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BunchesDirect is currently running a contest for the best engagement story we can find. The winner will receive a $1000 Shopping Spree for Wedding Flowers from BunchesDirect!

We’ll be unveiling the entries over the next little while as we receive them. Here’s Jenna’s entry, of a new year’s eve party for the ages.

This story I feel is more entertaining due to the fact that Travis duped me for a solid month and even had me believe that he was carrying the ring in a contact case the entire time as opposed to the lovely red box that it really came in.

It starts in at Thanksgiving of 2012, we decided to host Thanksgiving for our immediate families, and low and behold due to the timing, I completely thought that the ring was coming that day. Travis was giving all sorts of hints and being super secretive about this contact case that he kept with him at all times. I was picking up things one day while in preperations of turkey day and low and behold i picked up the case and he started freaking out. I then ask what in the world is in this case, and of course he opens it up and inside was actually a filling that had fell out of his mouth about month prior to that, and he said that he carried it with him everyday to remind him to floss. To which of course I respond with, “its not a ring!”…his response “of course not honey, if i were getting you a ring, it wouldn’t fit in a contact case.”Fast forward two days, a discussion in the car: Travis says “Well honey, I suppose I am going to want to talk to your dad at Christmas so that I can make sure he is ok with me getting added to the family as well as giving you away as lets face it, forever is a long time.” (me now super excited starts arranging it to happen)

Christmas comes and goes and with the many festivities that are had, I am getting bombarded from people asking “has it happened, has it happened?” And Christmas comes and goes and it never happens. I am of course getting anxious and nervous and well impatient as any girl would in this time.Finally, New Years Eve is here and we are going out like we normally do, me all dressed up in a fancy dress and him in a nice looking black suit. We head to dinner with some of our friends and then proceed to head to the party of the evening at a friends house where all of our closest friends were at. All night I am getting text messages of “its gonna happen, has it happened, we want pics” to which my response was, “give it a rest, i just want to enjoy my night, i will let you know if it happens, but tonight its not gonna, so relax.” (yes i was a little frustrated) I sent my last text like that at 11:40 pm….at that point we all start gathering together in the main area of the house and getting champagne glasses and what not, getting ready for the count down. At this point Travis starts making a speech and I am looking at him, like “you idiot, seriously you are 10 minutes early, please stop being dumb” and he continues his speech by saying: “Thanks everyone for such a great year, and I appreciate you all for being here tonight and I hope everyone’s 2013 is as much fun as I am about to have.”

He then proceeds to get down on one knee and says “Jenna, Will you marry me?”…I stare down in shock as I can’t believe this just happened and I know it was probably like 2 secs, but for me it felt like an eternity before I could formulate the words to say “Yes of course!” …at that point…we hugged and everyone was celebrating, and then 5 minutes later Travis goes “Jenna you realize you have to wear this now” and he proceeds to put the ring on my finger. He tells me at the point that everyone at the party knew it was happening so we were able to get some action shots of the engagement as he wanted to make sure we had a couple. He then also says “You may want to call your parents as they are waiting for the phone call, they have known since before Thanksgiving that this was going to be happening tonight.”

And now after 9 months of planning…we only have 6 months to go before our March 1, 014 wedding! Best day ever!

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