Weddings 2017: What Your Style Means

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Find your Style and What Each Says About You – Wedding Venues Suffolk

Now that you’ve settled on a wedding date for 2017, it’s time to make plans and decide on a theme. The variety of styles is numerous, and we understand that making a final decision may be challenging. Don’t pick a theme because it’s popular, or because all your friends have chosen it. Do things your way! It’s your wedding, so you have the right to settle on a style that complements your character, personality and design aesthetic. We’ve seen a lot of glam and opulence in 2016. For 2017, expert designers claim that all eyes will be on transparency, originality, and exotic vibes. Find a theme and style that you can relate to, and get started!

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Exaggerated romance

If you and your future husband are hopeless romantics, feel free to go crazy and decide on the quirkiest and most alluring wedding style. An excellent venue is a restaurant by the beach. Have the ceremony on the shore – preferably in the summer — and make sure the chosen bistro has a terrace. When it comes to decorations, no need to go overboard. Let the ocean and the sunset be your décor. However, you should focus on floral arrangements. Go with roses in different colors. They’ve been considered a symbol of love and beauty for ages. Spice it up with a perfect combo. Red and white, for example, will give your venue a luxurious feel. Hybrid tea roses never go out of style, and they’re a great choice if you don’t want to take risks.


The boho-chic theme is ideal when you want your wedding to look casual but stylish. For this style, the perfect venue can either be an outside garden or an interesting conference hall. Consider an open bar and a Swedish buffet for an added touch of originality. What we love most about this theme is the free-spirited non-conformist allure. It’s a style where gypsy meet hippie, and you can include vintage elements, artistic accessories, and handcrafted items.

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The main focus should be on fibers – embroideries on the tables, natural flowers and plants, traditional china, cutlery and glasses. As for the floral arrangement, choose tulips.

These flowers are delicate and they convey a sense of happiness and eternal love. They’re versatile and there are lots of color combos you can settle on. Also, they’re inexpensive and their scent is just mesmerizing.





If you’re 100% sure that you want your wedding look vintage, start with a vintage-inspired dress. White lace should be your focus. As for the vibe and ambiance, all you have to do is to pay attention to statement pieces. An industrial venue for a vintage-inspired wedding is the best. It looks rough around the edges, but you can make it classier with proper decorations. Floral fabrics, seasonal flowers, and accessories in hues of gold and white work the best. Focus on complementing the décor with rustic woods, brick and metals. Soften everything up with lilies. The lily of the valley is such a delicate flower that will instantly bring down the harsh aspect of the venue. They’re conveniently priced and they smell incredibly sweet.

Traditional but luxurious

Most brides want their weddings to exude freshness and originality. You can achieve that by settling on a traditional theme with a luxury appeal. Settle on the best venue, such as cottage someplace in the countryside. Wedding venues in Suffolk are popular these days. Adorn yours with the best floral arrangements. Freesias might be a great fit. They convey a traditional allure with a twist. We love their waxy leaves and intoxicating fragrance. Place small colorful bouquets on the tables, and use a sprig of white freesia to complement your hairstyle. The creamy ivory petals will go perfectly with your white wedding dress.

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Deciding on the best theme and style for a wedding can be challenging to future brides that want their big day to be perfect. It can be, as long as you don’t panic. Decide on the perfect venue ahead of time and then settle on a theme. Choose decorations that inspire you, and focus on florals. Weddings should be about creating a romantic ambiance, regardless of the theme. Also, it might be a good idea to choose a color combo. A statement color brings the décor together, and it conveys a feeling of happiness and sheer joy.

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