6 Things Best Left to Wedding Professionals

“DIY-ing” your wedding is tempting, and while there are things you can do yourself, some endeavors must be left on the hands of a wedding planner. Why stress out when you can let a professional do the heavy lifting? Many brides want to engage in personal projects to save money; but then again if that project fails, what will you do? You can’t afford to spend some more to start all over again. Here are 6 smart wedding endeavors that should be left on the hands of a skilled wedding professional

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1. Flowers

There are definitely some good websites with helpful flower tips. You might be able to tackle the flowers yourself, but the whole process can be a bit challenging. A DIY approach on your bouquet might seem like a good idea; however, you have to make an adequate choice and invest in flowers that are either seasonal or long-lasting. Choose a reputable florist or online floral vendor with professional consultants to guide you. Or better yet, let them do the work for you! They can easily create your perfect centerpieces, bouquets, or boutonnieres to save you stress and hassle. This way you can be sure that your flowers will look amazing on your big day. If you do decide to DIY, there are professional videos that might also help.


2.Your hair

Unless you’re planning to wear your hair naturally, you shouldn’t style your own hair. It won’t last! Professionals have special products they use when styling a bride’s locks. A lot of women spend hours straightening or curling their hair; a professional can do it in 30 minutes or less because they have the skill and the experience. They also know what hairstyle complements your face, makeup and wedding dress.

3. Planning

Even though you’re super organized and you like to do things your own way, on the day of your wedding you should leave the planning on the hands of an expert. A professional knows how to keep things in order. Also, it will save you precious time. Rather than be the one dealing with calls to the caterer and florist, and rush to pick up the invitations, why not spend that time with your dearest friends and just enjoy your day? Enjoy the process before the wedding and don’t stress out. You’ll have plenty of time to do that after the ceremony!

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Don’t let guests take photographs and by no means do them yourself. First of all, amateur photographs are hideous. A professional on the other hand, will know exactly what filters to add to make you – the bride – stand out looking fabulous. Experienced photographers can also anticipate moves; their cameras will be appointed mostly on you and your groom all night long. You’ll be in the center of attention, not your cousins, friends or colleagues. When taking photographs, lighting matters a lot. It can make the different between a bad photo and an excellent one. If you can’t afford to hire the best in the business, check the web for independent contractors looking to launch their careers. They’re usually the most affordable, and since they’re trying to make an impression, the shots will be amazing.

5. Food

You’ll have a whole life ahead of you to cook and try out the craziest recipes. Don’t do it on your big day, and let others handle the catering. There are lots of companies that provide exquisite services and menus at a convenient price package. Before making a choice however, make sure to pay them a visit to taste the food. Furthermore, professionals are very good at estimating how much food can a group of people eat. This will save you a lot of money!

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Even though you might be tempted to play your own music at your wedding, don’t do it! As THE bride, you certainly don’t want to spend the whole night behind a laptop watching others have the time of their lives. It’s best to hire a DJ (bands are overrated and old-fashioned, not to mention way too expensive) because the music has to be cued, and someone has to introduce the bride and the groom, make wishes, welcome guests to hold toasts, etc. An experienced DJ knows when to change the music too; let’s not forget that we’re at a wedding not a club. Slow dances between the bride and the groom are great at allowing others to rest a bit. You certainly don’t want to exhaust your friends and then watch them sit down for the rest of the evening.

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