Surprising Wedding Flowers

Some of the first wedding flowers that brides and event planners think of for their wedding tend to include traditional flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, and calla lilies. This article highlights some less expected yet very popular wedding flowers amongst brides today.

Bronze Bulk Fuji Spider MumFuji Spider Mums: Although its name may be scary to some, the Fuji Spider Mum flower is a beautiful flower to add texture to any wedding bouquet or centerpiece, especially in a white flower themed wedding, or if only one color is used throughout all the flowers. Fuji Spider Mums come in various colors such as lavender, white, yellow, and bronze.



Bulk Cymbidium OrchidCymbidium Orchids: The cymbidium orchid is a tropical flower with a fairly large bloom with thick waxy petals. This flower and its durable appearing petals come in various colors such as white, green, yellow and pink and the blooms display different shades at different parts of the flower. The inner most petal forms a lip shape and often show off vibrant colors. The gorgeous color combinations of these flowers make them a brilliant flower to add to your wedding bouquets or centerpieces.


Bulk IrisIris: The Iris is named after the Greek Goddess of the rainbow. It has a bright blue/purple bloom which opens to reveal a splash of yellow that contrast perfectly with the petals. This flower can mesmerize eyes in your floral arrangements and bridal bouquet especially for a bride with a blue and yellow color scheme on her wedding day. The iris can also be very well complemented with other flowers such as roses or hydrangeas of various colours. To make the iris stand out a lot of brides choose subtle blue and white toned colour flowers in the rest of their flower arrangements.


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