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BunchesDirect wants to know what you’re thankful for.

The story that moves us the most will win a bouquet of the author’s choice, up to $50 in value!

We’ll be unveiling the entries as we receive them. Here’s Karen B.’s entry, showing us that sometimes we learn the most from our own children.


I am thankful for the miracle of my son William being 13 years old. He was born with a Primary Immune Disease & has been through more in the 13 years of life than an adult would. I am thankful for the 5 medical specialists that do their best to treat all Williams complications. Williams has taught me to live for today & be grateful for what you have. It’s not about the quantity of the items you have in life, it’s the quality of the life you have. I am thankful for all my son has taught me & what I continue to learn from his disabilities.

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