Unique Wedding Flower Ideas

Every bride wants her wedding to stand out and be unique in the most beautiful of ways. Splurging a bit on your wedding flowers is one of the best ways to add a lot of style and impact to your special day. You can source ready-made flower choices or if you have some handy DIY types in your family, buying bulk flowers and reproducing a high end design is a great way to add big style at low cost.

We’ve done another search to gather some beautiful and unique wedding flower ideas. If you love any of these looks, be sure to send the photo to your floral consultant. The friendly floral experts at BunchesDirect, for example, recommend that you share your photos whenever possible, so that they can assist you with the best ways to make your flower dreams come true. You can also source fresh bulk flowers to make your own vision.

Check out these ideas—just wait until your guests see these!

Photo from blog.hwtm.com

Floral Backdrop

Perfect for ceremony vows, photos, head tables or other key areas at ceremony or reception, the floral backdrop or flower wall creates big visual impact. Incorporate your favorite flowers and other romantic embellishments for a truly magical addition to your venue. Cover the wall with pretty fabric or faux “astro turf” first and then hang your flowers in long, twined “curtains” in front. This will give you a lot of impact while cutting a bit on the costs. Click for more Floral Backdrop ideas.

Photo from iloveswmag.com

Varied Vase Sizes

You will achieve a very unique look if you leave off the usual quest for symmetry and uniformity. Don’t be afraid to choose a variety of vases that differ by size and height. If you keep vase color or material similar, such as these all-glass selections, you will still achieve a visually balance look. You can use grouping of varied vases anywhere you want a stronger accent, such as at the entrance to your ceremony or reception, around your gift or cake table, or even as one grouped centerpiece at dining tables.

You can also set vases on stands of varying heights for visual interest as well. Choose unique stands to give the grouping even more flair, such as wooden barrels or twig tables, easels, columns, stools, or differently shaped accent tables.

Photo from onewed.com

Floral Chandelier

Adorn the hanging lighting in key areas with fresh flowers. This will immediately add color, style and uniqueness to what might otherwise be a boring light fixture. Get creative—you  can layer different flower types, hang mini lanterns from the original lighting fixture, use ribbons or sparkling beads or any number of other embellishments. Click to read more great tips on Floral Chandeliers.

floral alter Photo: Sylvie Gil; Floral Design by Holly Flora

Floral Altar Accents

The place where you speak your vows is a very special one, and deserves to have its own floral accents to make it really stand out. Chances are you will be thinking of altar flowers but you can get unique with garlands, groupings of pots or vases, or larger altar centerpieces in creative containers that provide flair and color. Check out how to make your own altar centerpieces if you are feeling the DIY bug.

Photo from colincowieweddings.com

Floral Tie Backs

Using drapes to accent your aisle, your reception entrance, or your vows area is a wonderful and creative way to add unique flair. Use flowers to edge the curtains, and create floral tie backs to keep the drapes in perfect position.




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