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BunchesDirect, an online flower retailer that has grown into America’s leading supplier of Bulk & Wedding Flowers, experienced record traffic on its websites this past week resulting from a promotional offer of 50 free roses.

Close to 300 orders were fulfilled on the back of the promotion, which was offered as both a thank you to existing clients, and an enticement for new business.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the exposure that this promotion has provided for the BunchesDirect brand,” said Mark Camphaug, Director of Marketing for BunchesDirect. “We’ve had thousands of new customers come to Bunches Direct, which was the intention when we put the offer together.”

The 50 Free Roses promotion has been a resounding success for BunchesDirect in the United States and Canada.

BunchesDirect has websites tailored to the United States (, Canada ( and Australia (
Last week, the Free Roses promotion was offered first to BunchesDirect’s extensive mailing list; following the overwhelming success of that, the offer was opened  up this week to the general public through the company’s social media accounts on Facebook ( and Twitter (

“We certainly experienced high volumes of traffic on our sites, the likes of which we’ve never seen before,” Camphaug said. “Our customer service team did a fantastic job of keeping up and making sure our customers’ orders were fulfilled in a timely manner.”

The Free Rose offer will be available for the coming month before the promotion ends.

Established in 1999, BunchesDirect grew from a local wholesale florist into America’s leading supplier of  Bulk Flowers and Premade Wedding Flowers. The company maintains its primary distribution center in Miami, Fla. and several throughout Canada.

BunchesDirect recently started offering wholesale and bulk flowers by the box, ideal for weddings and functions.