Carolina Beach Dream: Charidy & Rob

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All Wedding Photos courtesy of Nick Breedlove Photography

This month takes us to North Carolina, for an insider look at the beautiful beach wedding of Charidy and Rob! The bride is aptly named: Charidy is similar to “charity” and that’s what led to her meeting her future husband. In 2011, Hurricane Irene hit Hatteras Island in North Carolina. Charidy’s mother Linda went to volunteer in the rebuilding efforts and ended up staying. In 2013, Charidy followed her mother to the Island, and met future husband Rob at a Fourth of July picnic. The initial spark of friendship blossomed rapidly into love; their engagement lasted only three months as both agreed “when you know, you know.” How romantic!

The Outer Banks already held special meaning for Charidy. For years the family had vacationed along this beautiful coast, and when Charidy’s father passed away they gave him a burial at sea near the spot where he loved to fish. Rob is a romantic and wanted to honor this memory. For his proposal to Charidy, he chartered the same boat the family had used during her father’s burial and took her to the same spot off the coastline. (For Rob, this was the closest he could get to asking for her father’s permission to marry Charidy.) For further romantic touches he also sent loving texts and flowers to Charidy on their wedding morning (nice work, Rob!)

To announce the engagement, Charidy’s mom selected photos of the happy couple and had them made into confetti. She included the special “photofetti” inside velum envelopes and was able to create their “Save the Dates” for less than $100 total using online services. A cute idea for a smart price!

The couple chose a beach wedding. Rob had always wanted one and loves to surf, and the pair had first met at the beach. His friends and family are from the eastern part of North Carolina, while Charidy’s were coming from the western mountains, so a week-long wedding celebration was arranged. The pair rented a beach house in Corolla, NC and this is where the entire celebration took place.


Talk about a wonderful “something blue”- the ocean! The ocean backdrop inspired Charidy’s choice of a “wave cut” on her invitations, and the choice of blue for her main wedding color. She complemented the blue with touches of yellow.

The wedding invitations were professionally printed and cut, but the card stock, envelopes and paper for inserts, plus the wedding programs were ordered online and personally assembled. Another amazing way to cut a few costs!






Now for the flowers! Charidy had a vision of what she wanted, including white flowers for herself and bouquets of sunflowers with touches of red and purple flowers to create beautiful impact for the bridesmaids bouquets. Beach florists were proving very expensive (a friend has just ordered flowers for a wedding from a local florist and the cost was over $4000). The couple had heard about negative experiences with other online vendors, but Rob’s aunt Debra had found Bunches Direct and its great reviews (thanks, Debra!). Debra is not a florist but had done some flower arrangements and bouquets for family and friends and volunteered to do the same for Charidy and Rob. Amazing job, Debra!

Charidy found a photo of a cascading bouquet on Pinterest. Debra found a video on how to make one, and her mother ordered pearl and crystal picks online for a low price. Debra assembled the bouquet from white roses, white mini calla lilies, white Asiatic lilies and Israeli Ruscus. She was able to create this entire stunning bouquet less than $25! The bouquet was on proud display during Charidy’s romantic carriage ride to the ceremony.

The bridal bouquet included an origami locket with a photo of Charidy’s father in it with two charms, one saying “Dad” and the other engraved “In Memory of” as a tribute to her father. Charidy’s “something old” was a handkerchief made from a baby bonnet she wore home from the hospital, which was in turn made from a family bridal handkerchief.

We love these beautiful dresses! Charidy’s amazing wedding dress included a stitched inscription inside the lining with a personal message that Rob had sent to the dress designer! Love this amazing extra touch! She also wore a blue garter from her parents’ wedding (“something blue”). A friend had the engraved heart from the original garter engraved on its flip side with Charidy and Rob’s names and date. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous strapless navy blue dresses and pretty sandals that were perfectly suited to the beachside venue.

The beautiful and relaxed sunset ceremony took place by the beach at Sound Front, before approximately 150 guests.

Rob looked relaxed and handsome in sand colored trousers and vest, with a white shirt and navy tie. His groomsmen had no vest or tie, and wore sandals to suit the location.


White roses were placed on the altar in memory of Charidy’s father, with white gerberas placed in memory of Rob’s sister.



First kiss as husband and wife, just before the sunset.

The reception took place back at the Beach house, in a wonderful and relaxed celebration enjoyed by all. For the father-daughter dance, Charidy danced with Rob while photos of she and her father played on screens to the song “I Loved Her First.” There were also continued special touches to decorate the venue.

Later in the reception Charidy changed into a knee length white lace dress, to better enjoy the party. The party was so good in fact, that both bride and groom ended up in the pool!

Best wishes to Charidy and Rob! With the love and support of family and friends your beach wedding was absolutely spectacular. We know this is the beginning of many happy years together. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us!

For those of you who want to see more, click to enjoy Rob and Charidy’s complete and sentimental wedding video. All wedding photos courtesy of Nick Breedlove Photography.

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Bulk Roses in Various ColorsFor someone buying bulk flowers for the first time, knowing how to care for your flowers might seem like a daunting task. We’ve compiled a list of instructions for beginners to help you care fo your flowers when they arrive.

General Flower Care Instructions

When the flowers arrive they will need to be taken out of the box, stems cut on an angle, remove all leaves that will go below water line, and allowed to drink for several hours.  They will be thirsty and this should be done as soon as possible.  This small step will allow your flowers get back to a lush, and beautiful state.

Please Note: Keep flowers in a cool, dark location away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat. Exposing flowers to warm environments (outside, a hot room, etc) will help the flowers bloom, and storing your flowers in a cooler environment will slow down the opening process.

Also, it is important to keep flowers away from fruits, vegetables and/or plants which produce ethylene gas which could cause your flowers to wilt prematurely.

Check out our resident floral expert, Bunches Bob unpacking some fresh flowers.

Wedding Flower Care Instructions

Bridal Bouquets/Centerpieces

(1) Remove flowers from box

(2) Remove cellophane wrap

(3) Remove green foam from bottom of stems and rinse thoroughly

(4) Cut stems ¼ inch and place in a container with 1 inch of water


Most centerpieces are to be placed in the container of your choice. Remove from foam, rinse stems, cut 1” from stems, put in at least 3” of room temperature water.

*Some centerpieces are to remain in plastic container it was shipped in, keep foam moist.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

Place in a covered container, or plastic bag and refrigerate.

Please Note For Bulk Flowers and Wedding Flower Arrangements

Exposing flowers to warm environments (outside, hot room, etc) will help the flowers bloom, and storing your flowers in a cooler environment will slow down the opening process.

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For all of you newly engaged and planning brides, there are a lot of things to consider when getting your big day in order. For the style-conscious among us, we want our celebration to be reflective of our personal taste and ideas. Pantone’s announcement early this year crowned Tangerine Tango as the “it” colour for 2012. Close runners up include Cabaret, Sweet lilac, and Driftwood.  The common theme seems to be bright pops of colour against classic neutrals.

Pantone pulls it’s list from New York fashion week and we’ll be sure to be seeing these colours featured on the runway and in stores soon!

How do these colour announcements affect your planning? Many brides are opting for bright in-your-face blooms in their bouquet to have a noticeable pop of colour against their dress. For those of us that love colour but are afraid to do it on a large scale, adding in items like bright florals or accent textiles can be a great way to have some fun with colour.

Another way to incorporate these trend colours without being too “trendy” is to include them as a nail polish or featured on your stationery. Another great idea is to choose the bright color as a bridesmaid dress and offset it with a traditional white bouquet.  Bright fabrics can really make a traditional choice like white come alive.

Tell us in the comments how you’ll be incorporating colour trends into your wedding plans!

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The Budget Bride

The Budget Bride – tips and tricks to keeping the cost of your big day down without having to compromise on style!

FRIENDORS. This term has been used all over in the wedding industry in the past few years.  What is a friendor and why would you want to employ this strategy in your budget ceremony?Is hiring a friend the right thing for you?A friendor is the balance between a friend and a vendor. You make the decision to hire a talented (professional or amateur) friend to complete services at your wedding or event. The benefit of which usually means less cost than hiring a professional – or no cost if they agree to give the service in lieu of a wedding gift! Choose wisely, know your friendors as well as their limits. As much as you love your cousin’s cooking, and as excited as she may be to cater your wedding, be sure she can handle the task of managing a 4 course meal for a party of 200 if that is what you require before you make your final decision.

Preparing a delicious mealHaving a friend as a vendor may allow you to include someone in significant ways for your wedding, especially if you plan on having a small ceremony and would not otherwise be sending them an invite. Of course, your friendor may complain about not being able to enjoy your wedding because they are too busy working. Be sure to be very clear about their roles and expectations – treat the relationship just as you would for any vendor.

However, since you’re deciding to make it personal, confrontations can escalate quicker than normal, and it’s easy to get uncomfortable being completely honest with them since you don’t want to hurt their feelings. The decision is a tough one —what you trade off in price ends up being bartered for trust and commitment. Also, remember that the services your friendor is offering you cannot really be compared to full cost professional options. You cannot expect a low-paid or volunteer team execute the same level of service as a professional. Make sure you both understand the expectations involved and have fun planning and collaborating together!

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Many brides-to-be, wedding enthusiasts and romantics at heart watched the 2011 Royal wedding of William and Kate in awe. The entire event was a spectacle to be remembered for years to come. While it was easy to be swept away by the grandeur of William and Kate’s nuptials, we cannot forget the other royal weddings from 2011. We’ve complied a list of bridal bouquets from the various royal weddings in 2011 as an inspiration guide.

royal wedding Kate's BouquetComprised of a shield-shaped wired bouquet of myrtle, lily-of-the-valley and hyacinth, Kate’s bouquet draws on the traditions of flowers of significance for the Royal Family. Kate was also sure to include a flower called “sweet William” in honour of her groom.

Zara Phillips wedding bouquetZara Phillips’ bouquet included white calla lilies, sea holly also known as alpine thistles and Dusty Miller foliage. She also included thistles, the national emblem of Scotland.

Charlene Wittenstock  wedding bouquetCharlene Wittstock’s (princess of Monaco) bouquet included white freesia, white dendrobium orchids combined with pittosporum foliage. The variation in size of blooms created some excellent texture in her bridal bouquet.

Princess Nathalie of Denmark's wedding bouquetPrincess Nathalie of Denmark was famous for forgetting her bouquet upon arrival to the ceremony- the quests patiently waited for it to arrive before her walk down the aisle with white and cream roses!

Princess Sophie's wedding bouquetFor Prince George Friedrich Ferdinand of Prussia’s wedding, his bride Princess Sophie carried a bouquet of white orchids, orange blossoms and white roses for an ultra-feminine feel.

Which bouquet was your favourite? Tell us in the comments how each bridal bouquet has influenced your decisons when planning your big day?

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The fall season offers rich, deep colors, beautiful outdoor backdrops and endless wedding decoration possibilities.