Wedding Trends

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The trend t0day is a combination of drama and natural look.  As a floral conultant with Bunches Direct, I talk to a lot of brides to be.  Some are into black and white, some are into black,white and grey.  You can go very dramatic, but simple, with the flowers, for example, Bride who is in white, carrywhite with black trim, and the bridesmaids who are in black, carry all white, with white trim, such as white roses or white calla lilies.  Or if you want to go dramatic and exotic, exotic flowers such as birds of paradise, anthuriums, cymbidiums orchids, dendrobium orchids.

Moving alond to what I call a natural setting and look, or garden look.  What kind of flowers?  Well I would suggest wild flower look, spray roses, lilies, sunflowers and depending on the time of the year, spring, summer or fall seasonal flowers.

In todays world, since flowers come from all over the world, most are available all year.  I have always found adding Solidago, asparagus and sprengeri feern to a bouquet gives it that garden or wild look

Now if you think this is going to cost you an arm or a leg, no, not really, because you use less.  Says, Bunches Bob.

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