How long will flowers last?

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To all you DIY people out there, in answer to to your question,

How long will the flowers last?  will the wilt if I get them too soon?

People relax, they will last longer than you think they will, if you follow directions.  The other is just old wives tales.

Years ago then I was a designer running a flower shop.  Some weekends we would have seven weddings to deal with.  We wo We couldn’t assemble them all the day before the wedding.  So we started on Moday.  Those were the days of the cascades, when every flower had to be wired and taped.  After we made the bouquets, we misted and sealed them in plastic bags and put them in the fridge.  The same with the corsages and boutonniers.  it worked, no problem.  The still looked fresh at the end of five days.

Most people have the idea that all flowers must be put into a fridge, only some.  For instance, Carnations should be left in room temperature to open.  If you put them in the fridge, they will never open.

Exotic flowers, such as Birds of Paradise will not open in the cold.

actually, any flower that grows from a bulb must be left in room tempereature to open.  Says, Bunches Bob.

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