Fruit & Flower DIY Centerpieces

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Hydrangea pairs beautifully with fresh lemon slices and coordinating ribbon in a tall cylindrical vase

Creating gorgeous DIY centerpieces is easier than you may think! There are may ways to put together arrangements that don’t require a huge outlay in know-how, but that provide major impact to dress the tables at your wedding or event.

Orange mums, orange and red lilies and sprigs of bouvardia pair well with fresh orange slices



One of the easiest and most creative ways to boost your DIY centerpieces is to use fresh fruit to embellish the final look. Fruit and flowers pair beautifully together, as both express the bounty and beauty of nature. Both are available in an array of vivid colors and shapes that can complement each other impeccably.







Yellow lilies, yellow roses, burgundy chrysanthemums, green button mums, red hypernicum berries or gaillardia would all look amazing with fresh red apples

Fresh apples can be a wonderful addition to a fall centerpiece, while fresh lemons, limes or oranges, sliced or whole, can provide great impact in a breezy summer arrangement. Fruit is especially useful if you are using clear vases as it hides the flower stems. Fruit is also budget-friendly! Adding some fruit isn’t expensive but is a memorable way to ensure you max out the guest compliments on the creative impact of your flower arrangements.

Orange ranunculus, white hyrdrangea, green chrysanthemums, white cymbidium orchids, and green hypernicum berries pair beautifully with fresh orange slices for a romantic yet modern look

There are a variety of flowers that pair well with fruits. If you are going for a feminine, romantic look you could opt for flowers such as roses, hydrangea, stephanotis, or ranuculus. If you want modern and clean, lilies and chrysanthemums can work wonders. You might want to avoid some of the “fussier” blooms if you are aiming for a casual, country vibe, and stick with flowers like gerberas or chrysanthemums. Use your creativity and most any flower can work with fruit if you keep the overall theme and impact in sync.

Cheery gerbera daisies with craspedia create huge impact with lime slices in a round vase

Your choice of glass container shape is up to you. You can insert a piece of floral foam in the centre to help secure the stems. You can then add the fruit (preferably close to the event time, to avoid browning). Take a little extra time to arrange it attractively in the container, to avoid gaps or uneven layering. Add water and enjoy your amazing DIY fruit and flower centerpiece!





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