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Coming up with your centerpieces is always one of the most important, and sometimes the most difficult, decisions when planning your event. Most of us think of traditional vases for our centerpieces, in various shapes and materials. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your containers! They can be the best way to incorporate a theme and set up some unique table settings that will have your guests talking for months to come.

And what is one of the best sources for inspiration when it comes to creative containers? Your own kitchen! A rummage through your shelves can yield some wonderful ideas for how to create some truly special centerpieces. Once you choose your container, you can find the numbers you will need from online suppliers, through kitchen supply stores, or local shops including your dollar store. Buy fresh bulk flowers to complete your look. Make things even easier by choosing a beautiful ready-made centerpiece from BunchesDirect. Our centerpieces come assembled and ready to be trimmed to whatever height you need for your own container.

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Pretty teapots and stacked plates make for very lovely, and unique, centerpieces! Check out local garage sales, vintage shops or second hand stores for a wonderful budget-friendly selection. This idea would be especially suitable to a bridal shower, a lunch, a tea, or any afternoon event. These pink roses are a lovely complement to the old fashioned charm!

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Cake stands are a perfect way to create a very unique and elegant centerpiece, and an easy way to provide height and interest to any table! They also make for a very easy DIY project. Your selection of blooms is endless, and what you choose can suit the formality and the type of event. Choose traditional flowers like roses, peonies or ranunculus for a more traditional affair or vintage theme. Choose bolder blooms like gerbera daisies or bright carnations for a less formal event.

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Wine glasses are a go-to way to create beautiful centerpieces on a budget! Use them upside down with blooms under the glass, or right side up as lovely footed vases for your favourite blooms. These fresh tulips are the perfect complement! Try martini or margarita glasses for other fun ideas. Stemless wine glasses will also work—just put the head of one bloom in each glass for a very pretty effect.


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Galvanized buckets make for great centerpiece containers too. Use this look to create a more informal feel. This would be perfect at a country or beach wedding. Choose flowers like these hydrangeas, snapdragons, roses and alstroemeria for a perfect look!

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Grab your favorite mixing bowl and set up a beautiful centerpiece! Don’t be afraid to mix styles and patterns on your various tables. (This is another great excuse to tour your local garage sales or vintage shops!) These beautiful fresh peonies are the perfect addition to this vintage bowl. Tip: use masking tape to create a grid pattern across the top of the bowl. This will keep your blooms arranged with ease and precision.

If you have the kitchen containers ready to go, but you aren’t sure what to put in them, go with ready-made centerpieces that you can trim to your needs. We’ve collected a few to show you here, but be sure and see all centerpieces at BunchesDirect. Have fun rummaging in your own kitchen—you never know where inspiration can strike!

Champagne Romance BunchesDirect

Scents of Spring BunchesDirect


Dazzle Them BunchesDirect






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Keep It Simple. Buying bulk flowers online can save you big bucks, so consider online vendors such as BunchesDirect who can also ensure freshness and quality. Stretch your decorating dollars even more by using only a few blooms per vase or container, and create decorative touches that are beautiful as well as economical.

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For example, a single rose placed on top of a candlestick holder is an unexpected way to create visual impact for less.

Rummage in your grandmother’s cupboards, ask to borrow from friends and family, scour garage and vintage sales, and visit second hand stores for different candlestick holders, or use antique teacups for another creative display option for roses.







Bigger is Better. Choose blooms that are larger, such as bright and cheery gerbera daisies, and only a few will go a long way.




These yellow chrysanthemums are very inexpensive, and look wonderful in a series of small and simple vases.







Water Things Down. Water is your budget-saving friend. Submerging or floating a few blooms in water lets you use fewer blooms without sacrificing any style points. Water and flowers are a wonderful combination of elements from nature that will dress your tables beautifully, at low cost.

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Shown here, pink and cream roses with some bear grass create beautiful low-budget centerpieces.









Submerging the blooms entirely is another way to create big style. The water magnifies the shape and color of the flower and stem, essentially increasing their visual impact and interest. Add some floating candles for some additional gleam. Lighting up your submerged flower arrangements provides even more drama.Making your own submerged flower arrangements is quite easy!

Click to watch how to make your own.



The elegant, trumpet-like shape and vivid color of these orange calla lilies is a perfect choice for this submerged arrangement.

Choosing seasonal flowers is another way to save money as the prices may be lower. Ask your floral consultant for advice.









Consider Baby’s Breath. Baby’s breath, or gypsophilia, is a perfect choice for budget-conscious brides, as well as any bride who values decor that is feminine and romantic. This delicate, airy beauty can be used in so many ways, from aisle decor, centerpieces, event decor, floral crowns, to entire bridal bouquets. A few bunches go a long way due to their size and color, and it is very inexpensive. It’s always a gorgeous choice!

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Check our Pinterest Page to see more amazing ways to use Baby’s Breath at your wedding or event. Consider it for your bridal bouquets for a coordinating look at low prices.

Pure Baby’s Breath Bouquet

You can also save money on your wedding flowers by moving them from ceremony to reception. Check out our blog on How To Re-Use your Wedding Flowers for even more budget saving tips!

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If you are a savvy DIY bride, you know that you can order up some of the freshest and most beautiful bulk flowers from Bunches Direct. But have you explored ideas for what to put your flowers in? Don’t be limited by the traditional clear glass vase. If you get creative with the container for your wedding or event flowers, you can add a lot of “wow” factor and the kind of impact that will really get your guests talking (in a good way). Your choice of container can create a unique or personal touch for your event tables, set a mood, or help embellish your theme if you have one.

We’ve gathered some pics of very creative containers to inspire you, and included some of our flower suggestions to go with them. Enjoy!

1. Boho Chic Wedding

Birdcages are a sweet and creative way to display your flowers! Choose a pre-made centerpiece from Bunches Direct, such as the Big Day or Subtle Beauty Centerpiece, or buy your flowers in bulk for a great DIY project. Roses, spray roses, hydrangea and lisianthus would be great choices!

Set up vintage chairs around your outdoor venue and add bulk flowers or a ready-to-go centerpiece bouquet for an amazing touch that is sure to get noticed.

2. French Wedding

Use vintage French-themed tins or wooden crates to provide that old world feel to your wedding. Try Oh Lola or Bygone Glamour Centerpieces from Bunches Direct to complement this look. Or, buy bulk peonies (seasonal) as shown in the photos.

3. Traditional Wedding or Bridal Shower

Blue and white china in a classic pattern lends instant traditional elegance to your tables. Use teacups or teapots for  creative way to display flowers at a wedding– also perfect for a bridal shower. Try Sweet Heaven, Champagne Romance, or Wild at Heart Centerpieces to complete this look.

4. Rustic Wedding

Wrap inexpensive dollar store vases in birch bark or burlap, or glue on birch sticks, to create a beautiful rustic look for your centerpieces.

4. Guest Favors

A creative take on guest favors might be to collect a variety of small vases or bottles to display your bulk flowers. Use them to decorate the table, and tag them so that guests can take them home. Or, tag them and use as place cards.

5. Flower and Candle Combos

Find clear vases or wine glasses that will also hold a floating candle to create very inexpensive and elegant centerpieces that will suit a variety of themes. Buy bulk flowers such as gerberas, lilies, orchids, roses, or carnations to float in the vases. For more info on how to create submerged floral arrangements, check out our how-to video!

6. Budget Bride

Recycle old wine bottles or other bottles for a great way to display your flowers! You can also wrap or spray paint the bottles if you want an elegant look–makes great DIY project. Try the Alluring Gerbera Centerpiece for a great earthy look to complement your wine bottles.

Get inspired and give your wedding flower containers a little extra attention, and you are sure to create some memorable displays!


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Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas wedding cake

Many brides are looking for ways to trim a few costs off the wedding budget. If you are a baker, or have a talented family member who is willing to help out, baking your own wedding cake is a good way to save some money while still creating a beautiful wedding. There are many amazing cake recipes and instructions that can help you create a delicious and memorable dessert. Alternatively, you can source a cake at a large franchise store and save some costs that way.

Sunny Smiles Cake Topper

The cake decoration and it’s final look is what will have the most impact. Once the cake is frosted, you can set it up in creative and lovely ways on a table or pedestal to create a personal and very memorable presentation.

Upper Secret Cake Topper

One of the best ways to add decorative beauty to your cake is with flowers! Adding fresh, blooming wedding flowers to your cake will create instant flair and will tie the cake into your wedding theme with little expense or effort.

Pink Champagne Cake Topper

Bunches Direct offers several beautiful and affordable floral cake toppers that are ready to go. You supply the cake, and these special wedding flowers will provide the professional added touch that will give your cake that “wow” factor you are hoping for.

You can also order Bunches Direct bulk flowers of your choice and cover your cake with even more beauty! Fresh roses, lisianthus, lilies, carnations, baby’s breath—there are so many excellent choices.

Polar Star Cake Topper

In this blog we’ve shown you a few of the gorgeous cake toppers available through Bunches Direct—and visit the site to see the full range of cake toppers in many colors and styles. If you don’t see quite what need, remember that our professional floral consultants are happy to create a custom design just for you! Happy wedding planning :)


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BunchesDirect is currently running a contest for the best engagement story we can find. The winner will receive a $1000 Shopping Spree for Wedding Flowers from BunchesDirect!

We’ll be unveiling the entries over the next little while as we receive them. Here’s Veronica’s entry, of small town love that flourished through the web.


Brian & I met on Coming from a small town like Yoakum, TX, I know that’s a little “unconventional”, to say the least, but the minute I met Brian, I knew he was THE ONE. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine meeting someone on the internet, whom  I would spend the rest of my life with. Crazy, right?  We began emailing each other before the disaster known as Hurricane Ike. Brian and I would talk on the phone for the 2 weeks while I was out of work before we actually met in person. On the day we met, I felt confident enough that he wasn’t a psycho so I allowed him to pick me up like a “real” date. The moment I saw him, I think we BOTH knew.

We went to a trendy English  soccer bar to have drinks, and the rest is history. We have been inseparable since September 24, 2008. Here we are, almost 6 years later, finalizing our plans for both of our 1st weddings! I believe that Brian is an EXCELLENT choice for my FIRST marriage…just kidding! I absolutely LOVE this man! I knew he was the man of my dreams because, when I met him, he was his elderly father’s caretaker. He could not bring himself to put his father’s care into someone else’s hands. He did this for several years, while working a full time job. It was difficult, but we managed. During this time, my Mom fell ill and guess who was there to help me during my time of need. You guessed right…Brian was there. I cannot think of a better break than receiving more of your beautiful flowers than we have already purchased.Thank you!!

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A lot of brides to be that I have talked to lately are talking about floating centre pieces for their receptions, to keep down the costs.  That’s fine, but it still needs to be seen.

A suggestion is, using large blooms in a large flat dish or large rose bowl.  Gladiola blooms work great because they are large and you can putseveral blooms together to give them a different look , maybe some stones on the bottom and using the spikey greens for height and floating some candles aroun the blooms.  Some people think the Gladiola greens are boring.  You can do interesting shapes with them, like wiring them together and making loops of some and having some stand straight up, cutting them at different lengths, addig some small stones at the bottom of the dish and pushing the greens between the stones to hold the greens upright. This way it will looke nlike a water garden, rather than just a flower floating.  I have seen large clear and black plastic low dishes in dollar storeslately that would be perfect.  If you use a large rosebowl may be put bear grass around the inside edge for a different effect.  It gives the guests something to talk about, like WOW, how creative.  It takes a little bit of effort, but it’s worth the effort.  Says Bunches Bob.