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Lately I have consulted with brides who have decided to have their weddings outdoors.  There are a few things you have to deal with when having such a wedding which I personally have dealt with.  Actually it was my niece’s wedding and it was held on heer father’s property in the country.  The ceremony was on the top of a hill beside a pond.  The wedding was in July, so they had erected a trellis made into a arch and planted some blooming vines on each side hoping they would crawl up each side and over the top in time for the wedding.  That didn’t happen, they only grew halfway up, so we had to addvines and flowers.  So that’s one thing, sometimes you have to help nature along the way. The reception was held inside a tent, dance floor and all.

They decided to have vases on each table with a few blooms, very casual.  Now this is where you have to consider the wind factor, what vases to use.  I suggested wide vases that hold a lot of water forweight.  Not slim vases which can fall over easily when a gust of wind hits them.  We filled the vases with branches with berries on that grew in the woods on the property.  Stripped the leaves off and left the berries on, a great touch.  Also used dendrobium orchids, iris and roses.

Beside the main tent, there was another tent for the buffet table.  instead of a wedding cake they had pies.  So I decided to make a large vase arrangement of roses, dendrobiums and branches and stack the pies aroun it at different levels.  Having done all that, a gust of wind came into the tent and almost knocked the vase over.  Problem, what to do, I ended up finding a low wooden box, filled it with sand, pushed the vase into the sand, put salal leaves and branches over the box and sand, stacked the pies around, great look.  My point is, don’t panic, there’s always a solution, especially when you’re surrounded by woods.  Says, Bunches Bob.

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When you look at wedding pictures from the past, you see how fashions and wedding bouquets change.  Usually influenzedby a movie star, royalty and in one case by a Canadian Prime Minister’s wedding.  Back in the fifties, the cascade was big.  Every flower was wired and taped.  We used to work for hours into the night, wiring and taping hundreds of blooms, not to mention, feathering carnations, ( splitting them in two).  It would have been so much faster and easier to use miniature carnations.  For some reason or another, they were too expensive then.

Then the styrofoam bouquet holders came in.  they didn’t last very long.  The idea was to glue all the flowers into the styrofoam, however if you glued too many too close together, the styrofoam would break or if you used hot glue, the styrofoam would melt, oh, oh, bouquet fell apart.

Then the oasis bouquet holder came along.  This was great because the bouquet would stay fresh looking.  There was a simple problem, once you insert the stem, you must leave it, if you try to adjust it, the hole will get bigger and oops, out pops the stem.  Also if you are making a cascade, unless you wire the cascading part to the holder, it will slip out because it’s too heavy for the oasis to hold it.

So now we have the hand tied round tight or oval or just a casual cluster with stems showing.  It’s fast to make for all DIY brides.

Which brings to mind, when a Canadian Politician got marred and wife carried an arm bouquet of spring flowers, very lose and natural looking.  How many weddings did I book, asking for same?  Quite a few.   Says, Bunches Bob.

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What’s with these paper flowers and brooch bouquets.  Brooch bouquets look like a bunch of insects.  Who’s nightmare was that?

Paper flower bouquets.  You could compare it to wearing a pair of running shoes with your wedding gown.  Most bridescarry their favourite flowers.  Can you hear the conversation a few years from now when looking at your wedding pictures.  What were those floweers in your bouquet?  The answer-” Paper floweers, we were on a strict budget “.  Why are you not holding your flowers in some of the pictures?  Well, it’s kind pf embarassing , a gust of wind came along and blew the bouquets out of our hands we couldn’t run fast enough to retreive them and they ended up floating down th river.

Now the brooch bouquet.  ” We had problems, I threw it and injured the lady who caught it “.  I probably would get arguments about that, about the fact that the bridedoesn’t throw the bouquet she carries, she gets a separate throw bouquet.  I could go on but my point is, nothing can take the place of fresh flowers, the fragrance, the feel, the memories.  You don’t have to shudder anymore when you hear the price.  Bunches Direct will make sure of that. Says, says Bunches Bob.

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A lot of brides to be that I have talked to lately are talking about floating centre pieces for their receptions, to keep down the costs.  That’s fine, but it still needs to be seen.

A suggestion is, using large blooms in a large flat dish or large rose bowl.  Gladiola blooms work great because they are large and you can putseveral blooms together to give them a different look , maybe some stones on the bottom and using the spikey greens for height and floating some candles aroun the blooms.  Some people think the Gladiola greens are boring.  You can do interesting shapes with them, like wiring them together and making loops of some and having some stand straight up, cutting them at different lengths, addig some small stones at the bottom of the dish and pushing the greens between the stones to hold the greens upright. This way it will looke nlike a water garden, rather than just a flower floating.  I have seen large clear and black plastic low dishes in dollar storeslately that would be perfect.  If you use a large rosebowl may be put bear grass around the inside edge for a different effect.  It gives the guests something to talk about, like WOW, how creative.  It takes a little bit of effort, but it’s worth the effort.  Says Bunches Bob.

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To all you DIY people out there, in answer to to your question,

How long will the flowers last?  will the wilt if I get them too soon?

People relax, they will last longer than you think they will, if you follow directions.  The other is just old wives tales.

Years ago then I was a designer running a flower shop.  Some weekends we would have seven weddings to deal with.  We wo We couldn’t assemble them all the day before the wedding.  So we started on Moday.  Those were the days of the cascades, when every flower had to be wired and taped.  After we made the bouquets, we misted and sealed them in plastic bags and put them in the fridge.  The same with the corsages and boutonniers.  it worked, no problem.  The still looked fresh at the end of five days.

Most people have the idea that all flowers must be put into a fridge, only some.  For instance, Carnations should be left in room temperature to open.  If you put them in the fridge, they will never open.

Exotic flowers, such as Birds of Paradise will not open in the cold.

actually, any flower that grows from a bulb must be left in room tempereature to open.  Says, Bunches Bob.

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The trend t0day is a combination of drama and natural look.  As a floral conultant with Bunches Direct, I talk to a lot of brides to be.  Some are into black and white, some are into black,white and grey.  You can go very dramatic, but simple, with the flowers, for example, Bride who is in white, carrywhite with black trim, and the bridesmaids who are in black, carry all white, with white trim, such as white roses or white calla lilies.  Or if you want to go dramatic and exotic, exotic flowers such as birds of paradise, anthuriums, cymbidiums orchids, dendrobium orchids.

Moving alond to what I call a natural setting and look, or garden look.  What kind of flowers?  Well I would suggest wild flower look, spray roses, lilies, sunflowers and depending on the time of the year, spring, summer or fall seasonal flowers.

In todays world, since flowers come from all over the world, most are available all year.  I have always found adding Solidago, asparagus and sprengeri feern to a bouquet gives it that garden or wild look

Now if you think this is going to cost you an arm or a leg, no, not really, because you use less.  Says, Bunches Bob.