Gorgeous Floral Backdrops for Your Wedding

One of the hottest trends from last year’s wedding season, that is definitely carrying over to 2015, is the inclusion of a gorgeous floral backdrop wall. Floral walls are fragrant, romantic, luxurious design elements that provide the most amazing backdrop for your wedding photos. Surprisingly enough, they also don’t have to be that complicated to create and can be done to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

When we think “floral wall’ it’s hard not to recall one of the largest and most elaborate floral backdrop walls of all time: the one from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s glamorous wedding last May in Florence, Italy. This spectacular wall of flowers stood a massive 25 feet high—check out the photo below and the grand piano will give you some reference as to the scale. Kimye opted for masses of white and cream flowers, including white roses and peonies, for their spectacular wall.

Not many of us may have their multi-million-dollar budget, but it’s easier than you may think to come up with your own floral wall or backdrop. Check out some of these great ideas for incorporating a floral backdrop into your own special day.

If you are somewhat ambitious, you can construct a floral backdrop wall from a sturdy base, such as a thin MDF board or sheet of particle board from the local building store. Make sure the board will be erected securely so that it cannot topple over, and/or is portable enough that you can transport it to and from the ceremony site for set up. Cover the board with green fabric, and then attach (using wire or glue) moss or other greenery, along with the heads of various beautiful blooms that coordinate with your wedding flower theme. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and daisies are all great choices, but the variety is vast. If you buy flowers in bulk, a gorgeous presentation is fairly affordable.

If you are on a budget, or have limited DIY skills, you can opt for something more simple and hang sturdy blooms like bulk carnations (very hardy!) from an arch or even a tree. Fishing line and a heavy embroidery needle can help you string the carnations (a great project for friends, family, or the bridesmaids too!). Lilies work well also (see below).


This gorgeous floral backdrop was made from a large white vintage picture frame. It was covered with romantic flowers including roses, ranunculus, and hydrangeas in a soft palette of pink and white. You could easily do a smaller version for one of the display or buffet tables. Stunning…!

Source: Gusto & Grace

This creative bride used old shuttered closet doors to make a beautiful floral backdrop. She purchased bulk button poms and carnations to make her doors stand out.

There are many ways to incorporate your own floral backdrop into your wedding. You can adapt it to suit your theme, color palette, and budget, but whatever you choose, the impact is tremendous!

For more wedding decor ideas using flowers, check out this Blog about DIY wedding pomanders. Happy wedding planning!




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