Fall Wedding Flower Trends

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It may still be summer, but fall is right around the corner! If you are still looking for inspiration for a fall wedding or special event, we’ve gathered a few of this year’s top trends and color schemes to help guide you.

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Structure: Summer bouquets and flower arrangements are often less formal, to recreate an airy “fresh from the garden” look. Fall bouquets and centerpieces, however, can be more structured, and can be boosted by the addition of extra touches such as viburnum or hypernicum berries, apples, gourds, tree branches, autumn leaves, or other rustic fall elements.

Color Schemes: Summer flower hues tend to be softer, in pinks, corals, roses, lavenders. For fall, think warm, earthy tones. Red, orange, coral, yellow, cream, burgundy: any of these would work well for your floral color palette during the autumn months.

Containers: The containers you choose for your centerpieces or other arrangements can also be more rustic and earthy. Try scouring flea markets for some antique urns, or rustic pots in materials such as terracotta or faux metal such as bronze or copper. These warmer hues will give your decorations a much more autumnal feel than would an airy crystal vase or pastel container. You can also get creative and make your own rustic containers; go for a walk in the woods, gather some twigs, and get out your glue gun to add the sticks to a plain container.

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Flower Choices: When it comes to flower choices, sturdier flowers in deeper, richer hues will be most suitable for a fall event. Dahlias are a great choice, since they come in burgundy, orange and dark purple, all of which are perfectly suited to this time of year. Roses are always a great wedding staple, and are also available in these gorgeous rich tones. Sunflowers will always add a warm sunny charm to a fall event in the country.

Bronze Fuji Spider Mums


For added drama, consider deep purple calla lilies, or bronze fuji spider chrysanthemums, which are only available in the fall.

Deep & Divine Calla Bouquet




Orange Asiatic Lily Bouquet







Orange asiatic lilies, orange gerberas, red, burgundy or orange chrysanthemums would also make excellent choices for fall bouquets and centerpieces.




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Aisle Décor: Scatter orange, yellow and red rose petals down the aisle for a dramatic fall look. Add tall curly willow branches, chrysanthemums in warm colors, or bright pops of sunflowers hanging from rustic shepherd’s hooks to complete the look. Pumpkins carved with monograms of the wedding couple would also be a lovely personal touch.

Bridal Bouquets: If you are looking for gorgeous pre-made bridal bouquets, there are some amazing options in these rich, warm fall hues that will coordinate perfectly with your autumn wedding theme. Sunflower bouquets can be lovely as well. Try Calla Lily Delight, Warm Springs, or Hint of Fall. Be sure to check out the BunchesDirect website for many more options!

Calla Lily Delight Bouquet

Hint of Fall Bouquet

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