Celebrate Your Anniversary with Flowers

You don’t need a reason or occasion to get flowers for your nearest and dearest but should you need one, your anniversary definitely takes that top spot. It’s just one of those things that signify romance and love – and a milestone as big as another year of being together deserves flowers. A bunch of them! It does not matter if you’re getting flowers as a massive bouquet, inside a fancy vase, as decors for wherever you’re celebration may be, or even as part of your entrée – flowers are a must for an event as important as your anniversary and it’s always a good idea to shop around to find the best deals.

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But not all flowers are made equal – especially not where anniversaries are concerned. Some types of flowers are better off reserved for other occasions- like your lover’s birthday or Valentine’s Day. But for your anniversaries, you can easily go beyond the roses and explore other options – which we have included in this list. You can get a bunch of the same flowers or a bouquet that comes with a combination of any of these flowers to send your loved one the perfect message.

Amaryllis – Amaryllis flowers are more popularly known to signify pride and determination, but the red ones are your best anniversary choice as they signify splendid beauty which, in our opinion, is a wonderful message to say to a spouse of several years.

Birds of Paradisethese tropical favorites signify ‘joyfulness’, and the flowers that best tell your spouse how much more happy and joyful your life has become since sharing it with him/her. Sweet!

Red Carnations – this flower combines some of the best meanings in one: love, pride, and admiration.

Chrysanthemums- white chrysanthemums are the best ones to give out for your seventh year for couples or partners who are dreading the so-called ‘seven year itch’. Renew your commitment and provide your partner assurance with white chrysanthemums which are known as symbols of honesty and loyal love.

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Irises- Express your passionate love with a bunch of the most beautiful irises. These flowers are perfect in a bouquet and as decors for the room or table. Either way, these pretty blooms would suit the occasion perfectly. You can find them here.

Purple Lilacs – married to your first love? Give them a bunch of purple lilacs! These wild flowers are a symbol of first love – of pure and lasting romance.

Pink Peony

Peonies – these dainty flowers send a message of honor and auspiciousness, but they are also known for being symbols of marriage. They are a great way to tell your spouse that you are honored to be married to them and to wish the rest of your married years the best fortunes

Sunflowers-– go big on expressing your love with sunflowers! The size of the flower head and the vibrant hues of the petals are symbols of adoration and of dedicated love – a message and a renewed promise that any spouse would love on anniversaries.

Tulips – these flowers signify perfect love and are adored and famous symbols for love declaration. Who wouldn’t want to get them on an anniversary? The most popular color for anniversary tulips is light pink, which you can get here

Never let an anniversary pass without giving your spouse or lover flowers. The work has been cut out for you – pick from any of these flowers we have listed and watch your loved one gush, blush, and be happy with nature’s best blooms.

 This article was written by guest blogger Jennifer Atkins on behalf of Total Discounts. Jennifer is a frequent writer on money saving tips and general money saving advice. Total Discounts offers numerous discounts and promotions for Serenata Flower products in the UK.

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