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After an overwhelming response, BunchesDirect unveiled the winner of the $1000 Engagement Story Contest on Oct. 4, 2013.
Sarah I. of Ontario, Canada, was named the winner of the contest, with her story of being proposed to by her high school sweetheart after eight years of dating.
Sarah’s story caught the attention of the BunchesDirect staff who judged the contest. She and her fiancé Shaddy started off as friends in high school, and it soon blossomed into a relationship.
The proposal occurred on Sept. 31, 2012. The pair went for dinner, followed by a drive down a country road. Fate intervened, and Shaddy, driving, hit a deer that had already been hit and was laying on the side of the road. Both were understandably rattled by the turn of events, but little did Sarah know what Shaddy had in store. This unfortunate turn of events was a just a detour one of the greatest nights of the couple’s lives.He drove her to their old high school, to the spot where they first met. Shaddy had previously laid out an arrangement of candles and flowers. It was there that he got on his knee and proposed.
Sarah will receive a $1000 Shopping Spree towards Wedding Flowers from BunchesDirect.
The Engagement Story was a great success, allowing BunchesDirect reach out to wide audience through its promotion on social media and the blog.
The winning story can be viewed in Sarah’s own words at All of the entries received can be viewed at
Sarah is thrilled to be named the winner of the contest.
“I just want to say that I thank you so much for this opportunity and for helping me create my dream wedding,” she wrote in an email to BunchesDirect staff. “This is absolutely amazing and don’t know how I can thank you! Can’t wait to tell my family the great news and tell them how our love story is what made this happen!”
BunchesDirect is America’s premier site for Bulk Flowers and premade Wedding Flowers. The company maintains its primary distribution center in Miami, Fla. and several throughout Canada. The main site is complimented by Canadian ( and Australian ( editions, allowing the company to serve brides in three of the biggest international flower markets.

Sarah’s story can be viewed here. 

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With all the changes and constantly evolving trends in the wedding industry, it can be hard to keep up. That’s what we’re here for! Here are the things that have caught our eye in the last few weeks, whether they’re just societal trends or specific stories that have garnering buzz. Presenting your Wedding Trend roundup for October 8, gathered up for you by BunchesDirect.

THE TREND: Reading Children’s Books at Weddings
THE GIST: Couples treating their guests to a liberal dose of nostalgia, combined with some “valuable life lessons” by reading classic children’s book aloud as part of the ceremony or reception.
THE VERDICT: We can live with it.

THE TREND: Splitting the Cost of Engagement Rings
THE GIST: Brides who don’t want to sacrifice on the ring they’ve always dreamed of, yet don’t want to put their husband-to-be under a huge financial burden are chipping in to cover some (or all) of the cost of their engagement rings. Guessing that it is not all that surprising when they get proposed to.
THE VERDICT: Very 21st century.

THE TREND: Forgetful Groom Forgets to Book Hall, Realizes, Phones in a Bomb Threat
THE GIST: Pretty much what we said there. An English man made a court appearance to answer charges that after realizing on the morning of the wedding that he’d forgotten to fill out the necessary paperwork to actually, you know, book the venue, he hatched the hairbrained scheme of phoning a bomb threat in to ensure the wedding wouldn’t go off.
THE VERDICT: Um, we’ll leave that to the courts to decide.

THE TREND: The Irish aren’t getting married like they used to.
THE GIST: Figures released last week show that the marriage rate in Ireland is at its lowest point in 13 years. The Irish Independent quotes David Quinn, director of the Catholic Iona Institute think-tank, as saying “the sharp decline in the marriage rate must be read in conjunction with the huge rise in cohabitation, the six-fold increase in divorce and separation since 1986 and the fact that over a third of children are now born outside of marriage.”
THE VERDICT: Well, divorces were actually down, too. It all hardly seems worthy of hand-wringing.

THE TREND: Bride goes viral for saying she doesn’t want friend attending “for free.”
THE GIST: Click the link above to read the story. Seriously, it’s worth it to see how ungrateful people can be sometimes.
THE VERDICT: Nobody in their right mind would treat a friend that way, but there will always be that .00001% of people that give the “Bridezilla” cliche a bit of credence.