Floating Centre Pieces

A lot of brides to be that I have talked to lately are talking about floating centre pieces for their receptions, to keep down the costs.  That’s fine, but it still needs to be seen.

A suggestion is, using large blooms in a large flat dish or large rose bowl.  Gladiola blooms work great because they are large and you can putseveral blooms together to give them a different look , maybe some stones on the bottom and using the spikey greens for height and floating some candles aroun the blooms.  Some people think the Gladiola greens are boring.  You can do interesting shapes with them, like wiring them together and making loops of some and having some stand straight up, cutting them at different lengths, addig some small stones at the bottom of the dish and pushing the greens between the stones to hold the greens upright. This way it will looke nlike a water garden, rather than just a flower floating.  I have seen large clear and black plastic low dishes in dollar storeslately that would be perfect.  If you use a large rosebowl may be put bear grass around the inside edge for a different effect.  It gives the guests something to talk about, like WOW, how creative.  It takes a little bit of effort, but it’s worth the effort.  Says Bunches Bob.

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