Four Tips in Choosing the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

“Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips spoken without a sound.” –Edwin Curran

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Weddings—whether simple or grand, all have one thing common about them: flowers. No matter how simple the affair is, it would always be graced with flowers—whether that may be the sprawling festoons of florets arranged all over the chapel or the simple posy the bride has in her clasped hands.

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Flowers do aesthetic wonders to any plays they decorate. In weddings, they transform what would be a simple wedding venue into an idyllic, lush and whimsical avenue for matrimony that is both ideal and appropriate for two lovers to exchange their vows. For this reason, flowers play an integral role in just about any wedding.  But there is no solitary flower arrangement that is as singularly important as the wedding bouquet itself. And although the wedding gown takes the center stage in any wedding affair, the wedding bouquet should be just as arresting as the gown itself. The wedding bouquet, though seemingly nondescript, complements the bride’s ensemble—making this a crucial accessory to the bridal gown. It should be striking enough to attract, but not too overly flashy that it would cast the wedding gown into a shade.

So, how do you find the perfect wedding floral bouquet?


This should go without saying, but it is incredibly important that you pick out your wedding dress or gown prior to choosing a bridal bouquet. Your bridal bouquet should accent the bridal gown which necessitates the selection of a gown beforehand.

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The style, color, and cut of your dress are all crucial factors in deciding what design and floral components your wedding bouquet should have. So, on your initial meeting with your florist, bring a photograph or a sketch of your gown so that the both of you can decide on a floral design that would complement it.







As pointed out above, the wedding bouquet is meant to accentuate the wedding dress but never to overwhelm it to the point of obscuring it.

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If your gown has intricate details, consider a smaller bouquet to draw attention to those features instead of detracting it with your bouquet. Give your overall ensemble a more dramatic flair by choosing a bridal bouquet that complements and brings out the details of your wedding gown.







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Color coordination is crucial to any flower arrangements, but this applies especially to a wedding bouquet. It can be quite hard to find a match for creams and whites when your wedding has a theme or when you have a motif in mind, so be sure to relay all of this (including the color and swath of the material) to your florist. This would make it much easier for them to design the color scheme of your bouquet in such a way that it would not clash with your outfit.






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Bear in mind that the bridal bouquet is not just a simple costume accessory. It is a pivotal point of the bride’s overall ensemble and as a bride, you will be expected to carry it all throughout the entire wedding day. This is why your wedding bouquet should be unique. Special in a sense that it is personal. It should reflect your style and taste. Heirlooms or flowers that you favor can be incorporated into the bouquet with the assistance of your florist. This is a wonderful way not only to make it personalized, but an avenue of a departed loved one to be honored and remembered.





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