Buffet Table Floral Arrangements

Let’s talk about buffet table floral arrangements.                

Since food is low, you must get some height in the centre of the table to make it look more interestin, in my opinion.  One idea is to have a candelabra or two ( depending on the length of the table ), with a floral arrangment in the middle of the candelabr.Because it’s being seen froma standing position, you should always be able to see it ateye level.  It’s all about balance and size, and since since the arrangement is being seen from a distance in a large space, make it lose and large.  Maybe using branches or pussywillows for a spring look. 

If you are not into candelabra’s, try a tall cylinder vase with a cluster on the top and maybe some branche inside the vase.  Just remember if your making fall arrangments and adding adding some dried wheat and pods.  Keep away from candles.  Says Bunches Bob. 


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