hassle to bring across airport customs and are easy to pack and bring on an airplane. By ordering silk flowers for your wedding, there is also the advantage that you will be able to order your flowers in advance to see your silk wedding bouquets in real life, and to use them as inspiration for your wedding design.Silk Rose Wedding Bouquet
For other brides, having a silk wedding bouquet means a lot more than having the silk bouquet while you are walking down the aisle. Many brides choose to have a silk wedding bouquet because the flowers will last a life-time, and are a beautiful souvenir of your wedding day. Today, there is a wide selection of silk wedding flowers that can match any color and make any bride happy.
BunchesDirect recently expanded its line of flowers to include beautiful and affordable silk flowers to meet any bride’s taste. BunchesDirect now offers silk wedding bouquets, silk boutonnieres, silk corsages and even silk rose petals. Click here for more details.



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