BunchesDirect is currently running a contest for the best engagement story we can find. The winner will receive a $1000 Shopping Spree for Wedding Flowers from BunchesDirect!

We’ll be unveiling the entries over the next little while as we receive them. Here’s lINDSAY’S ENTRY, PROVING THAT GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIt.


I actually proposed to AJ first.  He said not at the moment.  I had to beat him to the punch… I knew he was going to propose. That made me  nervous and scared…I wanted more time for us to be in love before the craziness of a wedding. Growing up I was not that girl who dreamed of my fairy tale wedding when I met my prince. As a kid… I new fairy tales were not real. As an adult…I believe we all get a fairytale of our own.

On Thanksgiving 2011 AJ asked me if I would want to get married, I said YES!  The following weekend we went to look at rings. The one I fell in love with was out of our budget. AJ promised me he would buy me that ring.  AJ bought me a promise ring that I received at Christmas.

March 6, 2013 AJ got on one knee, made perfect eye contact, and proposed with the my dream engagement ring. It was a pleasant surprise! It was perfect! I was covered in paint from painting our bathroom… the proposal was still romantic. I have not been excited like that ever that I can remember. The best things are worth waiting for…this moment proved that to me. I learned a lesson that day…I may not always get what I want right away…with time and love…all your wants come true. I realized when something is not perfect… does not mean it is not worth waiting for.

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