BunchesDirect is currently can running a contest for the best engagement story we can find. The winner will receive a $1000 Shopping Spree for Wedding Flowers from BunchesDirect!

We’ll be unveiling the entries over the next little while as we receive them. Here’s Ashley S’ entry., with a story that has us feeling a certain ‘joie de vivre.’


On March 7th 2013 my life changed forever! But that’s only half of it.

When my fiancé, Eric and I tell the story of our engagement we always hear the same two responses, “Awe” and “Oh My Gosh! That’s hilarious!” We took a two week vacation roaming around Europe. First main destination! Paris, of course! Yes I know, “Awe, the city of love and light!” However the adventure of traveling to Paris and the proposal is the hilarious part.

To begin we had a two hour layover in Chicago. As we were finally buckling up in the plane to head to our flight destination, London, our excitement level was insane; even though we had eight hours of being on a plane ahead of us. As we sat their waiting to hear, “Cabin door is closed” over the intercom, we started to think, “What is taking so long?” After what felt like a life time we were told we had to get off the plane and wait in the gating area until further notice. After FOUR hours of moving to three different gates we finally were able to get on a different plane. Come to find out the reason we had to deplane was a broken intercom speaker. It was torturous! By the time we got on the plane we were exhausted. Did I mention I very much dislike flying and I refuse to get out of my seat for any reason what so ever?! Yes, I didn’t move from my seat for the entire flight. That was fun!

Eight exhausting hours later we finally landed in London rushing around the entire airport trying to figure out how to get to the train station. Upon arriving at the train station we started to feel a little relief, but of course that didn’t last long. We ended up hanging out at the train station for six more hours before we were able to get on our three and half hour train ride to Paris.

The time came! Paris!! We took a taxi ride from the train station to our hotel, which was only 3 miles from the Eiffel Tower. I have to say, New York City taxi drivers have nothing on Paris taxi drivers. I was terrified for our lives. The driver was a nose hair close to hitting everything in sight.

Ashley & Eric at the Eiffel TowerWe arrived at our hotel, took a much needed shower then headed to see the Eiffel Tower. Oh my how breath taking the tower is. I was in a complete “Awe” moment. Mesmerizing!! Eric and I were all snuggle-snuggle while looking at the tower from a distance. Eric was standing behind me; I noticed he was breathing very heavily and shaking. I thought to myself, “Holy crap! what’s wrong with you? We’re in a foreign county. Please don’t get sick on me!!” I turned to him to make sure he was okay. He then knelt down on one knee and said, “I’ve been waiting awhile to do this… Will you marry me, Ashley?” “Yes”, I exclaimed as I’m balling my eyes out. The fun doesn’t stop there!

After taking a couple photos we hunted for somewhere to eat dinner. Apparently all the restaurants in Paris close at 9pm. We searched and searched, passing by every closed bar, restaurant, and café in the entire vicinity. Where were we to eat? Our engagement dinner was at the nearest McDonalds. I never thought that the golden arches could ever feel so romantic but in fact when under a Paris night’s sky it is. Good stuff, huh?! As we were eating Eric decided to tell me I was carrying the engagement ring the entire time in my book bag. I had no idea! Needless to say, I love sharing my engagement story and will forever remember this perfect situation. It just goes to show you that no matter what may happen in life your outlook on a situation can change bad to good to great in a matter of hours.

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