Green & Red: Christmas Flower Decorations

It is the festive season and Christmas colrs are all around us, Christmas lights reflect on the freshly fallen snow.  At BunchesDirect, we are busy decorating our office with festive colors and flowers.  Below are traditional and untraditional flowers to us as Christmas decorations with the traditional red and green colors.

Green Hydrangea: Green Hydrangea is a beautiful flower with a large bloom. The bloom is made up of little clusters of flowers and offers a mix of bright and soft tones, which allow the flower to stand out. Fresh cut Hydrangea will enhance the beauty of your wedding bouquets or floral arrangements.
Red Roses: A fresh Red Rose offers a large bloom. Its numerous petals open harmoniously to create an elegant bloom. Our peach colored roses can be used to decorate your centerpieces or bridal bouquets.
Red Hypericum Berries: Hypercium Berries are exceptionally beautiful filler flowers, as each stem bears 12-14 exotic berries. Our Red Hypercium Berries are of excellent quality and will surely boost the beauty of your flower arrangements, such as Wreaths during the holiday season or winter themed wedding bouquets.
Red Carnations: The romantic red Carnation is a classic flower. When it blossoms it reveals bold red waves of petals circling to create a beautiful bloom. This flower makes a strong yet beautiful statement when placed in your wedding bouquets and flower decorations.
Tiki Tree Fern: Tiki Tree Ferns are green decorative fillers. It has a bushy green, hair like, foliage of premium quality. It can be introduced to any flower decorations like a wedding bouquet to act as a filler. The bright green color of Tiki makes your flower decorations look vibrant.
Red Spray Roses: Our fresh cut spray roses are available in a range of colors, and can compliment any wedding bouquet, flower centerpiece, boutonniere or special event arrangement.
  Green Hypericum Berries: Green Hypercium Berries are exceptionally beautiful filler flowers, as each stem bears 12-14 exotic berries. Our Green Hypercium Berries are of excellent quality and will surely boost the beauty of your wedding bouquets and flower arrangements.
  Red Mini Calla Lilies: Red Mini Calla Lilies are an extravagant beauty. The bloom is supported by a long slender stem and opens exotically to form a trumpet shape. Mini Calla’s can stand on their own or be added to your wedding bouquets or floral arrangements.
  Green Cymbidium Orchids: This Orchid has a lovely bloom which is smaller than the original Cymbidium Orchid. A typical small Cymbidium orchid will display 8 to 14 blooms on each stem. When placed in your bouquet or centerpiece this graceful beauty will make your flower decorations stand out.
  Red Gerbera Daisies: Red Gerbera Daisies are a classic flower that display a beautiful large bloom on a long wavy stem. These Daisies come in a vibrant red and are sure to heat up any event. The California grown Gerbera Daisy is known to be of premium quality.
  Bells of Ireland: Bells of Ireland, also known as Molucella, is a very enchanting product from the line of our fresh bulk greens. Each stem of the bell is long and clustered with approximately 15 to 25 lovely bell shaped blooms. Bells of Ireland will give the needed height to any wedding bouquets or flower arrangements.
  Red Asiatic Lilies: Rightly referred to as queen of flowers, the red Asiatic Lily has a regal presence. The deep red coloured Lily exhibits shades of mauve with burgundy freckles giving the bloom its outstanding looks. This marvelous red Lily will surely add glamor to your special flower arrangements, like your wedding bouquets.
  Green Button Mums: The Daisy has held its importance in wedding ceremonies since ancient times, symbolizing loyal and everlasting love. This traditional flower holds multiple blooms per stem. The bloom of the Daisy looks spectacular; its petals evenly blossom outwards from its button like center.
  Red Mini Carnations: Red Mini Carnations are a classic flower with elegant circular blooms that blossom ruffled layered petals. They offer multiple blooms per stem, making our miniature Carnations look fuller. These beauties will make your wedding bouquets and arrangements stand out.
  Red Alstroemeria: Red Alstroemeria, or red Peruvian Lily, is a romantic flower that unfolds semi heart-shaped blooms. The blossoms reveal twin colour shading and freckles of red and yellow on its petals. This flower is sure to add richness to any floral arrangement. It would certainly add glory to your wedding bouquet.
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