The Budget Bride: Invitations

The Budget BrideToday we’re talking about craeting your own invitations on the Budget Bride series. Choosing to make your own invitiations can be quite simple and cost effective for many brides. You may choose to design your own template from scratch using a photo editing or word processing software on your computer, or you may use an exisiting template purchased for a small cost and print the items yourself.

Whne choosing to make your own invitiations you have the choice of shopping around for a printer to get the best cost or best options you feel will display your invitations in the way that you imagined. Many brides are happy to print their own invitations on their home priter but if you are printing a large number of invitations and reply cards you may find the cost of ink for a home printer outweighs the cost of having them done by your local staples or kinkos.

Some Brides who are havily into DIY decide to hand-print their own invitations with basic practices such as hand carved rubber stamp or potato stamp as a small coloured accent on simple black and white paper. Hand painting or hand embellishing invitations can be time consuming, but can also be a huge cost savings comparing black and white print to colour.

Another route to take alltoghether would be to forgo traditional invitations and do online RSVPs and invitations via email or various event invitiation software. We’re not suggesting you treat your wedding invitation as though it’s a party invitation on facebook, but it doens’t have to be a gilded letterpressed cardstock package either. Finding the balance and what is right for you is what makes these Budget bridge and DIY suggestions right for every Bride.

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