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Have you been wondering what type of centerpiece might look best at your wedding? Your wedding’s centerpiece can make a huge impact on your guests so we encourage that you add as much of your own personality in the look and feel of your centerpiece as possible.  That includes showing the right wedding flower type, flower color and wedding flower arrangement.  There are many different centerpiece options that you can choose from.  By highlighting some of the most popular centerpieces for 2013, we hope to make that decision a bit easier for you.

The fairytale flowers: These beautiful flowers are large and elaborate, fit for a royal wedding. It goes very well with a bride’s wedding bouquet that has lots of bright colors as well.

Fairytale Wedding Centerpiece

Dramatic and elegant: These still quite large bouquets do make a statement while adding a very classic look to your wedding table and wedding centerpiece.

Elegant Wedding Centerpiece

Whimsical and original: If you like to stand out from the norm you do not need to use the traditional wedding flowers in your centerpiece.

Baby’s breath is definitely a theme this year. This centerpiece is beautiful and soft like a fluffy cloud over your table.

Mix and match flowers:  This is  a very original style and looks great when you step back and look at the whole picture

Fruits as your centerpiece: Do you love strawberries?  They are beautiful simple flower and fruit that adds a whimsical look to your centerpiece. Yummm! You might even catch some of you guests grabbing a bite before dinner.

Fruit Wedding Centerpiece

For more details and centerpiece options click here.

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The Budget BrideThis week on the Budget Bride series we’re talking about how DIY can help you save money on your wedding. We know that DIY can often mean trading your time for cash, but we feel the trade off is well worth it.

Guests will appreciate handmade favours from the bride and groom more than a personalized shot class or a photo frame with your wedding date engraved on it. You are essentially thanking your guests for attending and supporting you and your partner as you make the transition to husband and wife, and what better way to thank them than with something made with the care and attention only you can give?

There are many options to explore when making handmade favours. You will want to pick a project that you can complete well before the wedding for little cost. Some brides make jam, cookies or other edibles for a fraction of the cost of buying these items in stores. The benefit to these types of items is that they will be enjoyed well after your wedding and will not sit on a shelf collecting dust.

Another option is to create items that your guests will use either at your wedding celebration or past the date are functional items such as golf balls, magnets, or keychains. These type of items are best when they reflect your wedding theme and do not have your wedding date or name plastered all over them. There are many ways to DIY these items such as borrowing a button maker, looking up your local office supply store to buy some sheets of adhesive magnets, or hand-painting onto pre-exisiting items bought in bulk.

Many brides still wish to give traditional favours at a lower cost so we suggest giving small items like bags of confetti or vials of bubbles for the send-off as a favour which can be customized and personalized for your guests. The level of personalization all depends on how crafty you wish to be.

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Some of the first wedding flowers that brides and event planners think of for their wedding tend to include traditional flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, and calla lilies. This article highlights some less expected yet very popular wedding flowers amongst brides today.

Bronze Bulk Fuji Spider MumFuji Spider Mums: Although its name may be scary to some, the Fuji Spider Mum flower is a beautiful flower to add texture to any wedding bouquet or centerpiece, especially in a white flower themed wedding, or if only one color is used throughout all the flowers. Fuji Spider Mums come in various colors such as lavender, white, yellow, and bronze.



Bulk Cymbidium OrchidCymbidium Orchids: The cymbidium orchid is a tropical flower with a fairly large bloom with thick waxy petals. This flower and its durable appearing petals come in various colors such as white, green, yellow and pink and the blooms display different shades at different parts of the flower. The inner most petal forms a lip shape and often show off vibrant colors. The gorgeous color combinations of these flowers make them a brilliant flower to add to your wedding bouquets or centerpieces.


Bulk IrisIris: The Iris is named after the Greek Goddess of the rainbow. It has a bright blue/purple bloom which opens to reveal a splash of yellow that contrast perfectly with the petals. This flower can mesmerize eyes in your floral arrangements and bridal bouquet especially for a bride with a blue and yellow color scheme on her wedding day. The iris can also be very well complemented with other flowers such as roses or hydrangeas of various colours. To make the iris stand out a lot of brides choose subtle blue and white toned colour flowers in the rest of their flower arrangements.


For more details on different bulk flowers and bridal flowers with unique and traditional wedding flowers visit BunchesDirect.