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The Budget BrideToday we’re talking about craeting your own invitations on the Budget Bride series. Choosing to make your own invitiations can be quite simple and cost effective for many brides. You may choose to design your own template from scratch using a photo editing or word processing software on your computer, or you may use an exisiting template purchased for a small cost and print the items yourself.

Whne choosing to make your own invitiations you have the choice of shopping around for a printer to get the best cost or best options you feel will display your invitations in the way that you imagined. Many brides are happy to print their own invitations on their home priter but if you are printing a large number of invitations and reply cards you may find the cost of ink for a home printer outweighs the cost of having them done by your local staples or kinkos.

Some Brides who are havily into DIY decide to hand-print their own invitations with basic practices such as hand carved rubber stamp or potato stamp as a small coloured accent on simple black and white paper. Hand painting or hand embellishing invitations can be time consuming, but can also be a huge cost savings comparing black and white print to colour.

Another route to take alltoghether would be to forgo traditional invitations and do online RSVPs and invitations via email or various event invitiation software. We’re not suggesting you treat your wedding invitation as though it’s a party invitation on facebook, but it doens’t have to be a gilded letterpressed cardstock package either. Finding the balance and what is right for you is what makes these Budget bridge and DIY suggestions right for every Bride.

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When selecting wedding bouquets and centerpieces for a wedding a bride must think about all of the elements involve in her wedding. The most important determining factor for most brides is their based on their color theme. Sometimes brides pick their colors and then chose their flower, but in many cases it is the flowers that determine the color scheme, especially if a bride has a particular flower that she already likes. Bridal bouquets come in an assortment of colors with various textures and often can reflect the brides personality.

Today we will highlight some popular bridal bouquets and describe how the wedding bouquets have been incorperated into various wedding themes.

This first bouquet is full of classic charm. It is country-inspired wedding bouquet that features delicate limonium among light blue hydrangea, white roses and mini callas. The slight blue in the bouquet also makes reference to tradition that the bride should have something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

This secound wedding bouquet is a beautiful yet simple alstroemeria bridal bouquet that stands out with its semi heart-shaped blooms. It is perfect for denoting love, this precious bouquet is great for pink themed weddings. It also suits brides who want to have a unique, memorable and simple wedding. By having only one type of flower in the bouquet, the beauty and casual flow of the alstromeria petals are accentuated.

Known as the Everlasting Joy Bouquet, everything about this colorful bouquet (to the left) announces happiness and joy.
Gerberas are a special variety of Daisies that represent cheerfulness.  The Chrysanthemum is known to symbolize optimism, joy, long life, and fidelity; everything you want your wedding day to represent. The bouquet  also has hints of Alstroemeria blooms and elegant greens.  This bouquet is perfect for the modern bride who is looking for a fun bouquet full of texture and colors.

This bouquet is a modern variation of the popular and traditional red Rose bouquet perfect for Winter Weddings, but work beautifully as well for vintage themed weddings. Bear grass is wrapped and woven throughout the Roses creating a dynamic arrangement sure to catch anyone’s eye. With the Aspidistra base, and satin wrapped stems, this bouquet looks refined and luxurious.

The beauty of wedding bouquets and bridal bouquets on your wedding day, is that they can set the tone for your wedding theme based on the types of flowers that you use. The various textures of flowers you combine and the floral colors that are selected in your wedding bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, toss bouquet, flowergirl bouquets and centerpieces are also very important in setting the mood for your wedding so make sure to talk to your partner to decide what you both hope the mood of the event ends up being.

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Wedding flowers represent one of the most important details when it comes to wedding planning. Not only that you use flowers for your bridal bouquet, but they can be used to decorate the church, the tables or even the arch you have at the entrance to your wedding reception.

Although choosing white flowers for your wedding bouquet might seem a little too much, we have to keep in mind that white is the perfect color for elegancy. And a bride should definitely be elegant on her wedding day. Here are 10 white flowers you could use for your bridal bouquet:

White Rose Wedding Bouquet
White Rose Wedding Bouquet

White roses

White roses are the symbol of innocence, romance and a new beginning. As the happy couple is at the beginning of a new journey together, a journey sprinkled with a lot of love and respect, white roses should be the traditional choice for the bridal bouquet.


Being a flower that grows in bush form, hydrangea has bec

ome increasingly popular with brides who love the round bundles offered by these flowers. Although they come in colors like pink, purple or blue, white hydrangeas are the most beautiful and the most elegant.

White Vintage Wedding Bouquet
White Vintage Wedding Bouquet (with white Hydrangea)

White Orchids

When you say orchid you say beauty and refinement. There are many species of orchids that can be used for your bridal bouquet but phalaenopsis, dendrobium and cymbidium are the most popular.

White Dendrobium Orchid Wedding Bouquet
White Dendrobium Orchid Wedding Bouquet


Not many brides have the courage to use this flower for their wedding bouquet, but ranunculus has become more and more popular among vintage themed weddings. The combination of white and green is the ultimate detail that makes a ranunculus bridal bouquet look fancy and elegant at the same time.

Lilies of the valley

Although the legend says that lilies of the valley represent the tears that Eva shed when she was thrown out from heaven this doesn’t mean that these flowers should be used for sad events. Kate Middelton’s bridal bouquet was made of lilies of the valley, so if you want to feel like royal bride lilies of the valley are the right flowers for your bridal bouquet.

White Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet
White Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

White Calla Lilies

Before the genetics developed you could only find white calla lilies on the market. Now they come in a variety of colors. But, if you want to make a statement with a bridal bouquet made of elegant flowers with waxy petals, white calla lilies are the right flowers for you.

White peonies

Although pink peonies are the most comon when it comes to bridal bouquet, white peonies are the perfect choice if you want to show your romanticism through your bridal bouquet. Choose white peonies tied with a colorful ribbon and you will have the perfect wedding bouquet for an elegant but casual wedding.


Gardenia is a delicate flower of a special beauty. With its divine smell gardenia makes you think about the joy and the luck you feel on your wedding day.

White Carnation Wedding Bouquet
White Carnation Wedding Bouquet


Although they are not as popular as they used to be, carnations are still the right choice for a formal event. So if you want an elegant but discreet bridal bouquet, carnations should be the flowers you choose.


Stephanotis is known for its star-shaped waxy flowers and its irresistible flavor. Put stephanotis in your bridal bouquet and you will receive only words of admiration.

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