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Well, as we have all heard, there was very exciting wedding news this week! It was confirmed that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are officially husband and wife.The famous Hollywood power couple married in a private ceremony in France last Saturday, attended only by family and friends.

According to the Associated Press, the nondenominational ceremony was conducted by a California judge who also provided their marriage licence. The couple’s six children, Maddox, Shiloh, Pax, Zahara, Vivienne and Knox had key roles in the proceedings. The ceremony took place in the chapel at Chateau Miraval, the couple’s home near Nice.

The public received confirmation after Brad was photographed wearing a wedding ring while at a museum in Bovington, Dorset, a few days after the ceremony.

Brad and Angelina are soon to begin filming in Malta for their new movie By The Sea. They will star together in the love story, following up on the success of their first venture together. With their marriage official, it’s finally a case of life imitating art: the pair met while playing husband and wife in the 2004 movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The photo below is from the movie, and gives us an idea of what the pair look like in wedding mode.

There are no official wedding photos released as yet, but I thought it would be fun to speculate on what her wedding flowers might have looked like! Early in her career, Angelina was a bit of a fashion mess, often wearing goth outfits or mismatched ensembles. But as she matured, so did her fashion sense, and of late she has been praised for the many stunning gowns she wears to award ceremonies and other A-list events. Her gowns are usually simple and classic, and I imagine her wedding decor would be in a similar vein. Given the location, I also think that a touch of French Old World glamour would suit the couple well. Here are my Bunches Direct picks. What do you think?

Dreamy Cloud Bridal Bouquet

Pearly White Bridal Bouquet


Bygone Glamor Centerpiece


Wild at Heart Centerpiece



Ugly Bridesmaid Dress CONTEST!


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Always a Bridesmaid, but now a BRIDE! You had your turn at being bridesmaid at assorted weddings of friends and families. Finally, you are the bride! You get to be in charge. And you get to learn from the challenges of the past…like wearing a truly heinous bridesmaid dress down the aisle.

"It was the 70s" is Still No Excuse

Okay, so we’ve all been there. We are asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, and it’s an honor and it’s supposed to be fun. We go dress shopping. Things get decidedly less fun. The bride has distinctive tastes and you end up with a disaster of a dress that makes you look like a reject from a bad 80s musical.

It’s not that uncommon. Even Hollywood has played off this theme, in movies such as 27 Dresses, Bridesmaids, and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Many of us have one, or maybe like, five, such offensive garments lurking somewhere in the back of our closets. Maybe we keep them so we don’t feel like the money we just spent on this ugly dress (not the mention on the ugly matching shoes) was completely wasted, we don’t want to insult the bride, or we feel we are going to re-purpose the thing somehow.  Maybe re-design it so that it is actually wearable in sane society, or use it for other occasions (Hallowe’en costume, painting the house, scaring off a bad date, need for curtains, etc.)

Let's Save Money and Sew Curtains...Oh Yes, and Bridesmaid Dresses

So why does this happen so much? You might even suspect closet sabotage so that the bride will look even better, or perhaps she really doesn’t like you. (Is she getting you back for that time you borrowed her best heels to wear to a club, danced for five hours, walked home in the rain, then tried to sneak them back into her closet?)

And why do we wear these less-than-flattering creations? Realistically, there isn’t a lot of choice. A bridesmaid can try to voice her concerns to the bride (with extreme tact and diplomacy), but if the bride gets upset? Suck it up, and wear the bridesmaid dress.  It’s the bride’s day, and it’s the job of the bridesmaid to support her before and during. If that means flaming orange satin with royal blue trim, then so be it. And also, chances are you truly care about the bride and want her to be happy, so what’s a little gold satin between friends?

Disco is Dead...Please Bury these Dresses

Of course, now that it’s YOUR turn to be the bride, you will select dresses for your bridesmaids with kindness and the very best taste…and you can have your fun showing off the bad bridesmaid dresses you endured from the past!

The Ever Popular "Disney Princess on Crack" Look

Yes, ladies, it’s the Bunches Direct UGLY BRIDESMAID DRESS CONTEST!  We are looking for photos or videos of the ugliest bridesmaid dresses of all time. Send your photos to me, Sue, at [email protected], along with a short description of the event. Be aware that photos or videos will be posted on our Bunches Direct Facebook page, the blog, and our other sites. BEST PHOTO OR VIDEO (i.e. Ugliest Dress) WINS A $500 SHOPPING SPREE AT BUNCHES DIRECT!! Yippee! Free flowers for your wedding!

Contest opens TODAY, and contest closes on SEPTEMBER 17, 2014. Good luck!

(And see, you were right: there really was another use for that ugly dress!)

Terms & Conditions

1. By submitting your story and/or photos, you agree that they become, as submitted, property of BunchesDirect, and allow BunchesDirect to post your submitted materials publicly on Bunches Direct media sites.

2. Please include “Ugliest Bridesmaid Dress” in your subject header.

3. The ugliest dress will be determined by a panel of BunchesDirect employees, who will take the Facebook likes and responses into account.

4. DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES is Wednesday September 17, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

5. The winner receives a $500 gift card to use at or for the purchase of any flowers of their choice. One entry per bride please. Winner may not combine their gift card with any other discount/promotional offer.

6. Contest open to residents of the United States/Canada.

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Actress Piper Perabo, who featured in movies such as Coyote Ugly and Cheaper by the Dozen, and stars in the television drama Covert Affairs, married producer-director Stephen Kay in NYC on July 26. This particular affair was not covert: the pair married in the Merchant House museum with select family and friends. The wedding had a New Orleans flair with a band following the couple out of the ceremony venue.

Piper wore a slinky 2014 Resort Michael Kors column dress in metallic silver. Who says brides can’t be sexy? She paired the dress with an olive veil and blush shoes. I didn’t particularly like the selection, but it was certainly unique. For a more traditional venue it would have been dreadful. One day she still may look at her wedding photos and say “what was I thinking?” I like the dress, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for a wedding gown. The dress looked good on her. It also looked good on Naomi Campbell, who wore it earlier this year at the National Television Awards, and for Katy Perry too when she wore a one-shoulder version at another event. But oh well, it seems Piper isn’t worried about wearing something custom, and so long as a bride feels beautiful on her wedding day, that’s what truly matters.

Stephen wore a three-piece blue suit with a gray hat. The hat was a jaunty touch, and it suited the New Orleans vibe– the pair were going for a more relaxed day so a blue suit was fine. This particular suit, however: hmmm. To me it looks like he borrowed it from his overweight Uncle Vinny, then slept in it under a railway overpass. Casual, I get, but wrinkled and ill-fitting? Not so much. And OMG, the scruffy boots. Oh, and that belt. Don’t get me started.

But, moving on to the flowers: Piper’s bouquet! She opted for a less structured assortment of blooms, which again, suited the more casual vibe. I think given the silver metallic dress, however, she might have gone for a bouquet that was more modern also; I do like the blush roses and overall palette with her attire.

The selection of flowers was lovely, and included roses, Queen Anne’s lace, spray roses, white stock, anenome, and assorted greenery. This less structured arrangement is a nice choice if you want a more relaxed look. Her celebrity florist probably charged her a good bit for it. If you want a similar look of mixed blooms, with Bunches Direct you can achieve it…for about $100! And remember that our consultants can customize any of our bouquets, if you want to add more of one type of flower, or substitute varieties!

Here are some suggestions:

Irish Beauty Bouquet $79.99

Blushing Glow Bouquet $109.99








Next Step Bouquet $129.99

Painted Flower $97.99









What do you think of Piper’s wedding day choices? Post a comment or email me at [email protected]


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Looking for some gorgeous new inspiration for decorating with flowers? Don’t overlook the power of the pomander!

Pomanders, also known as “kissing balls” are an amazingly versatile way to decorate your wedding venue, whether it is outdoors or indoors. The term comes from the French pomme d’ambre (apple of amber). Pomanders were originally balls, often made of silver or gold, that were filled with various perfumes. They were worn, carried or placed in vases to help (supposedly) ward off infection and also to combat the bad smells that were far more prevalent in the past (think old time room fresheners or deodorant for the middle ages). Pomanders are also made of fruit and spices, such as oranges studded with cloves.

More modern applications of pomanders are floral ones, and most consist of a foam ball that you can find at your local craft shop, covered with gorgeous blooms. A ribbon or string is attached if the pomander is to be hung or carried. You don’t need to be especially gifted to make them, either: most of us can handle it with little sweat expended. It’s best to use sturdier flowers such as mums, daisies, dahlias, or roses, but I’ve seen them done with baby’s breath and while a bit trickier it does create a stunning, ethereal effect.

Check out this great video to find out how to make gorgeous floral pomanders for low prices, using bulk flowers from BunchesDirect:

DIY Pomanders on Youtube from BunchesDirect

What to do with them? Pomanders look amazing just about anywhere, adding instant interest and MAJOR wow factor, but here are the top four ways to incorporate them into your decor:

1. Amazing on the Aisle: Hang them from chairs or shepherd’s hooks using some pretty ribbons. Scatter some petals to really add to the impact.

2. Overhead Accent: Pomanders look amazing when an assortment is hanging from a trellis, an arch, an arbor, or from the trees.

3. Terrific on Tables: Place pomanders in tall vases along with your other wedding centerpieces for a unique touch. Incorporate candles or again, scatter petals among the vases to tie the table arrangement together visually.

4. Creative to Carry: Bridesmaids, flower girls, and even the bride can carry pomanders for a different take on a bouquet.

However you use them, pomanders are a great DIY choice for any wedding that will add a lot of impact, for a reasonable price and low effort.

If anyone has used pomanders, I’d love to see the photos! Also for questions, comments, or advice, feel free to email me directly at [email protected].




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Well, looks like a new Bachelorette wedding is on the way! Season 10 of the Bachelorette wrapped last week with a very happy ending, but perhaps with a (slight) tarnish to the gilt wrapping on the fairytale (read on). As most of you know, Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, former Assistant DA of Fulton County, Georgia, is engaged to final rose winner Josh Murray, former pro baseball player.

So far, Josh seems like a nice guy—he’s funny, sweet, and affectionate. I am wondering if he has a slightly stubborn or possessive edge but I guess we will find out. (I’m also not a big fan of the ugly winter scarf they had him trussed up in on one of the episodes, but that’s a fashion post…) . The man knows how to choose a ring: Andi was gifted with a truly stunning Neil Lane rock. This is some serious 72,000-dollar bling, consisting of a 3 carat oval diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, in a handmade platinum setting. There are rumours that Andi actually chose it herself (as many women do); if that’s the case, then way to go, Andi.


Sparks flew at their first meeting, with Josh rather adorably tongue-tied and nervous. The couple had obvious chemistry on their follow-up dates, thought Andi kept declaring her doubts about his being too much her former type, and too good to be true. Guess she got over it, because during the big finale the couple declared their love and got engaged.

The slight tarnish came during the taping of the “After the Final Rose” episode. Things got a tad tense when slighted contestant Nick Viall confronted Andi about why she had dumped him, and when he mentioned (oops? no, probably more like sour grapes) that he and Andi had been— ahem—intimately involved just days before her engagement. Tacky, Nick: a gentleman never tells. We will leave Andi’s decision making abilities alone (for now).

At any rate, it didn’t seem to deter Andi and Josh, who are still gushing over each other in interviews, and posting adorable snaps on the internet. In the September issue of Jezebel magazine, Andi states that Josh is “the last person I want to talk to at night, the first person I want to talk to in the morning,” and calls him “her partner through it all.”

In an Instragram photo released August 7, courtesy of Andi Dorfman, the couple are shown snuggling in the Dominican Republic on May 10,  the day after they got engaged.

Now that the Bachelorette has landed her dream man, the couple is entering wedding planning mode. Their wedding is apparently set for spring 2015. I’m thinking it will be televised (and paid for, which means huge wedding budget, which means—with hope—yippee, gorgeous wedding flowers). In the same interview with Jezebel magazine, however, Andi claims she was “never the girl that dreamt of a wedding.”  So she will probably be in the market for a good wedding planner to help her pull off the whole event.

What clues do we have thus far, as to the wedding?

Andi stated that she doesn’t want to go too glam for her dress.  “Definitely a simple dress,” she claims. “I don’t want my wedding dress to be bling-bling.” So apparently the sparkling gowns she wore on the show are off the roster. She also mentions that the couple’s mutual hometown of Atlanta might be the venue. And she mentioned how she might love to revisit Europe, due to the couple’s many romantic dates there during filming.

So…what do we think for the flowers? Considering Andi’s apparently low-bling approach to the dress, she will probably want to opt for flowers that are classic, elegant, and simple. But if the wedding is in Atlanta, she might allow for some traditional Southern Belle. And then there is her love of Europe…

Our BunchesDirect suggestions? We’d love to see pink and cream flowers that include some roses, dahlias, and white hydrangeas, with a modern but not-too-modern aspect, to reflect Andi’s southern charm. Gorgeous, understated elegance that isn’t over the top for sporty Josh or practical Andi. What do you think?

Also, do you like Josh and Andi as a couple, and do you think they have staying power?

Feel free to comment! And for added advice, opinions, or questions, you can write me directly at [email protected] I always love hearing from you!


Pretty Woman bouquet


Oh Lola centerpiece

Subtle Beauty centerpiece

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Despite some rain, local flooding, and a few delays, Actress Cheryl Hines said “I do” on August 2 and married Robert Kennedy Jr. in front of about 300 guests. Cheryl is best known for starring in such television hits as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Suburgatory. Robert is an environmental lawyer and son of former US Senator Robert F. Kennedy. It was the third marriage for Robert and the second for Cheryl.

The wedding took place at the famous Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, during the Kennedy family’s annual August reunion. Many members of the famous clan, including matriarch Ethel, aunt Joan, and Ted Kennedy Jr., attended the event. Their children from previous marriages were also in attendance.

Cheryl looked lovely in a strapless white cocktail gown designed by Romona Keveza. Her classic and elegant bouquet was made up of white roses and blue hydrangea. The ceremony was described as a relaxed event, and the couple opted to have no bridesmaids or groomsmen. The menu included pizza, lobster and a clambake. Larry David, Julie Louis Dreyfus, Ed Begley Jr., Kevin Nealon, and other Hollywood A-listers attended the event.  Natasha Bedingfield and Lyle Lovett performed at the reception.

The new Mrs. Kennedy is supposed to be moving into a $5 million home the couple purchased in Malibu, California.

Lady Grace Bouquet

Simply White Bouquet









We love Cheryl’s classic flower choice! This way your “something blue” can be part of your bouquet. To get this look, you could order either the Classic White Rose bridal bouquet, or the Simply White bouquet, and customize either by adding beautiful blue hydrangeas. Pair it with Classic White Rose boutonnieres for the guys. Or, if you want more blue, try our elegant Lady Grace bouquet. We also sell blue hydrangeas and white roses in bulk to complete your venue decorating. As always, our consultants are happy to advise and assist.

Bulk white roses

Bulk blue hydrangeas