Jessica Simpson: 5 Vows for a Happy Marriage

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Well, for all you brides and brides-to-be out there, we have some new advice for you, courtesy of Jessica Simpson! Jessica just wrote an article for Glamour magazine, in which she reflects on her July wedding and her relationship with her husband, Eric.

Jessica lists 5 main “vows” she had decided to make with herself, which she feels will help her to feel her best and therefore be successful as a wife, mother, and person. I think all of us can take something from her list, especially in the midst of wedding planning stress or when facing the challenges that inevitably occur once you get hitched.

Here is Jessica’s list:

1. Remember Who You Are
“When I was younger and starting out in the music business,” Jessica reflects, “I always felt like I was being defined by other people … industry executives, fans, the media, and so on. It took a while, but now that I’m in my 30s, I’ve grown into myself and established my identity on my terms. I embrace my strengths and celebrate even the small victories. I’m certainly not perfect, but when I look in the mirror, I’m proud of the woman I see. I’m not only a mother, wife, and daughter. I’m me.”

2. Let Him Love All of You
“Let him love all of you,” is another thing she advises. “Eric has seen me at every size, and he loves me no matter what. When I got pregnant with Ace four months after having Maxwell, I was nervous about starting over again. I had come so far in learning how to balance my career, family life, and hormones, and starting over again felt overwhelming. Eric was so supportive and challenged me to accept my insecurities and focus on what truly matters. I feel stronger than ever, and Eric’s unconditional love has been a reminder of the love I should give myself.”

3. Invest in ‘Me’ Time
“We all have busy lives, but once the big day is over, it’s important to have something that you really love to do for yourself. That’s what building my business has been about for me. Whether it’s your career or a passion, find something that makes YOU happy. I sometimes second-guess spending time working … I want to be with my kids as much as possible! Then I remember how satisfying work is, and because I am fulfilled, I can offer the best version of myself to my family.”


4. Small Indulgences Make a Big Difference
“There were so many fun and special occasions leading up to the wedding that I wanted to enjoy with family and friends. I didn’t want to deprive myself or give up the foods (and cocktails!) I love in order to feel beautiful. Because of what I learned from Weight Watchers, I didn’t have to. I gave myself plenty of time to get my body where I wanted it to be, and I learned to make balanced choices in the process. The moment I put on my gown, I was proud that I had let myself celebrate along the way.”

5. Honor Your Support System
“I’m lucky to have a great group of friends, some of whom I’ve known since we were kids,” Jessica adds.”They are all unique, and their individuality inspires me daily to reach inside and learn more about my authentic self. The older I get, the more I value these friendships. My family has been by my side through the highest highs and the lowest lows. The loving support of friends and family has been the magic behind how amazing I felt on my wedding day. I believe that because I’ve nurtured and cherished these relationships, my marriage and the relationship I have with myself are strengthened daily.”

Some pretty decent advice! If only we could remember it each day, or when faced with the latest “personal crisis.” What do you think?

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Silk Orchid Wedding BouquetSilk Wedding Flowers can provide a great alternative to Fresh Wedding Flowers. While some brides or event planners may choose to include silk flowers during the spring and summer season, Silk Flowers definitely have their advantages during winter.
Temperature is a huge factor in shipping flowers as flowers, which usually come from tropical regions, are more acclimated to consistently warm and humid temperatures. When shipping flowers to cold regions, harsh cold climates can freeze and wilt the flowers because of these extreme external conditions.
Aside from temperature alone; silk flowers are perfect for destination weddings. Brides who are thinking about having a destination wedding in Hawaii or any of the Caribbean islands will find that having flowers for your wedding can be very expensive. Since fresh flowers cannot be brought through airport customs many brides find that they are trapped to pay high premiums on flowers for their destination wedding. Unlike fresh flower Silk Flowers are not a hassle to bring across airport customs and are easy to pack and bring on an airplane. By ordering silk flowers for your wedding, there is also the advantage that you will be able to order your flowers in advance to see your silk wedding bouquets in real life, and to use them as inspiration for your wedding design.Silk Rose Wedding Bouquet
For other brides, having a silk wedding bouquet means a lot more than having the silk bouquet while you are walking down the aisle. Many brides choose to have a silk wedding bouquet because the flowers will last a life-time, and are a beautiful souvenir of your wedding day. Today, there is a wide selection of silk wedding flowers that can match any color and make any bride happy.
BunchesDirect recently expanded its line of flowers to include beautiful and affordable silk flowers to meet any bride’s taste. BunchesDirect now offers silk wedding bouquets, silk boutonnieres, silk corsages and even silk rose petals. Click here for more details.



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Tips and Tricks from an Insider

One of the first things that most brides and groom need to discuss before starting their wedding plans is a realistic budget.  According to the average wedding spends 10% of its total budget on ambiance. That includes lighting, decorations and flowers (including bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and centerpieces).  The average wedding spend is approximately $20,000.00.  This means that the average wedding would spend close to $2,000 on all these elements.  For a more cost-conscious bride with a modest budget of $5,000 it may seem almost impossible to include lighting, decorations and flowers for just $500. You should not despair.

There are many budget-friendly alternatives for brides look to maintain a beautiful and elegant wedding without the big bucks.  It will however involve a bit of sweat.  Online Floral distributors such as BunchesDirect offer an easy way to include simple and elegant flowers in your wedding that help you come UNDER budget.   I did a trial run on the BunchesDirect site to see how much it would cost me to buy all the flowers that I would need for my wedding.  Here is a list of all the floral arrangements that I wanted to include.
You can either make your own bouquets and centerpieces which will allow you to save a lot of money, or you can still save BIG but have the convenience of receiving the bouquets and centerpieces pre-arranged and tied.   Both options still allow the bride to come within her $500.00 budget.

1 Bridal Bouquet (18roses)3 Bridesmaids Bouquets (12 roses each = 36
roses)1 Toss Bouquet (7 roses)6 Boutonnieres (1 rose each = 6 roses)

4 Corsages (2 roses each =8 roses)

TOTAL ROSES = 75 Cream RosesCOST PER STEM = $1.39 = $104.25
1 Rose Petal Bag TOTAL ROSE PETALS = 1 Bag = $10.99
12 Centerpieces3 Hydrangeas per Centerpiece (plus some
TOTAL HYDRANGEA = 50 Blue HydrangeasCOST PER STEM = $3.49 = $174.50
Greenery: Centerpieces and Bouquets5 Bunches of Salal Lemon Leaf = 50 branches
(10 branches per bunch *5)
TOTAL SALAL = 5 BunchesCOST PER BUNCH = $8.99 = $44.95
TOTAL COST (before
$334.69 + 10% DISCOUNT
= $301.22

You can either make your own bouquets  and centerpieces which will allow you to save a lot of money, or you can still  save BIG but have the convenience of receiving the bouquets and centerpieces  pre-arranged and tied.   Both options  still allow the bride to come within her $500.00 budget.

1 Value Package=1 Bridal Bouquet2 Bridesmaids Bouquets1 Toss/flowergirl Bouquet

3 Boutonnieres

2 Corsages

1 Rose Petal Bag

10 Piece Rose Wedding Flower PackageValue of $240.00 Save $41.00 = $199.00
1 extra bridesmaids bouquet3 extra boutonnieres2 extra corsages $44.953($4.99) = $14.972($8.95) = $17.9 = $77.82
12 Centerpieces  =12 Natural Beauty Wedding Centerpiece 12($15.95)=$191.40 = $191.40
TOTAL COST (before
$468.22+ 10% DISCOUNT = $421.40

For brides buying flowers from BunchesDirect for the first time, you can apply for a 10% to your purchase.  Meanwhile event planners and wedding planners can register on the BunchesDirect website as event and wedding planners for continuous 10% discounts to apply to all purchase, so that each one of your clients are able to save an 10% on the flowers that you help them pick out for their special day.

*Taxes apply to purchasers from Canada buying from  There are not applicable taxes in the USA for purchasers buying from  

For your reference we have included a list of industry standard spending percentage averages.  Feel free to use this for your own wedding planning, no matter what your budget it.





Catering and venue


$   10,000.00

$   2,500.00

Ambiance (Flowers, Decorations,


$     2,000.00

$     500.00



$     2,000.00

$     500.00



$     2,000.00

$     500.00



$        600.00

$     150.00



$        600.00

$     150.00

Inivitation/Save the Date


$        600.00

$     150.00



$        200.00

$        50.00



$      2,000.00

$     500.00


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You want your wedding day to be perfect. You want everything to run smoothly, for people to have a good time, and to be able to celebrate with family and friends. You don’t want to hear that flowers could have potentially ruined your day, do you? If you listen to these three helpful suggestions you won’t have to worry about flowers having the potential to ruin your picture perfect day.

Suggestion #1: Avoid Fragrant Flowers. Even though some flowers have such a strong, sweet scent, we recommend avoiding using them, or at the very least, using them sparingly. You may love the scent, but your guests may not. Some flowers have such an overbearing scent that it can give guests a headache, and some even have the potential to change the taste of your meal and cake if they are placed nearby.

Suggestion #2: Avoid Flowers That Die Quickly. This seems fairly obvious, doesn’t it? If you are having an outdoor, summer wedding, avoid these types of flowers especially, since the hot sun blazing down on them will result in them dehydrating quickly.

Suggestion #3: Avoid Flowers That Will Stain. Pollen is a particular culprit – and a pollen stain is very difficult to remove from a white wedding gown. Also, if you are using flowers that are artificially coloured, sometimes dyes may rub off onto your dress. If you must use dyed flowers just remember to avoid having them rest against your dress when walking up the aisle, standing at the alter, or posing for photographs.

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It seems a lot of our wedding traditions and customs stem from the attempt to eliminate any evil and bad luck that could arise within ones marriage. No one wants misfortune to lurk into their marriage, so perhaps by following some of these traditions you can avoid these evil spirits. Dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, there are several unique wedding traditions and customs for brides and grooms to choose from; select the ones that make sense to you and abolish any that seem a bit far-fetched.

Ivy is the symbol for everlasting love. Ancient Greek brides used to carry ivy at their wedding to display their never-ending love for their soon-to-be husbands. Meanwhile, Ancient Roman brides used to carry bunches of herbs to the altar, instead of wedding Red Roseflowers, to symbolize fidelity and fertility.

In the Victorian ages the bride would toss her bridal bouquet to a friend as she left her wedding. This tradition soon became popularized as “the single women who would next get married” if she caught the bridal bouquet. However, in the Victorian ages, the bride was simply sending her friend safety from evil spirits and to offer her luck. Modern society has taken this historical tradition and altered the meaning to fit into our cultural norms. The Victorians were also the ones who popularized the rose. They were fascinated with the meanings of different flowers and recognized the rose as a wedding flower represented true love. Both of these Victorian traditions are still popular in our North American ceremonies today.

Traditionally, in Greek Orthodox weddings, the bride and groom wore crowns of floral orange blossoms. They believed that the blossoms symbolized virginity and purity since they were delicate and white plus they emitted a sweet, delicate scent. Bride’s dresses were even designed, with delicate embroidered flowers to match the fragile crowns that were worn.

In Tudor EnglaMarigoldnd, brides carried marigolds that were dipped in rosewater as their wedding bouquet. After the ceremony they would eat the flowers because they believed that they were aphrodisiacs.

More recent traditions include Thailand, where the mothers of the bride and groom drape puang malai, flower garlands, around the shoulders of the bride and groom in order to bring them good fortune for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, in India, the groom’s brother sprinkles flower petals over the couple to protect them from evil spirits at the end of the ceremony as they begin their lives together as husband and wife. Also in India, the bride and the groom both wear floral headpieces throughout the ceremony.

In the Middle East, Artemisia, a bitter herb, is included in the bride’s bouquet to ensure that the marriage is able to withstand bitterness as well as sweetness.

Flowers on Wedding Getaway CarMoving into Europe, particularly in Sweden and Holland, grooms sew small pockets of pungent herbs, like garlic, chives, and rosemary into their clothes to bring their marriage good luck. While in Italy, the front grill of the getaway car is decorated with flowers, to pave the road to a happy marriage for the bride and groom after they leave the ceremony.

Although some of these traditions may seem a bit whacky to you, they all really emphasize the love and affection between two people who are getting married. As a result, consult your partner and see if there are any traditions you may want to include in your wedding to make your special day extra special.


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this year has been filled with beautiful weddings, including Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Martin’s Wedding (BunchesDirect Customers).

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Martin wedding was filled with beautiful elements, including a Model T. One of our favourite elements is that they stuck with a theme throughout the entire wedding. The red and white wedding flowers, pin-striped suits, the brides dress, hair, and make up; and even though it rained on their wedding day, the umbrellas added a whimsical touch to the ceremony.

The bride and groom also chose to use two distinct rose colors through-out their wedding. While the bride held a beautiful red rose bouquet with woven bear grass throughout with a base of Aspidistra (called the Rose Wrap Wedding Bouquet), the groom wore a luxurious red rose boutonniere. The rest of the wedding party was paired with beautiful white roses. The men wore a classic white rose boutonniere while the ladies held classic white rose bridesmaid bouquets.

We were extremely happy that the bride and groom truly loved their flowers and had a wonderful wedding day.

“Like most brides I have had a vision in my head from the time I was a little girl of what my wedding would be like. I have to admit this was not what I imagined… It was so much better!!! My fears came true when it rained on my big day. However, by the time I got there it didn’t matter! I honestly thought I was at the wrong wedding! LOL I thought “oh man I must be at some really important persons wedding!” but low and behold it was all ours!!!”

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Martin for choosing BunchesDirect to be part of your wedding!

If you would like to share your BunchesDirect Wedding Story, please email us at [email protected]