Flowers for your Wedding Cake

Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas wedding cake

Many brides are looking for ways to trim a few costs off the wedding budget. If you are a baker, or have a talented family member who is willing to help out, baking your own wedding cake is a good way to save some money while still creating a beautiful wedding. There are many amazing cake recipes and instructions that can help you create a delicious and memorable dessert. Alternatively, you can source a cake at a large franchise store and save some costs that way.

Sunny Smiles Cake Topper

The cake decoration and it’s final look is what will have the most impact. Once the cake is frosted, you can set it up in creative and lovely ways on a table or pedestal to create a personal and very memorable presentation.

Upper Secret Cake Topper

One of the best ways to add decorative beauty to your cake is with flowers! Adding fresh, blooming wedding flowers to your cake will create instant flair and will tie the cake into your wedding theme with little expense or effort.

Pink Champagne Cake Topper

Bunches Direct offers several beautiful and affordable floral cake toppers that are ready to go. You supply the cake, and these special wedding flowers will provide the professional added touch that will give your cake that “wow” factor you are hoping for.

You can also order Bunches Direct bulk flowers of your choice and cover your cake with even more beauty! Fresh roses, lisianthus, lilies, carnations, baby’s breath—there are so many excellent choices.

Polar Star Cake Topper

In this blog we’ve shown you a few of the gorgeous cake toppers available through Bunches Direct—and visit the site to see the full range of cake toppers in many colors and styles. If you don’t see quite what need, remember that our professional floral consultants are happy to create a custom design just for you! Happy wedding planning :)


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