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One of the most dramatic and moving moments during any wedding will come with the bride’s grand entrance. Guests stand, happy expectation fills the air, and all eyes turn to the bride who then makes her walk down the wedding aisle. The aisle sets the scene for this magical moment, before, during and after the vows are spoken. Make sure your wedding aisle looks its best with fresh flowers and romantic accents that suit your theme and set the right mood. There are plenty of DIY ideas whether your wedding is indoors or out to help you create a wonderful setting for every budget: bulk flowers and rose petals can be your new best friends!

Rose Petals: Buy rose petals in bulk from an online supplier like BunchesDirect, which come in bags of approximately 400 gorgeous petals, in a wide variety of colors.

If you are patient and enjoy details (or have friends/family who can help) then you can create a stunning accent for your aisle by setting out beautiful patterns using a stencil or your own creative vision. Consider monograms, spirals, or other decorative patterns for huge wow factor.





If you are perhaps not quite so detail-oriented (or don’t have the time or patience) you can also use varied shades of massed rose petals to give your aisle a gorgeous boost and help define it.





Another easy way to create beautiful impact using rose petals is to place generous handfuls of them spaced intermittently down the aisle, tucked in by the chairs and accented with lanterns and candles.

Chair Accents: Hang flowers from the chairs to create a wonderful border for your aisle.

Hang vases, mason jars, small burlap wrapped jars, or other containers from the chairs using ribbon or twine. Place fresh bulk flower bouquets, or bulk baby’s breath inside for a simple but gorgeous accent.


Create a border: Set decorative accents along the aisle to frame it off and give it more impact.

Purchase a few shepherd’s hooks from your local garden center and use them to hang vases, bouquets, or balls of flowers to help frame the edge of your outdoor wedding aisle. Making decorative floral balls (sometimes called floral pomanders or “kissing balls”) using craft store balls and bulk flowers such as carnations, roses, daisies, ranunculus or other flowers is an easy DIY project. Hang the pomanders from the chairs using pretty ribbon and you have an instant aisle accent. Check out our How-To blog for more info!

A creative idea to border the aisle at an outdoor wedding: use stumps to hold vases of flowers set alongside the seating. Use budget-friendly vases and create your own bouquets using a variety of fresh bulk flowers such as hyrdrangeas, roses, larkspur, baby’s breath, peonies, ranunculus, dahlias, daisies, or any of your favorite blooms.

Use buckets for a cute “country wedding” accent, filled with baby’s breath.

Use garlands and pearls to create a beautiful aisle border and dress with fresh flowers, such a pink spray roses, white lilies, or ranunculus for a more feminine and romantic feel.

The Grand Entrance Consider using old doors to make an amazing “entrance” to your outdoor aisle.

The Main Event: Set off the end of the aisle and the area where the vows will take place with a beautiful floral arch, garlands of flowers and greenery, curtains, special lighting or other detailed accents.

Whatever your theme or budget, taking a little extra time to think about your wedding aisle will have huge impact on your final day. Don’t be afraid to get creative and to include accents that are meaningful to you. With a bit of planning and effort, you can take your wedding aisle from blah to beautiful, for a walk that you and your guests will never forget.


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One of the hottest trends from last year’s wedding season, that is definitely carrying over to 2015, is the inclusion of a gorgeous floral backdrop wall. Floral walls are fragrant, romantic, luxurious design elements that provide the most amazing backdrop for your wedding photos. Surprisingly enough, they also don’t have to be that complicated to create and can be done to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

When we think “floral wall’ it’s hard not to recall one of the largest and most elaborate floral backdrop walls of all time: the one from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s glamorous wedding last May in Florence, Italy. This spectacular wall of flowers stood a massive 25 feet high—check out the photo below and the grand piano will give you some reference as to the scale. Kimye opted for masses of white and cream flowers, including white roses and peonies, for their spectacular wall.

Not many of us may have their multi-million-dollar budget, but it’s easier than you may think to come up with your own floral wall or backdrop. Check out some of these great ideas for incorporating a floral backdrop into your own special day.

If you are somewhat ambitious, you can construct a floral backdrop wall from a sturdy base, such as a thin MDF board or sheet of particle board from the local building store. Make sure the board will be erected securely so that it cannot topple over, and/or is portable enough that you can transport it to and from the ceremony site for set up. Cover the board with green fabric, and then attach (using wire or glue) moss or other greenery, along with the heads of various beautiful blooms that coordinate with your wedding flower theme. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and daisies are all great choices, but the variety is vast. If you buy flowers in bulk, a gorgeous presentation is fairly affordable.

If you are on a budget, or have limited DIY skills, you can opt for something more simple and hang sturdy blooms like bulk carnations (very hardy!) from an arch or even a tree. Fishing line and a heavy embroidery needle can help you string the carnations (a great project for friends, family, or the bridesmaids too!). Lilies work well also (see below).


This gorgeous floral backdrop was made from a large white vintage picture frame. It was covered with romantic flowers including roses, ranunculus, and hydrangeas in a soft palette of pink and white. You could easily do a smaller version for one of the display or buffet tables. Stunning…!

Source: Gusto & Grace

This creative bride used old shuttered closet doors to make a beautiful floral backdrop. She purchased bulk button poms and carnations to make her doors stand out.

There are many ways to incorporate your own floral backdrop into your wedding. You can adapt it to suit your theme, color palette, and budget, but whatever you choose, the impact is tremendous!

For more wedding decor ideas using flowers, check out this Blog about DIY wedding pomanders. Happy wedding planning!




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Catherine Zeta Jones & Michael Douglas wedding cake

Many brides are looking for ways to trim a few costs off the wedding budget. If you are a baker, or have a talented family member who is willing to help out, baking your own wedding cake is a good way to save some money while still creating a beautiful wedding. There are many amazing cake recipes and instructions that can help you create a delicious and memorable dessert. Alternatively, you can source a cake at a large franchise store and save some costs that way.

Sunny Smiles Cake Topper

The cake decoration and it’s final look is what will have the most impact. Once the cake is frosted, you can set it up in creative and lovely ways on a table or pedestal to create a personal and very memorable presentation.

Upper Secret Cake Topper

One of the best ways to add decorative beauty to your cake is with flowers! Adding fresh, blooming wedding flowers to your cake will create instant flair and will tie the cake into your wedding theme with little expense or effort.

Pink Champagne Cake Topper

Bunches Direct offers several beautiful and affordable floral cake toppers that are ready to go. You supply the cake, and these special wedding flowers will provide the professional added touch that will give your cake that “wow” factor you are hoping for.

You can also order Bunches Direct bulk flowers of your choice and cover your cake with even more beauty! Fresh roses, lisianthus, lilies, carnations, baby’s breath—there are so many excellent choices.

Polar Star Cake Topper

In this blog we’ve shown you a few of the gorgeous cake toppers available through Bunches Direct—and visit the site to see the full range of cake toppers in many colors and styles. If you don’t see quite what need, remember that our professional floral consultants are happy to create a custom design just for you! Happy wedding planning :)


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Every year, the Pantone Color Institute picks a color that they predict will be the biggest of the year. This means that based on current trends and indicators they feel that this color will have a big impact on fashion, beauty, housewares, home design and consumer packaging. The 2014 pick was Radiant Orchid, a rich jewel toned fuschia, and in 2013 the pick was Brilliant Emerald.

The pick for 2015? An earthy, brownish-red hue called Marsala after the wine that inspired it. This color is described by Pantone as being “a naturally robust and earthy wine-red,” whose “impactful, full-bodied qualities make for an elegant, grounded statement color when used on its own or as a strong accent to many other colors.”

Marsala shown in book, sofa, toss cushion and clothing

What do color experts think of Marsala? “It’s nice, but it surprises me,” says color consultant Jean Molesworth Kee, owner of the Painted Room in Alexandria, VA.. “We have been veering from red or burgundy wall colour now for years. This has a dusky, earthy quality.” Kee says she could see Marsala used in “an ethnic bohemian place.” She added, “It’s muted and it reminds me of Morocco or of faded old Oriental rugs. It would go nicely with warm, sandy colours and browns.”

Celebrities like Beyonce and Taylor Swift are already embracing Marsala in fashion.

If you want to stay on trend with your 2015 wedding, consider using Marsala! It would make an excellent color for bridesmaid dresses. It would pair well with the guys in beige, warm gray, brown or black suits, and could be used in their ties. (For a tie example using Marsala, check out this one from Michael Kors.)

It could also be used in event linens such as napkins or tablecloths, or perhaps in backdrops or accessories at the venue. Marsala can also be incorporated into wedding flower color schemes as well, either by selecting flowers of a similar tone or a coordinating color mix.

As a general guide, Marsala goes well with neutrals such as warmer taupes and grays, umber, creamy beige, blue-grays, dark browns, or blacks. It would also look great with brighter hues like turquoise, bright yellow, or certain shades of pinks. Overall it’s a stable and versatile shade and will be flattering to many people.

Here are some suggested wedding flower color palettes, with bouquet picks from Bunches Direct that would look great with Marsala. Happy Wedding Planning!

1. Marsala with cream or ivory wedding flowers

Classic Cream Rose Bridal Bouquet

Hold me Close Bridal Bouquet

2. Marsala with blue wedding flowers

Heavenly Mist Bridal Bouquet

Blue Sky Bridal Bouquet

3. Marsala with wedding flowers in shades of pink / peach

Pretty Woman Bridal Bouquet

Sporadic Glory Bridal Bouquet

Never Say No Bridal Bouquet

4. Marsala with yellow wedding flowers

Sunrise Bridal Bouquet


Sunny Berry Bridal Bouquet

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Life can throw you a lot of ups and downs, and Lauren Scruggs is living proof. In December 2011, the model and fashion blogger known as Lolo took an airplane ride over Texas to look at Christmas lights with her family. Shortly after landing, Lauren survived a tragic accident in which she lost her left eye and part of her left arm to the airplane’s moving propeller.

Lauren endured emergency surgery and ICU and faced several delicate operations to repair damage that also included a broken collarbone and injured shoulder. She then faced months of recovery and the challenges of coping with the accident, a process which was not an easy one. She now wears a prosthetic eye and hand.

“I thought I was ugly and that no guy would ever love me and I just thought that my life was ruined,” she says, adding that she has slowly come to terms with the incident. “I think I’m seeing that this life is way bigger than me and that I think a lot of things that I held important earlier even in my career were quite shallow,” Lauren continues.She later wrote a book that detailed her experiences. (Click to watch the video in which Lauren gives an inspirational recounting of her ordeal.)

Fast forward three years, to December 2014. Lauren, healthy and happy, walked down the aisle on Friday, December 12, to marry Jason Kennedy, the co-host of E! News. Clearly, she found a guy who is smart enough to see that her beauty includes her past trials and triumphs. When asked about Lauren, Jason stated “God has blessed me with somebody I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Lauren changed everything for me and I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with her.” Clearly, a man in love. Jason proposed to Lauren in front of family and friends, and used electronic candles to spell out the big question on the grass under her apartment balcony.


The lavish wedding took place at the Four Seasons Resort Dallas in Los Colinas, Texas. The couple shared their joy with friends and family and Jason had a whopping 11 attendants in the ceremony. Guests included Kathie Lee Gifford and quarterback Tony Romo.

Lauren, 26, looked glowing in a strapless Romona Keveza gown.  Jason, 33, rocked a dark grey Tom Ford tux.

The bridesmaids long dresses of a soft taupe color. The wedding flowers were chiefly in hues of white and pink.

For the reception, Lauren changed into a dress by Dallas designer Nardos Imam (check out the amazing back of this dress! Love it).

Their lushly tiered wedding cake featured pink and white flowers. If you love this look, check out the many amazing cake toppers that are offered by Bunches Direct.

Post wedding, the happy couple jetted off on a honeymoon at the Rosewood Mayakoba hotel in Mexico, where Jason posted a relaxed photo on Twitter.

It’s so nice to see that after enduring a nightmare, Lauren found her dream of love and happiness. We can enjoy more of Lauren’s beautiful wedding very soon: E! airs the full wedding special on December 22, 8 p..m. EST. Can’t wait to watch :)

If you love Lauren’s look, here are some Bunches Direct picks for bridal bouquets. And we hope you enjoy your own “dream come true,” just as Lauren has.


Anything For Your Bridal Bouquet


Pink Triumph Bridal Bouquet


Pastel Sparkle Bridal Bouquet


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Solange Knowles, otherwise known as Beyoncé’s little sister and former Destiny’s Child singer, married video director Alan Ferguson in New Orleans last Sunday October 16. The theme was definitely “hipster-chic in white” as all guests, including sister Beyoncé, niece Blue Ivy, brother-in-law Jay Z and mother Tina were encouraged to dress in white.

After weekend events such as a group movie night and rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony took place in Holy Trinity Church (also called Marigny Opera House) with approximately 100 guests in attendance. Solange admits she is the one who pursued her man, saying “In the beginning, I was the one who approached him, so I have always sort of historically been one of those girls that goes after something that I’m into,” she said. “I’m not very old school and like, I’m not gonna wait on you. Wait for you to approach me type of situation.” Nice work, Solange!

Solange, 28, and Alan, 51, arrived at the ceremony not by limo or carriage, but by bicycle. Solange wore an awesome looking white caped jumpsuit. Let’s face it: this is not a look that everyone could pull off. You really have to know who you are to wear a caped jumpsuit. It is a practical choice too, however, seeing as bike riding was involved. Solange rocked it and Alan looked crisp and stylish in a white suit by Lanvin. Her bicycle (also white) was decorated with cream roses and baby’s breath for that added “wedding” touch. Alan got a flat tire en route and had to push his bike part of the way, but that didn’t detract from the fun they had.

Once at the venue Solange changed into a long caped gown by Humberto Leon for Kenzo, bracelets by Jill for Lady Grey, and Stuart Weitzman shoes. She walked down the aisle to the instrumental symphonic version of Donny Hathaway’s “I Love the Lord, He Heard My Cry.”


After the ceremony the sole glitch in the well coordinated events took place, when Solange broke out in hives of some kind (nerves and emotion, or food allergy?). Her sister was quick to help, and luckily for Solange the hives quickly faded. (Hives are not the accessory of choice for most wedding photos.)

Solange later praised Benadryl on her Instagram account, saying “”Shout out to Benadryl yo, lol,” Knowles wrote. “NOTHING was gonna stop me from having my mother and son dance with Julez.”






The dinner reception also took place at Marigny House, with a series of long tables set up for a four course meal on white linens with gold cutlery. Guests enjoyed a traditional Southern menu.

During the reception Solange performed an adorable choreographed dance with her son Julez to the song “No Flex Zone.” If you haven’t seen the video, watch it here and prepare to go “awwww, I want to do that too. Why didn’t I marry a video director?”

Post supper, the guests boarded three party buses for a trip to Esplanade Street, where they exited and danced along multiple blocks to a live band. Frankly, it looks like an awesome time and the sparklers were a festive and fun touch. The party then continued in a second reception at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

The wedding photos are amazing. Photographer Rog Walker did an awesome job of staging the participants into striking and artistic tableaus with a definite theatrical flair. The all-female family photo is particularly striking, and reminiscent of the work of Italian contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft.

Looks like a wonderful wedding in New Orleans! Solange and Alan have a distinct sense of style and flair and an evident desire to do things their own way. And hey, even celebrities get flat tires and hives but with the right attitude (and a bit of allergy medication) the party continues. Best wishes to the Fergusons!

Love the white and cream color palette? You can order bulk roses and baby’s breath from Bunches Direct, and use the Classic White Rose or Pretty in White Bridal Bouquet for your own stylish white wedding flowers.

Classic White Rose Bridal Bouquet

Pretty In White Bridal Bouquet