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Well much of the fashion world went into buzzing overdrive the minute Lady Gaga announced her engagement. What would this fashion diva actually wear down the aisle on such an important day? After all, Mother Monster has famously (or infamously) rocked everything from feathers to bubbles to meat, so there is no telling what she kind of statement she might want to make on her wedding day.

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Gaga, 28, got engaged to Taylor Kinney, 33, this past Valentine’s Day weekend after he proposed to her and presented an inscribed, heart-shaped diamond ring. She and Kinney first met in 2011 while filming the video for her song You and I. After a brief split in 2012 they reunited and are soon headed for wedded bliss.

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To prepare for her big day, Lady Gaga has just dyed her hair platinum blonde, suggesting she will forgo one of her signature wigs. She had good friend and stylist Patti Song achieve the new blonde look, documenting the process on her Instagram account.

For her choice of dress? Gaga vows, “it will be totally for Taylor. It’s all about my man. I haven’t really thought about anything specific yet, but whatever it is, it will be totally for him.”

“It will be totally for Taylor,” Gaga told WWD exclusively of her wedding dress plans. “It’s all about my man. I haven’t really thought about anything specific yet but whatever it is, it will be totally for him.” – See more at:
“It will be totally for Taylor,” Gaga told WWD exclusively of her wedding dress plans. “It’s all about my man. I haven’t really thought about anything specific yet but whatever it is, it will be totally for him.” – See more at:

Designers are already vying for the chance to outfit the Lady for her big day. Women’s Wear Daily has already dubbed her “Bride of the Decade” and challenged designers with the question about what she should wear. They have just released over 30 designs that were created by some of the top fashion houses in the world. What fun!

Let’s take a look at a few of the highlights, and for fun, we have matched them with some suggested bouquets. Enjoy! Let us know which pairing is your fave. Which one would YOU wear?

Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel

BunchesDirect Bouquet Match: Enchanting Pink

Mara Hoffman

Purchase bulk wholesale flowers and use them to achieve this amazing floral headdress! Red roses, lavender roses, yellow ranunculus, pink carnations, would be great choices. Bunches Direct Bouquet Match: Your Attention


Monique Lhuillier

BunchesDirect Bouquet Match: Hand Tied Mixed Bridal

Donna Karan Atelier

BunchesDirect Bouquet Match: Rising Symphony

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A look back at some memorable (and perhaps less well known) celebrity weddings that featured—you guessed it—insanely gorgeous wedding flowers! We may not have the celebrity budget but we can create our own versions of these awesome celebrity looks. It’s also a great cost saving idea to buy flowers in bulk from a reputable online supplier and DIY. Many of these floral “looks” can be recreated on a smaller scale with some creative vision and a bit of effort that will be well worth it after all the compliments you receive!

Here is a look back at some of the most memorable celebrity “flower moments”…which was your favorite?

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney: Floral Arch

Amal and George were married in Venice and can we say “wow’ to all the spectacular wedding flowers that were featured in this over-the-top event. They adorned the river boats with fresh flowers, lined rooms with flowers, created stunning tall arrangements to frame the ceremony, and had photos taken under a magnificent floral archway.

Click for tips on how to make a smaller version of your own floral arch.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: The Floral Wall

Well this one was truly jaw-dropping: for their Florence nuptials Kimye ordered up a massive wall of flowers to surround them during their vows. The wall was reputed to be 25 feet high, and loaded up from top to bottom with an amazing array of blooms including hydrangea, roses, spray roses, lisianthus and many more, all in shades of white. For more info on how to create your own DIY floral walls, check out our blog on Floral Backdrops.

Ivanka Trump: Centerpieces by Preston Bailey

Amazing! These centerpieces and other tabletop florals were designed by the venerable Preston Bailey and his team, and they were over-the-top gorgeous! The florals were the star of this Trump wedding which took place at (where else) Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey. If you love this wedding look, keep your own flowers to all cream or white, and opt to include blooms such as roses, hydrangea, freesia, stephanotis, lilies, and lisianthus, to name a few key ingredients. For more Preston Bailey inspiration, check out his wonderful book called Preston Bailey: Flowers. His anecdotal stories from weddings and events (including those for A-listers like Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and others) are also sure to amaze. And speaking of Catherine Zeta-Jones…

 Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas: Floral Wedding Cake

In case you didn’t see it, this couple’s 1998 wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York featured a spectacular multi-tiered cake covered with fresh flowers. Flowers on a cake don’t have to bust your budget. You can bake or buy a reasonably priced wedding cake and adorn it with beautiful flowers you can buy in bulk. BunchesDirect also has some ready-to-use floral cake toppers that you can buy and add to your own cake, for an even easier solution. After some rocky times and separations, apparently the couple is stronger than ever (we’ll see).

Browsing through celebrity photos can give you plenty of inspiration as a starting point for planning your own special event. Be sure to speak to a floral professional for even more assistance, or get a quote online based on your ideas.


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When we think of boutonnieres, we invariably think of proms and weddings as these are the two primary occasions on which a man will agree to wear a flower as adornment. Boutonnieres, however, have a long and noble history of wear by men, and there are some modern day stylists who suggest that men should consider wearing boutonnieres more often for an additional dollup of style and panache (Antonio discusses this in his blog on the Art of Manliness).

In the past boutonnieres were worn by both soldiers and statesmen, and some debonair Hollywood stars sported them proudly on their suits as well. Boutonniere is derived from the French word for “buttonhole” and indeed this is where a boutonniere should traditionally be worn. In traditional or high-end suits, the lapel buttonhole will be open and solidly stitched, allowing it to support the weight of the flower. The boutonniere should be worn on the left side, higher than the man’s heart. Traditionally it consists of one primary flower. The flower typically symbolizes the fragility of life, or the beauty of love.


Boutonnieres should be chosen to help unify the couple; for a prom it should coordinate with the corsage and dress of the partner, for a wedding, with the bouquets and dresses of the bride and bridesmaids. The flower should also coordinate with the style and color of the suit being worn.

Classic White Carnation by BunchesDirect



Carnations are the most popular flower for boutonnieres in North America. They are a wonderful choice as they are hearty (and easy on the budget). The most formal color choice is white, with red a close second. Carnations are lighter and work well with most wedding themes. At, carnation bouquets start at only $1.99.



Luxurious Rose by BunchesDirect

Roses are the next favorite choice and make a beautiful statement on a wedding day. For roses, professionally prepared boutonnieres are a safer choice, and you may want to ensure that if you are selecting a heavy or ornate boutonniere, that the suit will support it adequately.

Oath to You by BunchesDirect

You can also select less traditional flowers for more of a statement accent, especially if the bridesmaids have more unique bouquets. There are an array of lovely blooms that will make wonderful and stylish impact on a man’s suit.

Stand Out by BunchesDirect

BunchesDirect has an amazing variety of creative designs for boutonnieres; flowers such as daisies, button mums, gerberas, sunflowers, tulips, or lilies are all excellent potential choices. Click to browse all the designs.

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Whatever you choose for the men of the hour, adding the stylish touch of a boutonniere will be a perfect finishing touch for your wedding or formal event. Boutonnieres can add a very important splash of color to coordinate the overall wedding palette. Guys, wear your boutonniere with pride and panache and you will ensure that you are looking good all day!