WE’LL BE UNVEILING THE ENTRIES OVER THE NEXT LITTLE WHILE AS WE RECEIVE THEM. HERE’S SARAH I.’S ENTRY, of a high-school friendship that blossomed into lasting love.


It was eight years ago when I first met my best friend, and soon to be husband. Who knew you could meet the love of your life at the young and tender age of 16? It is interesting to look back and reflect upon this.

We had first met at our high school, and Shaddy (my fiancé) was a grade older than I.  We started off as really good friends, and there wasn’t a day that passed in which we did not see one another. We would meet at each other’s lockers, walk each other to class and/or simply roam the halls making each other laugh and telling jokes. We would spend time with one another daily. The days turned to months, and as the months progressed our feelings became inevitable for each other.

Shaddy was the first one to make a move and he asked me to be his girlfriend. The first thing that came to my mind was; do I want to take our amazing friendship and turn it into something else? With deep reflection and thought I took the chance to fall for him, and I fell hard. The emotions I felt for this man became more apparent and real than ever. Since that day, I have been swept off my feet. As Shaddy showed me, and continues to show me what love is truly all about.

Growing into adulthood with one another, it is inevitable that there will be many obstacles that life will throw our way. However, having already conquered all types of obstacles together, we know that we are able to take anything on together. There couldn’t be a greater blessing.  Whenever we came across a tough situation in the past , we always asked each other “How could we get through this?” – The answer always became clear to us, we worked through it together, and we learned that as long as we have one another, that is truly the only thing that really matters.

Every couple and each engagement is unique in its own way. Ours took me by surprise, not to mention it took me on a roller coaster of emotions; from tears of fear and shock to tears of joy and happiness.

On September 31st 2012, Shaddy and I went for diner; it was nothing out of the ordinary. Later that evening, we went for a drive down a country road; it was raining and dark outside. I had realized that during dinner Shaddy was being quiet and so tense, and now the drive wasn’t any different. I could not understand what the big deal was since I was under the impression we were wasting time before going to see an old friend. As we were driving down the long road, there was a deer that was previously hit, laying on the side of the road. The deer was distant,  and Shady could not swerve in time so he hit the deer. The shock caused me to react in tears, I was shaking. I turned to Shaddy and out of frustration, and shock, I began doubting and questioning him. “Are you serious Shaddy? What is on your mind tonight? What are you not telling me?” I was shaking and still in tears as he calmed me down, saying he did not see the deer, and nothing was on his mind.

After dealing with the hit of the deer, checking for damage, and making necessary adjustments and arrangements, we continued on our drive. Shaddy said we had a little more time, he then drove us to our old high school and wanted to get out of the car and take a walk. I did not want to go,  as it was raining. However,  Shaddy insisted and was prepared with an umbrella. We then got out of the car, hand in hand, he lead me to where we first had laid eyes on each other so many years ago. We were facing the back door of our high school.  As we reached the back door, there was a path prepared with candles and a beautiful arrangement of roses. As he went down on one knee, I knew that at that moment he was going to ask the question I’ve imagined him to ask for years. As he began sharing utmost intimate and sincere words that came straight from the heart, I couldn’t help the tears of joy and happiness. He asked me; “Sarah, will you marry me?”  My reply to the man of my dreams was “Of course I will marry you” and we both were locked in each other’s arms, embracing one another and holding on tight in the rain.

Today, and as each day passes, I feel so blessed and honoured to be marrying this man. The excitement I feel is beyond words. To finally unite in marriage, and to soon be the best wife that he deserves, brings warmth to my heart. Words cannot describe the happiness I feel, knowing that I will soon be the daughter in-law and sister in-law to such a welcoming family and great people. And the wife to such an amazing, sweet, thoughtful and caring man. I am thankful to soon have him be a part of my family, and for us to live our happily ever after.

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