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Lately I have consulted with brides who have decided to have their weddings outdoors.  There are a few things you have to deal with when having such a wedding which I personally have dealt with.  Actually it was my niece’s wedding and it was held on heer father’s property in the country.  The ceremony was on the top of a hill beside a pond.  The wedding was in July, so they had erected a trellis made into a arch and planted some blooming vines on each side hoping they would crawl up each side and over the top in time for the wedding.  That didn’t happen, they only grew halfway up, so we had to addvines and flowers.  So that’s one thing, sometimes you have to help nature along the way. The reception was held inside a tent, dance floor and all.

They decided to have vases on each table with a few blooms, very casual.  Now this is where you have to consider the wind factor, what vases to use.  I suggested wide vases that hold a lot of water forweight.  Not slim vases which can fall over easily when a gust of wind hits them.  We filled the vases with branches with berries on that grew in the woods on the property.  Stripped the leaves off and left the berries on, a great touch.  Also used dendrobium orchids, iris and roses.

Beside the main tent, there was another tent for the buffet table.  instead of a wedding cake they had pies.  So I decided to make a large vase arrangement of roses, dendrobiums and branches and stack the pies aroun it at different levels.  Having done all that, a gust of wind came into the tent and almost knocked the vase over.  Problem, what to do, I ended up finding a low wooden box, filled it with sand, pushed the vase into the sand, put salal leaves and branches over the box and sand, stacked the pies around, great look.  My point is, don’t panic, there’s always a solution, especially when you’re surrounded by woods.  Says, Bunches Bob.

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