Planning and Designing Decorations for Your Wedding

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Planning and decorating your special day doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve put together a few tips as a guide to get you started organizing the décor for your special day.

Wedding entrance and aisle

Your entrance can be marked by a simple gate, beautiful ribbons, or even flowers in big vases. A decorated aisle can you make your wedding march even grander. Scattered flower petals, a red runner, greenery, and lanterns are simple ways to spruce up the aisle, while still keeping the focus on the bride.

Breaking Dawn Wedding Flowers

Summit Entertainment – Breaking Dawn 2011

Wedding signs

Big and small weddings need direction, and handmade signs can be a unique and creative way to personalize your wedding. Custom make ceremony or reception signs from chalkboards or wooden posts and include quotes, photographs, and other sentiments to add a wow factor to the festivities.


Banners are an effective way to set the tone during a reception. They can announce your new name, provide direction or tie into your colour scheme.

Flower decoration

Wedding flowers typically go along with the planned colour scheme. The classic bride’s bouquet is the most common floral accessory, but flower filled centerpieces a floral backdrop, floral fountain, topiary, staircase display or floral chandeliers are just a few of the ways flowers can enhance your decor.


Stage and lighting

When planning your stage and lighting, it is important to consider what will look best at your venue such as the banqueting halls in London. Indoor and outdoor weddings have different lighting requirements, but both can set the tone of the atmosphere to ensure your guests are relaxed and having a great time.

The stage is the centerpiece of your wedding and is a reflection of the couple. Whether it is set in a rustic theme, all floral or edgy and geometric all eyes will be on the happy couple.

Wedding centerpiece

Centerpieces are placed in the middle of the reception tables and decorate your venue’s space with the colours of your wedding palette. While floral centerpieces are the most common think beyond flowers and consider candle bunches, greenery and fruits and vegetables.

apples flowers hydrangea blue green centerpiece

Wedding seating arrangements

For couples who choose to have a seating chart, there are some etiquette rules as well as considering the shape of your tables and your floor plan. Assigned seats can help to keep your head count correct and the servers happy!


Unique cake toppers

Wedding cake toppers are a personal and unique feature placed on top of the cake. Traditional toppers are bride and groom figurines, but first names, a meaningful quote, paper dolls, silhouettes, puzzle pieces, and love birds are all great options.

wed cake flowers 5

Props for photos (vintage theme, wedding arch)

Take your wedding photos up a notch by adding a vintage theme, wedding arch or another prop for a fun and sentimental memento of your day. Decorate wooden swings, a statement chair, a backdrop or add personalized messages on mini chalkboards, and let your personalities shine through.


There are many stylish and creative ways to incorporate your personalities into your wedding and reception decorations, but still, keep the spotlight on the newly married couple.


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