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If you are considering black bridesmaid dresses for your wedding, you are not alone! Black is becoming a more and more popular choice for your attendants. Every woman owns (or should own) the go-to Little Black Dress, as black is slimming, sophisticated and appropriate for so many occasions.If you choose black for your bridesmaids they are likely to be able to wear the dresses again (another bonus.) You can go formal or more casual depending on skirt length, fabric and style—consider the venue and time of day before making your final decision. Long black gowns may not be the best choice for a farm at mid day, for example, though I have seen them worn at a beach wedding (I am thinking of Kate Bosworth who was a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding…see photo below).

Black bridesmaid dresses can provide a chic and sophisticated tone to your wedding, and would especially suit a city venue or an evening wedding. For those who are afraid that black can be too somber, you can always add color and bling in the form of belts or creative jewelry, sashes or shoes that can tie into your general wedding color theme. Another advantage to black dresses is that the color (or lack of color) makes them versatile: virtually any color palette with work with this base. If you opt for multiple styles of dresses for your attendants, black will help the styles work together. Black will also relate well to the groomsmen’s suits and all will provide a wonderful contrast to the bride (and can therefore really set off the “star” of the production).

Now, for the wedding flowers! As mentioned, pretty much any color choice of wedding flower can work with black, so you can’t really go wrong here. Some wedding palettes are more striking than others. We’ve assembled our top four, with some Bunches Direct bouquet picks:

Amanda Watson photography

1. Society Neutral: White or Ivory

Classic White Carnation

Pretty in White









2. Personality: Pops of Hot Pink

Classic Hot Pink Gerbera

Inspired Endearment









3. Glamour and Drama with Red

Crimson Dream

Classic Red Rose









4. Modern and Stylish with Green


Perfect Surrounding

Hydrangea and Rose









What’s your favorite color combination? Care to share? If you have comments or photos that you can share with other brides, feel free to email me at [email protected]!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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Woven-Dream-Rose-Wedding-BouquetWedding trends are constantly evolving, but there’s a fine line of how trendy you really want to go with the look and decor for weddings. There’s always the aspect in play that what’s chic and modern today could look ridiculous when you look at the photos on your 25th anniversary (powder blue frilly suits, anyone?) Even still, many brides are keenly aware of the latest popular trends so they can be on-point for their big day.

Let’s examine some of the big trends that others are speculating on for weddings in 2014.


- White will always be the dominant color for wedding dresses, but there’s been lots of buzz about dresses in other colors for 2014. This article notes that colors such as cream, peach, and even blue are garnering buzz. Vera Wang’s runway show recently put the spotlight on pink dresses. Whether this trend toward colors is widely adopted by actual brides remain to be seen, but designers are certainly pointing people in that direction.

- Tulle gowns and cap sleeves are leading the way in terms of trends that appear to be heating up for 2014.


- For some brides, church will always be the only wedding venue of choice, but if there is a trend in recent years, it is toward quirky, non-traditional venues. Restaurants and even bars seem to be anecdotally gaining traction as dual wedding/reception spaces. And of course, barns and farmhouses are also popular as the trend toward rustic weddings carries on.

- Pretty much anything goes these days in terms of venues, and as more people attend weddings in unique locations, that trend is likely to spread. Here are some particularly outlandish venues. 



- Roses will always rule, but as with other aspects of wedding planning, there seems to be more variety than ever.- As mentioned here, Peonies are becoming an increasingly popular wedding flower.

- More and more couples seem to be going the ‘DIY’ (do-it-yourself) route with wedding flowers, as there are significant cost-savings to be had.

- Bouquets with bling: accessorizing your bouquets with diamonds, pearls or something similar has gained in popularity in recent years.

- Poke around the web and you’ll see lots of people predicting that ‘natural’ looks will continue to gain in popularity (and this plays into the ‘rustic’ theme mentioned above.)

Other Trends


- Expect weddings to continue to become more integrated with technology. While most people still send paper invitations, digital invitations may become the standard by the end of the decade. Many weddings (particularly of young people) have a Hashtag associated with them, which is actually a good way to collect photos from your guests on Twitter or Instagram. Of course, there is also a resistance brewing against all this digital infringement, with reports of ‘Unplugged Weddings’ turning up repeatedly.

- The vintage/retro trend is likely to continue throughout 2014. Whether it’s a throwback to Gatsby-inspired reveling of the 1920s, or a nod to the hippy-dippy 60s, past eras tend to have a certain allure associated with them as we tend to forget about the bad aspects and romanticize the positives.

The Wedding Trend Roundup – Week of August 11 – 17


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A quick review of some trends, either wonderful, wistful or just plain weird, that we’ve gathered from around the web:

TATTOOED BRIDES (via Philly Mag)
THE IDEA: According to The Inq, whereas tattoos were once covered up on the big day, “a growing number not only are selecting gowns that showcase their body art, they’re also augmenting their ink with new wedding tattoos that serve as modern, elegant (and, yes, permanent) symbols of their relationships.”
THE VERDICT: Whatever makes you happy! Though, if you’re looking to add a splash of flair to your wedding dress, a corsage is a much less permanent and cost-efficient method. Just our opinion though.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue is 'in.' Check out some Blue Hydrangea from BunchesDirect.

MUCH ADO ABOUT BLUE (via Wedding Magazine UK)
THE IDEA: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Blue is ‘in’ this season, so get in on the trend before black becomes the new blue. Or blue becomes the new orange. Or orange becomes the new black. Alright, now we’re just confused.
THE VERDICT: Thumbs up. And there’s a little retailer here that has you covered if you’re looking….

THE IDEA: Apparently spurred on by Hillary Duff’s wedding cake in 2010, unadorned, simple cakes are gaining in popularity.
THE VERDICT: Meh. We think any cake can use a cake topper from BunchesDirect.

THE IDEA: According to, “Every year sees a different type of flower take

According to, Peonies are 'in' this year.

center stage in bridal bouquets and décor. This year, that flower is without a doubt the peony.”
THE VERDICT:  Long popular in the American deep south, they’re apparently making their way north. We say, it’s about time the peony got its due! They come in a variety of colors and are a nice compliment or alternative to roses.

THE IDEA: Everyone’s looking for a unique look for their wedding photos, especially for the wedding party pictures. The wedding party is photographed in dramatic poses and then through the magic of Photoshop, the pictures make it look like they’re fighting off zombies, or UFOs, or uh, reverse vampires.
THE VERDICT: Kind of fun for the right couple, and this would be one way to stand out (you know, if a bunch of people weren’t doing it already, that is.)

THE IDEA: Bride orders unusual wedding cake. Cake arrives, looking far worse than she envisioned. Bride puts the cake on eBay, shaming the baker in the process — and the listing goes viral, garnering a whole lot of attention online.
THE VERDICT: It was a weird cake design to begin with.

Wedding Cake gone wrong

A bride got less than she bargained for with this wedding cake.

What do you think of these trends? Are any of them here to stay? Let us know in the comments below, and check back next Friday for another edition of the Wedding Trend Roundup.

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Have you been wondering what type of centerpiece might look best at your wedding? Your wedding’s centerpiece can make a huge impact on your guests so we encourage that you add as much of your own personality in the look and feel of your centerpiece as possible.  That includes showing the right wedding flower type, flower color and wedding flower arrangement.  There are many different centerpiece options that you can choose from.  By highlighting some of the most popular centerpieces for 2013, we hope to make that decision a bit easier for you.

The fairytale flowers: These beautiful flowers are large and elaborate, fit for a royal wedding. It goes very well with a bride’s wedding bouquet that has lots of bright colors as well.

Fairytale Wedding Centerpiece

Dramatic and elegant: These still quite large bouquets do make a statement while adding a very classic look to your wedding table and wedding centerpiece.

Elegant Wedding Centerpiece

Whimsical and original: If you like to stand out from the norm you do not need to use the traditional wedding flowers in your centerpiece.

Baby’s breath is definitely a theme this year. This centerpiece is beautiful and soft like a fluffy cloud over your table.

Mix and match flowers:  This is  a very original style and looks great when you step back and look at the whole picture

Fruits as your centerpiece: Do you love strawberries?  They are beautiful simple flower and fruit that adds a whimsical look to your centerpiece. Yummm! You might even catch some of you guests grabbing a bite before dinner.

Fruit Wedding Centerpiece

For more details and centerpiece options click here.

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Some of the first wedding flowers that brides and event planners think of for their wedding tend to include traditional flowers such as roses, hydrangeas, and calla lilies. This article highlights some less expected yet very popular wedding flowers amongst brides today.

Bronze Bulk Fuji Spider MumFuji Spider Mums: Although its name may be scary to some, the Fuji Spider Mum flower is a beautiful flower to add texture to any wedding bouquet or centerpiece, especially in a white flower themed wedding, or if only one color is used throughout all the flowers. Fuji Spider Mums come in various colors such as lavender, white, yellow, and bronze.



Bulk Cymbidium OrchidCymbidium Orchids: The cymbidium orchid is a tropical flower with a fairly large bloom with thick waxy petals. This flower and its durable appearing petals come in various colors such as white, green, yellow and pink and the blooms display different shades at different parts of the flower. The inner most petal forms a lip shape and often show off vibrant colors. The gorgeous color combinations of these flowers make them a brilliant flower to add to your wedding bouquets or centerpieces.


Bulk IrisIris: The Iris is named after the Greek Goddess of the rainbow. It has a bright blue/purple bloom which opens to reveal a splash of yellow that contrast perfectly with the petals. This flower can mesmerize eyes in your floral arrangements and bridal bouquet especially for a bride with a blue and yellow color scheme on her wedding day. The iris can also be very well complemented with other flowers such as roses or hydrangeas of various colours. To make the iris stand out a lot of brides choose subtle blue and white toned colour flowers in the rest of their flower arrangements.


For more details on different bulk flowers and bridal flowers with unique and traditional wedding flowers visit BunchesDirect.

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Wedding flowers represent one of the most important details when it comes to wedding planning. Not only that you use flowers for your bridal bouquet, but they can be used to decorate the church, the tables or even the arch you have at the entrance to your wedding reception.

Although choosing white flowers for your wedding bouquet might seem a little too much, we have to keep in mind that white is the perfect color for elegancy. And a bride should definitely be elegant on her wedding day. Here are 10 white flowers you could use for your bridal bouquet:

White Rose Wedding Bouquet
White Rose Wedding Bouquet

White roses

White roses are the symbol of innocence, romance and a new beginning. As the happy couple is at the beginning of a new journey together, a journey sprinkled with a lot of love and respect, white roses should be the traditional choice for the bridal bouquet.


Being a flower that grows in bush form, hydrangea has bec

ome increasingly popular with brides who love the round bundles offered by these flowers. Although they come in colors like pink, purple or blue, white hydrangeas are the most beautiful and the most elegant.

White Vintage Wedding Bouquet
White Vintage Wedding Bouquet (with white Hydrangea)

White Orchids

When you say orchid you say beauty and refinement. There are many species of orchids that can be used for your bridal bouquet but phalaenopsis, dendrobium and cymbidium are the most popular.

White Dendrobium Orchid Wedding Bouquet
White Dendrobium Orchid Wedding Bouquet


Not many brides have the courage to use this flower for their wedding bouquet, but ranunculus has become more and more popular among vintage themed weddings. The combination of white and green is the ultimate detail that makes a ranunculus bridal bouquet look fancy and elegant at the same time.

Lilies of the valley

Although the legend says that lilies of the valley represent the tears that Eva shed when she was thrown out from heaven this doesn’t mean that these flowers should be used for sad events. Kate Middelton’s bridal bouquet was made of lilies of the valley, so if you want to feel like royal bride lilies of the valley are the right flowers for your bridal bouquet.

White Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet
White Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

White Calla Lilies

Before the genetics developed you could only find white calla lilies on the market. Now they come in a variety of colors. But, if you want to make a statement with a bridal bouquet made of elegant flowers with waxy petals, white calla lilies are the right flowers for you.

White peonies

Although pink peonies are the most comon when it comes to bridal bouquet, white peonies are the perfect choice if you want to show your romanticism through your bridal bouquet. Choose white peonies tied with a colorful ribbon and you will have the perfect wedding bouquet for an elegant but casual wedding.


Gardenia is a delicate flower of a special beauty. With its divine smell gardenia makes you think about the joy and the luck you feel on your wedding day.

White Carnation Wedding Bouquet
White Carnation Wedding Bouquet


Although they are not as popular as they used to be, carnations are still the right choice for a formal event. So if you want an elegant but discreet bridal bouquet, carnations should be the flowers you choose.


Stephanotis is known for its star-shaped waxy flowers and its irresistible flavor. Put stephanotis in your bridal bouquet and you will receive only words of admiration.

Author’s Bio: Sabina is young blogger who likes to write about wedding planning. Now she is writing about how you can personalize your wedding.