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We’ve all heard the old saying, “there is never a second chance to make a first impression.” The same thing certainly holds true for your event venue! When guests arrive, the entryway and reception areas provide them with their first impression of your theme, set the tone for level of formality, and displays the overall care that you have taken with your event. The goal, of course, is to make your guests feel welcomed and special, and to set a beautiful tone for the rest of the festivities. Taking time to add some lovely decorative touches to the entryway area, or to the entrance to the ceremony area, will help create a memorable impact. And while you can opt for other decorative touches, there is no better way to dress a space than by using beautiful fresh flowers.

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Choose an assortment of vivid colours and greet your guests with a feeling of energy and beauty. (You can also set your wedding cake out so that everyone can see it as they arrive as opposed to tucking it away for later.) Use petals or the heads of flowers in decorative trays for an easy way to add impact to what would otherwise be a forgotten and boring table in a lobby or entry. Try hot pink carnations, yellow ranunculus, or purple roses for a wonderful mix of blooms. The best part about choosing vivid colors? A little goes a long way!

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Create a grand effect for your entry hall by draping fabric in the archway outside your ceremony space. This venue went all out but even one set of artfully arranged drapes or some simple fabric, topped by beautiful fresh flowers, will have your guests really talking! Use carnations and daisies to keep costs very low!

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As guests walk across the lobby of your venue, an easy and wonderful touch is to hang beautiful floral pomanders (commonly known as “kissing balls”) from the chandelier. Floral pomanders could also be suspended from shepherd’s hoots to line a pathway for guests as they arrive to an outdoor event, or from a gazebo or porch in an outdoor ceremony. (Read how to make your own floral pomanders and see how easy it is!)

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If your guests are picking up their place cards as they enter your event space, be sure to dress the table with lovely bouquets of fresh flowers. This will add a classy touch to what could otherwise be a fairly dull line up of cards. Try white hyrdrangeas or white snapdragons for easy elegance.

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If you are having an outdoor wedding or event, greet guests with a beautiful floral archway. This will definitely set the scene and signal that the outdoor space has been transformed into something “extra special” instead of “everyday average.” Use an existing archway, pergola or create your own for the day. Roses and rose petals are always wonderful choices!

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You don’t have to stick to the same tried and true ways to decorate your wedding or event! Buy bulk flowers or bouquets of choice, and get creative. We’ve gathered some wonderful ways for you to make DIY creations that are sure to make your decorating stand out!

1. Aisle Garden

Buy bulk flowers and make a DIY wedding aisle garden, This is so easy, and so cute! Wrap stems to wire stakes using green floral tape and accent your wedding aisle or any area of your event venue.

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2. Fabulous Floats

Don’t overlook a swimming pool, pond or other water feature at your event venue as a great location to add some major “wow” factor. It’s easy to make your own pomanders, or kissing balls, using bulk flowers (click to read how). Choose hardy flowers such as carnations, gerberas, or chrysanthemum daisies for great results. Use floral pins to hold them (glue might dissolve in the water) to styrofoam balls from a craft store.

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3. Table Garland

Instead of one centerpiece in the middle, decorate your tables, either indoor or outdoor, with ease using DIY garlands with bulk flowers. Keep the garlands unstructured to make things easy. There is no “right” or “wrong” look for this—just go with whatever you love! Choose some greens, such as seeded eucalyptus. and your favorite flowers, such as roses, ranuculus, sprigs of baby’s breath, or peonies, and get creative. Use green floral wire to hold your masterpiece together.

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4. Floral Monograms

This is a lovely idea for a wedding! Choose either the first initials of the bride and groom, or the initial of your new last name. You can either buy a letter form at a craft store, or stencil on and cut out your own from sturdy, thick card stock or corrugated plastic from your home supply store. Buy fresh bulk flowers and floral adhesive glue to attach the flower heads to the letter shapes for a truly buzz-worthy addition to your wedding style. Try carnations, or football chyrsanthemums for a budget-friendly and sturdy option.

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5. Candlestick Pomanders

Here is another great use for some DIY pomanders! Choose your bulk flowers to coordinate with your event colors, such as these dramatic hot pink carnations. See idea number two for the instructional link and make the pomanders. Set them on assorted candlesticks for a truly unique look.

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6. Roses on Napkins

Even a single flower creates a lot of impact and visual style when used to embellish place settings. Order your bulk flower of choice, like these elegant pink roses, and the rest is easy! You could also tuck the roses (with stems) into folded napkins or lay them across the menu cards. For even more savings buy roses by the box (available at BunchesDirect).

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7. Upcycled Tin Cans

Who knew tin cans could make such fabulous flower containers? Clean cans well and make sure there are no rough edges. Wrap cans with fabric, craft or gift paper, wallpaper pieces, or fancy napkins and secure with a lacquer from the craft store. Buy small pre-made bouquets or bulk flowers and arrange in the cans using some floral foam to keep things hydrated. Sweet bouquet choices: Pure Expression or Spotlight.

Spotlight bouquet BunchesDirect

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8. Cake Stand Centerpieces

Get creative! Use a cake stand like this one (you can check discount stores), some floral adhesive glue and your chosen bulk flowers to make some very “out of the box” centerpieces for your wedding or event, or to accent a buffet or display table. Floral adhesive glue is perfect as it provides a waterproof bond to foam, ceramics, glass and plastic and does not brown the flowers.Buy bulk flowers from a reputable vendor so that they are sturdy and fresh. Flowers such as chrysanthemums, carnations, and hydrangeas are good for these because they provide a compact blossom backdrop. You can then add more delicate flowers on top, such as pretty spray roses. Very unique!


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Even if you are short on time or short on DIY skills (or both), it’s still possible to pull together beautiful centerpieces for your party or event. With an array of gorgeous bulk flowers and some handy tips, your tables can shine (while you can relax!)

We’ve gathered some great inspiration and tips to help you make your flower decorations a snap, for a variety of popular styles.

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Let the container set the tone and choose flowers accordingly. Choose large blooms such as garden roses, hydrangeas and peonies, which look stunning when simply arranged in a vintage serving vessel, such as a soup tureen. You could also use tea pots for the centerpieces, with tea cups for smaller arrangements on smaller table tops or at each guest place. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your choice of container: jelly molds, cake tins and even small ice buckets all make wonderful containers.

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If you need something casual, and extremely simple, simply gather up some oranges, apples, lemons or other fruit. Determine how the fruit will naturally balance, and insert holes. Insert fun flowers that will suit the casual vibe, like chysanthemum or gerbera daisies. Use straws to help support the stems. Arrange on a lovely plate or cake stand and presto—instant wow factor.

Photo by James Baigre

Another fun centerpiece that incorporates fruit is this cute and “zesty” arrangement. Choose yellow alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian lilies) and arrange in a clear container with an assortment of small fruits such as lemons, key limes, or kumquats. The fruit pairs perfectly with the bright blooms, and you can have a gorgeous centerpieces in minutes!

Photo by James Baigre

For another casual take on centerpieces, choose one long, narrow box or packing crate. Purchase some bulk gerbera daisies and add some wheatgrass or other vibrant greens and create one long centerpiece down the middle of the table. Use extra gerberas to set at each place setting, Gerberas are available in bulk at BunchesDirect by the stem, or by the box, in a variety of cheery colors. Perfect for a birthday party, a bridal or baby shower!

Photo by Maura McEvoy

Beautiful red carnations are very budget-friendly, but create amazing impact when placed in a rustic wooden salad bowl. It doesn’t get any easier than this, but what a gorgeous way to spice up your dinner party display.

For more 5 minute centerpiece ideas, visit Good luck with the party planning! Be sure to share your own great tips and tricks for fast and easy centerpieces.

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Are you looking for a more creative way to display seating charts, place cards or escort cards? Why not use fresh flowers to boost the impact and take your lists from boring to beautiful! Your guests are sure to be impressed.

You could use a flower theme, which would be perfect at a garden wedding or other outdoor venue! Assign flower names to your tables and display the seating charts on gardening stakes in a pretty box with flowers to coordinate with your other decorative accents.




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Use a beautiful floral wreath on an easel to display your seating chart with flair and elegance. This would also be perfect for a garden wedding or a “boho chic” theme. If you are handy you can make your own wreath using a foam, metal or grapevine form from a craft store, and bulk flowers from BunchesDirect. Shown above: bulk green hydrangeaspink roses, and eucalyptus.

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A budget-friendly way to display your place cards is to use mini vases with a few lovely blooms at each table setting. Try lisianthus, ranunculus, roses, or other sweet more compact blooms. These could also double as guest favors!


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Print off copies of your menu, your table lists or place cards on different colors of paper and glue to a simple collection of glass bottles.

Top with your favorite blooms and you have a very pretty display that is easy on the wallet too. Try gerberas, carnations, anemone, or colorful chrysanthemums to accent the bottles.

Craig Paulson from

Baby’s breath, or gypsophilia, is one of the most versatile wedding flowers around! Use it to surround your place cards in airy, delicate beauty. This provides a much lovelier display than simply setting out the same cards.

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Instead of a regular printed chart, consider using a mirror! Write out your table settings and frame the mirror with fresh flowers or a gorgeous floral garland like this one!



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When it comes to wedding and event flowers, the graceful calla lily is one of the most iconic choices. Lilies are a truly lovely addition to any floral arrangement.

Pink Calla Lily BunchesDirect

Native to South Africa, lilies are prized for their unique flower form. Their graceful, flaring trumpet shaped blooms provide an elegant touch to any bouquet or centerpiece. Their striking green leaves are a handsome element in their own right.

Calla lilies (sometimes called trumpet or arum lilies) are also versatile; they are a perfect complement to either modern, clean wedding themes or romantic and traditional décor.They come in different sizes, from larger blooms to miniature.  Many people think of white when they think of calla lilies, but they are available in many colours ranging from red to pink, yellow to orange, or even a dramatic dark purple. Their form has enough impact to stand alone, which means they can be a budgeting bride’s best friend, or they can be mixed with other blooms for even more impact.

Calla lilies are an excellent choice for the DIY bride or event planner. Twine lilies of any color artfully in a glass vase and you have an instant centerpiece that is surprisingly dramatic and effective. Their bright green stems only add to the visual impact.

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If you like submerged blooms in a centerpiece, calla lilies are an excellent choice for this too. Find out how to make your own submerged centerpiece and see how easy it can be to create a stunning centerpiece with in one of our BunchesDirect videos.


Photo from Maureen Masters

Even simple wine bottles get an instant style boost from the addition of dramatic calla lilies in standout colors such as orange. Super easy, budget-friendly, and so fun! Bulk calla lilies available by stem or by box at BunchesDirect, for amazing prices. Choose your color, and get creative!

These very simple vases could be purchased at your local dollar or craft store, but the addition of tall calla lilies and their repetition all down the long table adds a lot of drama. An easy and low budget table solution!

Callas also combine beautifully with other flowers in vibrant colors. Here, dark purple callas give height while pink hydrangeas provide the “base” of the arrangement in these creative vases. You can also buy bulk hydrangeas from BunchesDirect.

You can combine greens such as eucalyptus with calla lilies, and use floral foam and a wooden box to create these very rustic DIY centerpieces—click to find out how. Perfect for a garden wedding.


If you are less “do it yourself” inclined, BunchesDirect offers beautiful calla lily centerpieces that are all ready to go. Simply trim the stems to your desired height and add to your container of choice. Shown here: Pink Passion Centerpiece.

Don’t overlook the power of the dramatic and elegant calla lily when you are deciding on your wedding centerpieces and wedding flowers. And to coordinate with your lovely lily centerpiece, bridal bouquets made of calla lilies are also a gorgeous choice! White is the classic selection, but BunchesDirect also offers exotic bouquets in vivid colors.

Happy wedding planning! 

Morning Glow Bridal Bouquet

White Mini Calla Lily Bouquet



















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A look back at some memorable (and perhaps less well known) celebrity weddings that featured—you guessed it—insanely gorgeous wedding flowers! We may not have the celebrity budget but we can create our own versions of these awesome celebrity looks. It’s also a great cost saving idea to buy flowers in bulk from a reputable online supplier and DIY. Many of these floral “looks” can be recreated on a smaller scale with some creative vision and a bit of effort that will be well worth it after all the compliments you receive!

Here is a look back at some of the most memorable celebrity “flower moments”…which was your favorite?

Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney: Floral Arch

Amal and George were married in Venice and can we say “wow’ to all the spectacular wedding flowers that were featured in this over-the-top event. They adorned the river boats with fresh flowers, lined rooms with flowers, created stunning tall arrangements to frame the ceremony, and had photos taken under a magnificent floral archway.

Click for tips on how to make a smaller version of your own floral arch.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: The Floral Wall

Well this one was truly jaw-dropping: for their Florence nuptials Kimye ordered up a massive wall of flowers to surround them during their vows. The wall was reputed to be 25 feet high, and loaded up from top to bottom with an amazing array of blooms including hydrangea, roses, spray roses, lisianthus and many more, all in shades of white. For more info on how to create your own DIY floral walls, check out our blog on Floral Backdrops.

Ivanka Trump: Centerpieces by Preston Bailey

Amazing! These centerpieces and other tabletop florals were designed by the venerable Preston Bailey and his team, and they were over-the-top gorgeous! The florals were the star of this Trump wedding which took place at (where else) Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey. If you love this wedding look, keep your own flowers to all cream or white, and opt to include blooms such as roses, hydrangea, freesia, stephanotis, lilies, and lisianthus, to name a few key ingredients. For more Preston Bailey inspiration, check out his wonderful book called Preston Bailey: Flowers. His anecdotal stories from weddings and events (including those for A-listers like Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and others) are also sure to amaze. And speaking of Catherine Zeta-Jones…

 Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas: Floral Wedding Cake

In case you didn’t see it, this couple’s 1998 wedding at the Plaza Hotel in New York featured a spectacular multi-tiered cake covered with fresh flowers. Flowers on a cake don’t have to bust your budget. You can bake or buy a reasonably priced wedding cake and adorn it with beautiful flowers you can buy in bulk. BunchesDirect also has some ready-to-use floral cake toppers that you can buy and add to your own cake, for an even easier solution. After some rocky times and separations, apparently the couple is stronger than ever (we’ll see).

Browsing through celebrity photos can give you plenty of inspiration as a starting point for planning your own special event. Be sure to speak to a floral professional for even more assistance, or get a quote online based on your ideas.