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The following testimonial tells the story of a real BunchesDirect customer, Beth Ann, who had her wedding in Iowa in Summer 2013.


BethAnn-BunchesDirectWhen Beth Ann L. began to plan for her wedding, which took place in July, she was faced with an all-too-common dilemma: she wanted to keep expenses down but didn’t want to compromise on the flowers she wanted.
Her thought process was also informed by her past.
“I had artificial flowers before, and I knew I didn’t want to do that again,” she said.
So after poking around online on sites like Pinterest for ideas, Beth Ann decided to go with BunchesDirect for her wedding flowers – and in the interest of saving some dollars, she also decided that she would wrap the bouquets herself.
“I wanted to keep it simple, not spend a ton of money, and I thought it would be memorable,” Beth Ann said.
Beth Ann says she’s done a few projects here and there in the past but is no craft expert. Thankfully, the process of receiving and assembling her bouquets from BunchesDirect was painless.
“I knew what I wanted to use, so it wasn’t too hard,” she said. “I had a few friends come over, we had a fun little get together.”
As many might be, Beth Ann was slightly apprehensive going into the process, but her concerns were quickly mitigated.  She opened the box, and was pleased with what she saw.
“I couldn’t believe that everything I ordered was in that box,” she said. The roses and hydrangea she’d ordered were well-wrapped and in great condition.
“Once they were opened, we followed the handling instructions and they just kind of poofed right out.”
When Beth’s wedding day rolled around, the weather was gorgeous. Her bouquet was made up of roses surrounded by Hydrangea, and her daughter, who served as her Maid of Honor, had Hydrangea surrounded by roses. She also bought a pre-made boutonniere and corsage for the festivities.
The floral arrangements were a perfect part of Beth’s perfect day, where even Mother Nature cooperated with the proceedings.
“It was warm that day,” Beth said. “The warmth and the humidity brought the fragrance of the roses right out.”
The flowers looked great, smelled great, and also had that one other benefit, which really impressed Beth Ann’s guests.
“I had different people try and guess the price of the flowers and the bouquets,” she said with a laugh. “And everyone guessed about double what it cost me.”

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The following testimonial tells the story of a real bunchesdirect customer, isabelle, who had her wedding in quebec, canada, in august 2013:


Isabelle G. was a slightly apprehensive about ordering her wedding flowers online.
But after doing a bit of price comparison between local florists and online sites, her worry turned to excitement.
“I was comparing some different sites,” Isabelle said of the local florists she’d looked in to. “Oh my goodness, it was so expensive.”
Isabelle didn’t know exactly what she was after in terms of flower arrangements for her big day, aside from the fact that she knew she wanted to use some hydrangea, a hot trend for brides these days. After looking around the web at sites such as Pinterest to narrow down her ideas, she soon found BunchesDirect, a large online bulk flower retailer with distribution in Miami, Fla., and several Canadian distribution centres.
“When I saw the website I was very impressed,” Isabelle said. “I was a little nervous ordering from a website for my wedding, but in the end I was just super happy with the flowers.”
Any fears that Isabelle might have had faded quickly. She placed her order online and followed up with a quick email to confirm that her order would be alright to arrive on the day specified, a few days prior to her wedding.
“The person I spoke to was very nice, she told me I’d be fine with the flowers and helped me logistically to make all the arrangements.”
Isabelle’s story has a do-it-yourself element to it as well. She went online to watch some videos made by BunchesDirect spokesman, floral consultant and unofficial mascot, “Bunches Bob.”
“I’d never made anything with flowers, but I watched the videos and said, ‘I’m sure I’m able to do that,’” Isabelle recalled.
With the help of a friend who worked at a florist’s shop for some time, she assembled some custom bouquets and centerpieces. Not only was it a painless process, but it left her with the satisfaction of admiring what she and her friend had created – and she got some great compliments on the flower arrangements from her guests.
“I was proud of myself,” she said. “The guests were all impressed, and the lady that worked in the florist shop, she was amazed by the blue hydrangea.”
With her wedding day experience going off without a hitch, Isabelle is eager to recommend BunchesDirect to any brides-to-be that are on the fence about ordering their wedding flowers online.
“ I would say, don’t be afraid to order with them, all the people [at BunchesDirect] are very, very nice and helpful,” she said. “I was so emotional and happy… It was just perfect.”

Check out some of the beautiful flowers from Isabelle’s wedding below:

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BunchesDirect is currently running a contest for the best engagement story we can find. The winner will receive a $1000 Shopping Spree for Wedding Flowers from BunchesDirect!

We’ll be unveiling the entries over the next little while as we receive them. Here’s Mickey’s entry. he’s a photographer, and worked to set up this picture-perfect proposal.


Mickey Shannon Engagement

I recently proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes!  We wanted to share the story of the proposal, as many have asked us about it as we have been telling people about our engagement. I’m a photographer, so I had to make sure to get a stunning photo of our proposal! I had my remote trigger ready for this event as I wanted to take a shot of my proposing out under the stars! I proposed at Teter Rock out on the Flint Hills near Cassoday, Kansas. This spot was memorable for us. The second time we ever hung out was during a blizzard in February at Teter Rock. That time we spent at least 6 hours shooting photos, talking and becoming friends! She very quickly became my best friend, and on the night of July 26th, 2013 we became officially engaged!

Over the years, I had decided that I had always wanted to propose in Italy at a place called Via dell’Amore in Cinque Terre on the Mediterranean Sea. Having only dated for a shorter period of time, however, meant that a Europe trip wasn’t happening in time for this engagement! As I was thinking of something special to come up with, I remembered the story of the Via dell’Amore. Cinque Terre is a rugged area on the Mediterranean Sea that consists of five beautiful villages. Between two villages is the Via dell’Amore (the Pathway of Love) where in the past, the guys and girls of these two villages would get together to propose or marry. Up until this trail was made, contact outside the villages was rare because of their remoteness and ruggedness of the region. One of the traditions of the Via
dell’Amore is the “Love locks”. A couple will take a padlock and lock it together, then throw the key off the cliff into the Mediterranean Sea, meant to symbolize the locking of their love together. So I bought two locks and had them engraved with our initials. One lock to seal at Teter Rock, a special place for us, and one lock to take to Italy someday and lock at Cinque Terre, as traveling is something we both want to do a lot of!

So last Friday, the weather was showing clear skies and wonderful temperatures for the middle of summer. I picked her up and we grabbed some dinner, along with candles, blankets and such for what she thought was a date night under the stars to watch a meteor shower. When we got to Teter Rock, the last light of the sunset had just faded and the stars were bright and shining! I knew the moon was supposed to come up around 11, which would illuminate the scene, but would dim the stars. So I set the camera up to shoot a scene with the Milky Way in the background that I would layer onto the proposal scene to create the photo this story is attached to. I snapped a few exposures, all the while she’s asking me to come eat with her instead of messing with my camera. She didn’t quite realize I was getting it ready to photograph her proposal.

So after getting the camera ready, I came to sit and eat with her. She was a little cold so we got her wrapped up in the blanket and finished off our food. At this point, a few coyotes decided to howl in the distance. While I know the coyotes out there are more afraid of us than we are of them, that didn’t help her desire to hightail it to the car and camp out to watch the stars in the comfort of safety. I wasn’t sure what to do at this point. I knew I needed to propose, but I didn’t want to do it while she was freaking out.

I considered waiting for another time, but realized it might be a while before I got her out here again. After sitting in the car warming up a bit (and honking the horn and blaring the radio to scare off the coyotes) I talked her into taking the photo. She had calmed down and seemed fine at this point, so I went back out to get the camera settings changed for the new moonlit sky. I had her come out to model the settings, with her totally expecting to get a nice photo of us together. The settings were right. She was happy and not freaking out about coyotes. It was time! The moment had arrived! I walked over to our little romantic candlelit picnic area, and we took a photo together. After taking the photo, I told her “Oh, I want to get one more photo”. She looked at me, and at this point, I dropped to one knee and asked her to be my wife. I’ve never seen so much happiness before, as she was literally shaking and grinning from ear to ear. She said YES! I was also clicking away with my remote, grabbing the proposal scene as I wanted it! Under a nighttime full of stars at a special location!

After we enjoyed the moment for a few minutes, I gave her the locks and explained the story. She already knew of Cinque Terre and the Via dell’Amore as I had told her I wanted to visit it someday. Before we left Teter Rock, we left one of the two locks there, with the promise to lock the other one in Italy someday and throw the key off the cliffs into the sea below.

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BunchesDirect is currently can running a contest for the best engagement story we can find. The winner will receive a $1000 Shopping Spree for Wedding Flowers from BunchesDirect!

We’ll be unveiling the entries over the next little while as we receive them. Here’s Ashley S’ entry., with a story that has us feeling a certain ‘joie de vivre.’


On March 7th 2013 my life changed forever! But that’s only half of it.

When my fiancé, Eric and I tell the story of our engagement we always hear the same two responses, “Awe” and “Oh My Gosh! That’s hilarious!” We took a two week vacation roaming around Europe. First main destination! Paris, of course! Yes I know, “Awe, the city of love and light!” However the adventure of traveling to Paris and the proposal is the hilarious part.

To begin we had a two hour layover in Chicago. As we were finally buckling up in the plane to head to our flight destination, London, our excitement level was insane; even though we had eight hours of being on a plane ahead of us. As we sat their waiting to hear, “Cabin door is closed” over the intercom, we started to think, “What is taking so long?” After what felt like a life time we were told we had to get off the plane and wait in the gating area until further notice. After FOUR hours of moving to three different gates we finally were able to get on a different plane. Come to find out the reason we had to deplane was a broken intercom speaker. It was torturous! By the time we got on the plane we were exhausted. Did I mention I very much dislike flying and I refuse to get out of my seat for any reason what so ever?! Yes, I didn’t move from my seat for the entire flight. That was fun!

Eight exhausting hours later we finally landed in London rushing around the entire airport trying to figure out how to get to the train station. Upon arriving at the train station we started to feel a little relief, but of course that didn’t last long. We ended up hanging out at the train station for six more hours before we were able to get on our three and half hour train ride to Paris.

The time came! Paris!! We took a taxi ride from the train station to our hotel, which was only 3 miles from the Eiffel Tower. I have to say, New York City taxi drivers have nothing on Paris taxi drivers. I was terrified for our lives. The driver was a nose hair close to hitting everything in sight.

Ashley & Eric at the Eiffel TowerWe arrived at our hotel, took a much needed shower then headed to see the Eiffel Tower. Oh my how breath taking the tower is. I was in a complete “Awe” moment. Mesmerizing!! Eric and I were all snuggle-snuggle while looking at the tower from a distance. Eric was standing behind me; I noticed he was breathing very heavily and shaking. I thought to myself, “Holy crap! what’s wrong with you? We’re in a foreign county. Please don’t get sick on me!!” I turned to him to make sure he was okay. He then knelt down on one knee and said, “I’ve been waiting awhile to do this… Will you marry me, Ashley?” “Yes”, I exclaimed as I’m balling my eyes out. The fun doesn’t stop there!

After taking a couple photos we hunted for somewhere to eat dinner. Apparently all the restaurants in Paris close at 9pm. We searched and searched, passing by every closed bar, restaurant, and café in the entire vicinity. Where were we to eat? Our engagement dinner was at the nearest McDonalds. I never thought that the golden arches could ever feel so romantic but in fact when under a Paris night’s sky it is. Good stuff, huh?! As we were eating Eric decided to tell me I was carrying the engagement ring the entire time in my book bag. I had no idea! Needless to say, I love sharing my engagement story and will forever remember this perfect situation. It just goes to show you that no matter what may happen in life your outlook on a situation can change bad to good to great in a matter of hours.

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BunchesDirect is currently can running a contest for the best engagement story we can find. The winner will receive a $1000 Shopping Spree for Wedding Flowers from BunchesDirect!

We’ll be unveiling the entries over the next little while as we receive them. Up first: Brittany E., with a cold-weather proposal that is nonetheless very heartwarming:


March 5th, 2013 was a cold and snowy day, here in Wyoming. We had just had a big snow storm, and the whole town was covered in that fluffy, white snowfall. My town is a small town, and we live right next to a mountain. The amount of snow that we were graced with was enough to make our little town look like a picture for a Christmas card. It was beautiful. But it was spring!

My boyfriend, Mike, had been planning to take me on a picnic on the mountain, for the weekend, and the snow was always too cold for me. He drove me up the mountain anyway. On the way up, I kept making suggestions for us to stop at, but he kept turning those down. I was so hungry though! I just wanted to stop anywhere and eat! He could see that I was getting a little frustrated, but he wanted the perfect place to eat, so we could have the perfect view. I thought he was nuts. We are just eating. I hadn’t eaten all day, and I was grouchy, so I finally just made him pull over to a place that most people probably didn’t know was there. It was a small opening, surrounded by trees…and a radio tower. It was the least romantic place on that mountain. But I was so hungry and I didn’t know we needed a romantic place. I had no idea what was about to come.

After we finished eating, Mike suggested that we go on a walk. Again, I refused. “Babe, it’s freezing out there. We also have no idea what is beyond those trees. Let’s just go home,” is what I probably said. I am a big baby when it comes to the cold. However, Mike insisted that we go for a walk, and we made a compromise. We would go for a walk, but in a place that we are both more familiar with.

So, he drove us down to a place that people in our town call “The Falls”. In the summer, and most of spring, it is a small place surrounded by trees that has a little water fall off of the mountain. It is actually beautiful, surrounded by green trees, with a bridge over a small stream that is positioned just in front of the water fall-that is surrounded by rock. It really is a small piece of heaven. We couldn’t drive very close to the place, because it was closed due to the snow. So, we parked the car and got out. Mike wasn’t wearing his coat, so I went to the back seat to get it and he promptly said, “No! I will get it!” I would later find out that that is where he put the ring he proposed to me with.

“Babe, I am right here, it’s fine, I can get you your coat,” I said. He wouldn’t let me get the coat. So he grabbed it himself, and we set off on our small hike to The Falls. On the way, I noticed that Mike was a little quiet, so I tried to see what was going on. He insisted that it was nothing and that he was just thinking. We finally got to the spot. I am very terrified of being on bridges, so Mike had to coax me out to the middle of it, holding my hand the whole way. I felt safe with him though, so when we got to the middle (my least favorite place on a bridge) I was able to relax as he stood there behind me, holding me.

The view that we had was amazing. There was a blanket of snow all around us, covering the trees and the ground. The waterfall was frozen in motion. The only picture that I have of that moment is the one that will be in my mind forever. I turned to Mike and hugged him, and then he took a step back. He started talking about how he wanted me to help him with his plans, and then he got down on one knee. I was like that waterfall, frozen in motion. We both forgot what he said, exactly, except for the ending when he said, “Brittney Elliott, will you marry me?” I grabbed him off the ground and pulled him to me and told him that of course I would.

We didn’t tell very many people right away because I wanted to hold on to that moment, just for myself, for a little bit longer. It was the perfect proposal for me. I am a very private and shy person, so having that intimate moment with just myself and my best friend, and love of my life, was the perfect moment.

- Brittany E.

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So many brides are looking for a rustic feel to their weddings this season. Pulling the theme off can be challenging, but our resident floral expert has some tips and suggestions to help you out.
By Bunches Bob for


Picture a country lane lined with trees, their leaves bathed in bright fall colours, and an old wooden fence leading up to a barn. What a great place for a fall wedding.

As the floral wedding consultant for BunchesDirect, I’ve talked to many brides lately who have that same idea — a barn wedding.  These brides are looking to give their wedding a rustic look, and really, you can’t get anymore rustic than getting hitched in a barn.

Here’s an idea of the types of floral arrangements and décor I’ve been suggesting for brides in search of that trendy, rustic look for their weddings.


Picture this: the bride in ivory with her bridesmaids in brown.

The bride carries a clustered, casual look, with red, orange or yellow garden roses (or a mixture of all three), accented by some bronze Chrysanthemums daisies, a couple of sunflowers, deep purple lisinathus with some red hypericum berries. Add some solidago, which looks like Goldenrod, and will give any bouquet a bit of a wild, garden-type look.  For additional greens, I would suggest asparagus or sprengeri ferns. Wrap the stems with burlap and tie with raffia.The attendants can carry the same style of bouquet, just a bit smaller. For the groom The groom and male attendants very small clusters or a single flower boutonnieres to match bouquets.


photo via

The big look for tables these days are mason jars, which are just perfect for rustic weddings in a barn (especially on a checkered tablecloth.)  To fill them up, use the same flowers as the wedding party, only larger, and add some branches, wheat, and maybe a bit of straw around the bottom of the jars. Remember, you have a large space to deal with, so the decorations have to be big and showy – subtle won’t work here.  If you really want to go all out, display some bales of hay and corn stalks with cabbage plants in the corners of the space.

I would also suggest having mason jars on the head table filled with just water to put the bouquets in, rather than just laying them on the table.


Not the barn type? You can still achieve the rustic look.

Let’s start with a church: I suggest two large arrangements on the floor or on pedestals at the front of the church, Arranged loosely with large flowers in fall colours to follow the theme, such as Gladiola, Sunflowers, Celosia (otherwise known as Cockscomb), Chrysanthemums, Red Hypericum Berries, Solidago, and maybe some corn husks at the bottom of the arrangements.  If you want to go further, add some pew markers, made of burlap ribbon with clusters of corn husks.  You can transfer the church decorations to the banquet hall after the ceremony.

Now, on to the banquet hall.  Start with the chairs – instead of the stin covering, use burlap on the back of the chair tied with raffia and a raffia bow at the back.  The mason jars could have a band of burlap ribbon around them and tied on with raffia on checkered table clothes.  Add a lantern for a country rustic look.
For the head table: again, checkered tablecloths and the two arrangements from church spaced in front, with mason jars lined up on the front of head table for the bride and attendants to put their flowers in.


The choices are endless with cakes and colours, but let’s say the cake is brown. The cake top should have a casual look, like the bouquets – perhaps a block of oasis on a aluminum plant.  It must be light so it doesn’t sink into the icing.  For the bottom of the cake, I suggest a bit of garland with ferns and a bit of straw.

A do-it-yourself wedding takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it. The BunchesDirect brand was designed for brides on a budget, and Bunches Bob is here to help you. Whether you buy premade arrangements or do-it- yourself, have fun with those blooms.

ABOUT BUNCHES BOB: A fifty year floral industry veteran, Bob started in the floral business in Cornwall, Ontario back in the late 1950s. Bob has hosted and taken part in numerous floral demonstrations for various groups. Some of his greatest claims to fame was when the Toronto Star commissioned him to create a Thanksgiving bouquet for their annual Thanksgiving Day special section, and when he had the honour of creating a floral arrangement for Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday while she was filming in Toronto. A man of many talents, Bob has been heavily involved in community theatre, film and commercial acting, singing, dancing, directing and choreographing, and his favourite hobby, painting in watercolours and acrylics. Bob has helped hundreds of brides in recent years as a wedding flower consultant for BunchesDirect, and has become a hit on Youtube, with multiple videos garnering over 100,000 views.