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WE’LL BE UNVEILING THE ENTRIES OVER THE NEXT LITTLE WHILE AS WE RECEIVE THEM. HERE’S Janie t’s ENTRY, OF a love story that involves 3 different cities in manitoba, tropical bali in indonesia, and money from 65 countries.

After having been with someone for 3 years, the relationship ended. I was devastated and down in the dumps. My friends tried EVERYTHING to perk me up, but nothing seemed to help. After a few months had gone by, some friends asked if I would be interested in going to Dauphin’s Countryfest for the July long weekend in 2012. My immediate answer was no; I was definitely not in the mood to party after the break-up.
My friends are extremely caring, loving and supportive…and also very sneaky. I received a text message one night from a friend saying “Too bad, you’re coming to Countryfest! Your ticket has been bought; you have a place to sleep and ride there! No excuses!”. I realized they simply would not take no for an answer, so I gave in. I texted my boss at 11pm asking for a few days off and Thursday morning at 6am, we were en route to Dauphin. I thought just MAYBE this is what I needed to get my mind off of everything.
Little did I know, saying “yes” to my friends was the best decision I’d ever made…because it lead me to meeting the love of my life, Kevin. I never thought I would meet my future husband at Countryfest, but I did. It was love at first shot – jello shot that is! From that day on, we were inseparable. I lived in Winnipeg, he lived in Portage la Prairie…so we traveled 1h15 each way, every day to see each other and spend time together. It wasn’t easy waking up at 5:30am all those mornings to make it to work on time. After a short period of time (and a lot of money spent on gas!), Kevin moved in with me.
One of the many things we had in common was our love for travelling so we decided to plan a few trips! My cousins invited us to join them in Mexico in January 2013 – so we did! Just as soon as we got home and unpacked, we were all packed up and ready to go travelling again – this time to Bali, Indonesia! We arrived on Valentine’s Day and we were so excited to see what Bali had to offer! Our first week there was filled with day trips to see breathtaking rice fields, amazing monkey forests, and a beautiful black sand beach. Everything was going great and we were having a wonderful time soaking up the hot sun, trying new foods, experiencing the culture and of course…shopping! We thought “what a perfect week, let’s experience even more of Bali the 2nd week!”.Unfortunately, my stomach had other plans for us…I ended up becoming extremely sick – I was bed ridden for the whole 2nd week of our trip. I went (or should I say Kevin carried me) to the Medical Clinic twice, I was on 5 different kinds of pills/antibiotics, received 2 “who knows what it is but it’ll make you feel better, I promise” injections, and sucked on slices of watermelon for nearly 6 whole days. I just wanted to go back home to Winnipeg. So after 2 weeks, we said buh-bye to Bali and helloooooo Winnipeg! As much as we enjoyed our time in Bali, we were so happy to be back in Canada.
We had talked about engagement early in our relationship, but I had no idea what was about to hit me…just over a month after coming back from Bali, Kevin asked me if I would continue to travel with him. I said “Of course! I love travelling and want to see the world!”. He simply smiled and said “ok, good”. I thought it was odd, but left it at that.I was coming home from work that Wednesday , April 3rd, 2013. I pulled into the drive, opened the door only to have dogs run at me and greet me with jumps and kisses. Put my purse and keys away and walked into the living room like I always do.
Something was different…the blinds were all shut which was odd since I always opened them up before leaving for work in the morning. I headed towards the window and opened the blinds, and when I turned around I noticed Kevin standing there with a HUGE banner taped to the wall. I couldn’t believe my eyes – I was so overwhelmed with emotions I didn’t even know what was happening! I remember him starting his “speech” and the lines that stood out the most to me were: “Not long ago, you said you would travel the world with me. I can’t imagine travelling the world and seeing it all with anyone other than you, for the rest of my days. Janie, will you marry me?”. I burst into tears hysterically and said “yes!! YES YES YES!!!”. I was jumping for joy and was so excited to start announcing our engagement!
When I took a closer look at the banner and asked him what it was, he explained:

“I’ve had this ring for a while. My plan was to propose to you on the Elephant Safari Ride in Bali, but you got so sick that 2nd week I never really got a chance to. Since I wanted to do something unique and special for you, I tried so hard to come up with something that would top proposing to you on an elephant – and I came up with this.”The 20-foot banner which said “Will you marry me?” contained dollar bills (and 1 canadian toonie!) from SIXTY-FIVE different countries around the world! He had taped each bill to create those 4 magical words and vowed to travel to each of those places with me! It was the most unexpected, wonderfully amazing, exciting and unique surprise proposal a girl could ever ask for! J Special thanks to RBC for helping Kevin get all these bills!


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Newly engaged couples might find themselves a little overwhelmed when jumping head-first into wedding planning. most likely, neither you or your partner has planned a wedding before and neither of you know where to start.

Here at BunchesDirect our top 3 Wedding Flower orders are:

Popular Bouquet Choices

1 Roses, 2 Gerberas, 3 Hydrangeas

There are a few good reasons for these choices. These are all typically hearty flowers that will withstand a day’s worth of travelling around in a bouquet, as well as being bold and romantic choices.

Velvety white and red roses top our list, and for good reason. Roses are known for being a flower of romance, having a mild and pleasant smell, and being fairly durable. Roses come in a variety of colours and their stems are very hearty. A favourite to give and receive, roses have been associated with romance and love for a long time.

Gerberas come in second due to recent popularity, availability in a number of bold and bright colours, as well as large blooms that really make a statement in mixed bouquets or on their own. Hydrangeas are third on the list for their pleasant scent, large blooms, romantic shape and associations with spring and warm seasons. Hydrangeas are wonderful blooms to use as centerpieces and look great in stem vases or as floating centerpieces.

While these are the most popular options, they are not the only ones! There are many other options including Tulips, Orchids, Carnations, Lilies, and much more. Think about some of your favourite flowers and how you may want to incorporate them into your wedding day. You might be surprised by how easy the decision end up being!

For the newly engaged couples, we hope these tips have helped you narrow down your choices!

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The Budget BrideWe’ve talked about a number of issues on our Budget bride series, and today we’ll be tackling the issue of your wedding venue. you may be getting married in your family church and feel as though the only option for the reception is the local community ballroom filled with glitz and galmour.

This is simply not the case. You may be married outside in a public park, at a campsite, in your home or at the home of a loved one, or rent out a small space such as a restaurant or community centre for a fraction of the cost of the traditional banquet hall.  The thing to keep in mind when looking for a space is of course seating and standing capacity. You should have a good idea of how many guests you want to include and ensure that any possible space you choose is large enough to fit them.

If you choose to rent a local favourite restaurant, you may find the cost of food will be much less than the catering quotes you recieved for that fancy banquet hall. You will also relaize that you will not be paying for items such as chair rental, plates, and glasses.

If you choose to have your event outdoors in a public park or campground, the location will be a blank slate in which you are free to create whatever you desire. You can rent tables or bring your own. Your guests may be up for a picinic-style celebration with various blankets and games instead of a more formal affair.

Only you will know what option is best for you and your guests. Many brides are choosing to host their intimate celebrations in their homes or at the homes of loved ones. This allows everyone to feel comfortable, save on cost of renting a space altogether in most cases, and make memories in the home of a loved one.

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Many Brides are moving away from the idea of the traditional Bouquet toss. Not all of your single guests want to be in the spotlight or take part in this tradition.

Traditional Bouquet TossThe tradition of the bouquet toss goes back many years to a time when ladies thought themselves very ‘lucky’ to be getting married. So that some of this luck could rub off on their friends, they would toss their bouquet and according to tradition the ‘catcher’ would be the next to marry. Most see this now as nothing more than fun and do not take the good luck too seriously.

Some brides are hoping for a more understated feel to their wedding without theatrics. A good idea for these brides is to choose a couple attending their wedding that has a milestone anniversary coming up and pass on the bouquet to them to celebrate their luck in marriage. Another similar idea would be to distribute the stems from your bouquet to various couples or pass it off to either set of parents to thank them for their efforts.

Many brides keep their bouquet and dry the flowers to enjoy beyond their wedding day.

There are many options for modern brides, what will you be doing on your wedding day?

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The Budget BrideIn our budget bride series we’re discussing ideas to save money on your wedding day. you may be a simple bride with a low-drama idea of what she wants her wedding day to look like. You may have even visited a few bridal boutiques and felt like what you were looking at was a little too over the top for your simple tastes.

You may decide to work from a pre-existing pattern to create your own dress. Wearing a one of a kind item that has been created to fit you perfectly and sit exactly how you want could not be more practical. If you’re not skilled with a sewing machine, you could approach the idea of making your dress with a friend or family member who is more skilled in this area.

You could also approach a local seamstress with your pattern or images of the type of gown you’re looking for for a budget-friendly version of your dream dress.

This approach works best when you are not a person who gets hung up on minute details- the dress may differ slightly than what you had pictured initially – and may be changed according to the sewing skill of your seamstress (or yourself)!

You also have to keep in mind realistic goals. Just as doing your own flowers for your wedding differs greatly between a small backyard celebration to a packed banquet hall, a simple sheath dress is a very different undertaking than a full ballgown with numerous crinolines. Understand your strengths and play to them.

Overall, making your own wedding dress is an excellent way to save money on your wedding day.

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When the most recent Twilight movie came out, all everyone could talk about was the wedding scene between Bella and Edward. It was a sight to behold and one of the most elaborate floral installations we’ve seen in a while.

Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene

The arch alone would blow any bride’s entire floral budget. If you’re wondering how to use some Breaking Dawn for your ceremony decor inspiration without breaking the bank, here are a few ways to go about it:

Choose one main colour. The decor chosen was white, green and cream, and this allowed the decorators to use multiple types of flowers to create texture and depth. Most of your florals can be something hearty and inexpensive such as Carnations or Hydrangea. Use greens to build depth and structure.

breaking Dawn Wedding Flowers

Another option is to mix fresh and synthetics. If you want a luxe look without the luxe price, mixing fresh and synthetic flowers in the same colour can give the appearance of large arrangements at half of the price.

A lesson that can be learned in this style of decor is to use an outdoor setting as some of the flowers and plants can be used to create a woodland look for free. Additions of your own can further emphasize this theme, but choosing a season when your outdoor flowers will be in bloom will help cut down your decor budget greatly.


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The Budget BrideThe Budget Bride – tips and tricks to keeping the cost of your big day down without having to compromise on style!

Your honeymoon does not have to be lavish ordeal that puts you and your partner in the poor house. Try a mini-moon or a stay-cation. Most brides are left feeling frazzled and overwhelmed as they rush to clear out the party and make their way to the airport. Instead try to relax somewhere close to home – you’ll really appreciate the time allowed to enjoy yourself and the freedom to pick up and do what you like in your neighbourhood!
This option works best for couples living close to big cities, as there are often lots of tourist attractions to explore. How often have you said “I’ve been meaning to check out that museum” “I’ve always wanted to see that play” or “I’ve always wanted to visit that festival”? Take the time to really play tourist in your town and learn to love the experience. You’ll get to enjoy all the joys of travelling with the bonus of not leaving the comforts of home! Another bonus of not straying far from home is the ability to enjoy your wedding florals and wedding centrepieces after the main event! You will have more of a change to enjoy your wedding flowers in your home.
The mini-moon is a similar idea – take a day-trip or a weekend away together without the large expense associated with an international flight or highly scheduled itinerary. Book a lodge on the water, or a cabin in the woods, or a night in the big city! The options are up to you, your partner and your location.
Your honeymoon is a celebration of your marriage for you and your partner – but that doesn’t mean it has to be on a grand scale. Take a look at what’s around you and explore the options you never felt you had the time or means to do so before. You’ll be surprised at what you can enjoy together when you’re looking at your city with fresh eyes!