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BunchesDirect is currently running a contest for the best engagement story we can find. The winner will receive a $1000 Shopping Spree for Wedding Flowers from BunchesDirect!

We’ll be unveiling the entries over the next little while as we receive them. Here’s mELanie’s entry, which involves not one, but two proposals, with an assist from the engagement  photographer.


To be honest I knew it was coming!! I overheard Payton ( my fiancé) telling my brother that he was going to marry me some day. He was not very good at hiding it either… he started asking what style of ring I liked and leaving open web pages from jewelry stores. From the very beginning Payton and I knew we were starting something special. He tried to take me to dinner, but I refused to go.. I was too exhausted from a busy week at work. So he got down on his knee right then and there. I know I know.. not so romantic, but it was really sweet.. Well after announcing our engagement poor Payton got sooooo much crap for not asking me in a “romantic” way. I loved the way he asked me, but I could tell he was having regrets on not asking me in a better way.

So after getting a new diamond and my ring needing to be sized.. Payton talked to the jeweler and had him trick me into thinking that my ring was not going to be ready for at least another week. I was pretty upset because we had our engagement photos set up for that weekend. So we decided to take our engagement photos without my ring. Half way through the session Payton surprised me with my new ring and he got down on one knee. He apologized for not giving me the romantic proposal story I deserved and re asked me to marry him. It was a very untraditional way to ask, but I love our story and best of all the photographer caught the moment.

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