Wedding Bouquet History

When you look at wedding pictures from the past, you see how fashions and wedding bouquets change.  Usually influenzedby a movie star, royalty and in one case by a Canadian Prime Minister’s wedding.  Back in the fifties, the cascade was big.  Every flower was wired and taped.  We used to work for hours into the night, wiring and taping hundreds of blooms, not to mention, feathering carnations, ( splitting them in two).  It would have been so much faster and easier to use miniature carnations.  For some reason or another, they were too expensive then.

Then the styrofoam bouquet holders came in.  they didn’t last very long.  The idea was to glue all the flowers into the styrofoam, however if you glued too many too close together, the styrofoam would break or if you used hot glue, the styrofoam would melt, oh, oh, bouquet fell apart.

Then the oasis bouquet holder came along.  This was great because the bouquet would stay fresh looking.  There was a simple problem, once you insert the stem, you must leave it, if you try to adjust it, the hole will get bigger and oops, out pops the stem.  Also if you are making a cascade, unless you wire the cascading part to the holder, it will slip out because it’s too heavy for the oasis to hold it.

So now we have the hand tied round tight or oval or just a casual cluster with stems showing.  It’s fast to make for all DIY brides.

Which brings to mind, when a Canadian Politician got marred and wife carried an arm bouquet of spring flowers, very lose and natural looking.  How many weddings did I book, asking for same?  Quite a few.   Says, Bunches Bob.

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