BunchesDirect wants to know what you’re thankful for.

The story that moves us the most will win a bouquet of the author’s choosing, up to $50 in value!

We’ll be unveiling the entries as we receive them. Here’s Sue P.’s entry, which is heartwarming to say the least.


I have to be very thankful for my daughter. I wasn’t supposed to carry or have kids. I was blessed with my daughter 7 years ago (Nov. 6, 2006). She has changed my world. She is always thinking of others and very thoughtful. Days where I am so stress from my day job or my online business (to make ends meet) she would just tell me “Mom, it is okay to cry. You know you have me, everything will work for us,” and rub my upper shoulder when saying this. Many times she will ask me to wash my hair and then comb it. Then soak my feet and massage my back. It’s soo wonderful. This year has been crazy for my health. From kidney infection, hospitalize, losing my baby at 16 weeks, and now cysts problems. My daughter has kept me strong through all of this. Please let me remind you , I am a single mom of 1. My daughter again this year will raise money for Sick Kids on Dec 13. She is someone special to me and I am very thankful God has brought her into my life. I could go on forever about her wonderful. I believe my little one should win some flowers for being wonderful.

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