Paper Flowers

What’s with these paper flowers and brooch bouquets.  Brooch bouquets look like a bunch of insects.  Who’s nightmare was that?

Paper flower bouquets.  You could compare it to wearing a pair of running shoes with your wedding gown.  Most bridescarry their favourite flowers.  Can you hear the conversation a few years from now when looking at your wedding pictures.  What were those floweers in your bouquet?  The answer-” Paper floweers, we were on a strict budget “.  Why are you not holding your flowers in some of the pictures?  Well, it’s kind pf embarassing , a gust of wind came along and blew the bouquets out of our hands we couldn’t run fast enough to retreive them and they ended up floating down th river.

Now the brooch bouquet.  ” We had problems, I threw it and injured the lady who caught it “.  I probably would get arguments about that, about the fact that the bridedoesn’t throw the bouquet she carries, she gets a separate throw bouquet.  I could go on but my point is, nothing can take the place of fresh flowers, the fragrance, the feel, the memories.  You don’t have to shudder anymore when you hear the price.  Bunches Direct will make sure of that. Says, says Bunches Bob.

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